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Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI has powers akin to a Red Mage.

Red Mage (赤魔道士 or 赤魔道師 Akamadoushi lit. Red Magic Adherent) is a special Job class in the Final Fantasy series, and is featured in several installments. It is among the first Job classes introduced in the series.



Red Mages typically cast both Black and White Magic and can also wield swords and equip armor that normal Black and White Mages cannot. They are, in essence, among the more versatile characters of the series. However, their versatility comes at a high price: their stats are usually low, and they cannot cast higher level spells or use stronger equipment. They can learn many spells, but not the strongest, and equip some heavy armor, but not all of it. Thus, the Red Mage is a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. However, in certain games, Red Mages have a special ability such as Doublecast which boosts their spell casting efficiency. The standard Red Mage attire consists of red, black, and white clothing, including a red cloak with white or black trimmings, black boots and of course, a red cap with a white feather.


Final Fantasy

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy)

First appearing as one of the basic six Job classes, Red Mages can upgrade into the Red Wizard, which is distinctly versatile in both magic and weapons. Unlike most other Red Mages in the series, those in the original Final Fantasy can cast the third-tier level of elemental spells such as Firaga.

The 8-Bit Theater character Red Mage Statscowski is based off of this Job.

Final Fantasy II

Few characters in Final Fantasy II are assigned a specific Job. However, Scott wears red armor and a cloak and has basic magic and physical abilities, approximating the standard abilities and appearance of Red Mages.

Final Fantasy III

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy III)

The Red Mage Job class is obtainable after the Wind Crystal is cleansed. In the opening FMV of the DS version, Ingus is seen clothed in Red Mage garb.

Final Fantasy V

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy V)

This is the first appearance of Dualcast in the series, and is exclusive to the Red Mage. The Job is available after the Water Crystal in Walse Tower splinters.

Final Fantasy VI

Terra Branford and Celes Chere are Magitek Knights, a term used to refer to the Empire's elite soldiers that are infused with magic. Both Terra and Celes wear armor and cloaks, are proficient with swords and magic and have all-around good stats, roughly fulfilling the abilities of Red Mages.

Final Fantasy IX

A female Red Mage NPC from Final Fantasy IX.

While they do not appear as a playable class, Red Mages of both sexes, clad in their classic caps and robes, can be found as NPCs in Lindblum.

Final Fantasy XI

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy XI)

While Final Fantasy XI Red Mages once again have access to White and Black Magic, they are also proficient at buffing and debuffing spells, including the useful Refresh spell. Due to the MMORPG nature of the game, Red Mages are popular for being one of the best Jobs to "solo" enemies.

Rainemard was an Elvaan Red Mage who was murdered before the game starts. Players can undertake a series of quests to investigate his murder mystery. In the expansion Wings of the Goddess, Rainemard is alive and can be recruited as a freelancer to help players in Campaign battles.

Final Fantasy XII

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy XII)

Represented by the Zodiac sign of Cancer, Red Mages are notable for being the only class to use Arcane Magick. They can wield Maces and Greatswords.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

Only Viera can access the Red Mage Job, and their spells are considerably weaker compared to past incarnations. However, they still retain the Doublecast ability. The weapon of choice for Red Mages is the Rapier.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Red Mage (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

Red Mages in Tactics A2 follow the same form as Tactics Advance. They are useful for evading problematic Laws with Doublecast.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord

Red Mages are enemies that invade Mira's tower in order to destroy the crystal in the top floor.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

In the Duel Colosseum, when selected, the Red Mage Job card will cause the cards at the selection area not to be discarded while not chosen. In the occidental version of the game, it also makes Treasure Cards cost 0 medals. This is great for those who want to obtain a lot of treasure with minimal expense, especially with the Thief Job Card active as well.


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