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A Red Guard.
"You see? You must allow yourself your own private guards, Supreme Chancellor!"
Senator Viento to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine

The Red Guard, nicknamed Redrobes, was a group of specially trained members who wore red uniforms. They were chosen from the ranks of the Senate Guard and were charged with the protection of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine prior to and during the Clone Wars and later became the first members of the Emperor's Royal Guard.



"Yes, I remember how powerful the Red Guards were. They used to bully us."

As they were formed at Palpatine's discretion without a formal act, several senators (including Bail Organa) considered them to be illegal, and even the Jedi High Council were unsure of their true number and strength. Palpatine justified their creation due to rumors of corruption amongst the Senate Guard, especially after the infamous Ronhar Kim incident. During the hunt for Darth Sidious, Mace Windu and Yoda suspected that the Dark Lord of the Sith might be among their number.

During the Battle of Coruscant, the Red Guard were led by High Jedi General Windu in his defense of the Galactic Senate building. The Red Guards protecting Palpatine during the battle also expressed some anxiety at Palpatine's stubborn refusal to leave his office. Following the abolition of the Republic, the Red Guard became the new Emperor's Royal Guard; however, their appearance and equipment changed little.

Unlike the Royal Guard, there is no indication that the Red Guard evolved out of the elite clone troopers and stormtroopers. Given how the Red Guard appeared independently and before the appearance of the Grand Army of the Republic, it seems that the Red Guard only gradually became the elite unit of the conventional military. However, like the Royal Guard, the Red Guard was not subject to senatorial oversight, and reported only to Chancellor Palpatine.


The armor of the Red Guard differed from the Senate Guard in many ways other than the change in color. The helmets became full facial, with a darkened visor. This change made the helmets reminiscent of ones worn by Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders and Thyrsus Sun Guards. The body armor consisted of plated crimson armor of an unknown composition, overlaid with voluminous robes, presumably to conceal weaponry. The Red Guard primarily used a meter-long force pike.

Behind the scenes

It should also be noted that on page 200 of the hardcover edition of the novel Darth Bane: Rule of Two, the Umbaran Shadow Assassins are decribed as "Red robed figures...their identities hidden by the visors of their helmets. Each carried a long metal rod that Bane recognized as a force pike". This could be a possible origin of the Red Guards' appearance.


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This article uses material from the "Red Guard" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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