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Final Fantasy VI Boss
Red Dragon
Japanese レッドドラゴン
Romaji Reddo Doragon
SNES Name Red Dragon
PS Name Red Drgn
GBA Name Red Dragon
First Encounter
Second Encounter

The Red Dragon is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is one of the Eight Dragons. It can be difficult unless the party is prepared with Fire-resistant gear. The Red Dragon uses Fire-elemental spells, including Fira, Firaga, Southern Cross, and the dreaded Flare Star, all of which it uses without warning. It can also cast Flare and Level 4 Flare, the latter of which can be avoided at the right levels. Finally, it has a powerful physical attack. Seeing as it is a creature of Fire, Ice spells are the way to go.

In the Dragons' Den, the Red Dragon, like the other reappearing Dragons, is fought under special circumstances. It utilizes its life force to power itself up, and can only die if the party survive long enough for its life force to be completely drained. This can be difficult, as the dragon will constantly use powerful spells such as Flare, Flare Star, and Meltdown, and its physical attack can not only inflict high damage but can be used several times in a row. Red Fang, a certainly frightful physical attack, is a single-targeting, instant death attack. Before it dies, it casts Ultima followed by Flare in a final effort to finish off the party. If the party survives this (Runic helps against Ultima), the Seal of Fire will be shattered, and the player will receive Terra's most powerful weapon, the Apocalypse.


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