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See also: Red Mage.
"Uses black, white and red magic."
—In-game Description
Viera Red Mage

Red Mage is a Job class from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and is only available to Vieras after mastering one Fencer skill. Red Mages are a small blend of Black and White Mages, and also have a few status ailment spells. They have well-rounded stat growth between physical and magic attack power. Because of this, do not count them out when they are silenced, because they still can jab that rapier with surprising Attack power. Red Mages are also blessed with the amazing skill Doublecast.




Red Magic

Red mage command. Use offensive magic.

Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master MP Use
Barrier Mage Masher Bestows Shell and Protect. 300 10
Fire Scarlette Fire damage. 100 6
Thunder Stinger Lightning damage. 100 6
Blizzard Flamberge Ice damage. 100 6
Cure Fleuret Recovers HP. 100 6
Sleep Estoc Inflicts Sleep. 200 10
Poison Silver Rapier Inflicts Poison. 100 10
Doublecast Madu Cast two spells during the same turn. 999 *


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Catch Chain Plate Catch Thrown/Hurled items and add them to inventory. 300


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Magic Pow+ Colichemarde Increases Magic Power. 300


Skill Equipment Learned From Effect AP To Master
Red Combo Mythril Rapier Allows unit to join in a combo or start one of their own. 100

Doublecast Info

Doublecast works by casting two magic spells at once. However, this is not limited to Red Magic. If, for example, Spirit Magic is the secondary A-Ability, you can use those spells when Doublecasting. A special quirk about Doublecast is that you can use it to bypass some laws like Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Holy because Doublecast is only seen as a Red Magic skill with no elemental affiliation. Doublecasted magic is always considered Red Magic as well, so if a law disallows Summoning, the Red Mage can doublecast them without being penalized.
The MP cost of Doublecast is the combined totals of the magic cast, and so may vary from use to use.

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