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Alien Crash Site

Recon Craft Theta's less-than-successful landing
map marker: (Greener Pastures Disposal Site)

The Alien Crash Site is a location that contains the remains of an alien craft called Recon Craft Theta which has crashed through a house and come to rest in a cliff side. Next to the craft is a dead alien that cannot be interacted with or looted.

It is noteworthy both for its uniqueness and for the similarly unique loot found in the vicinity. It is also the source of one of the Capital Wasteland's radio signals, known as the Recon Craft Theta Signal.



Roughly twenty meters behind the house lies the wrecked spacecraft. It is badly damaged and leaking an unspecified yet radioactive (4 rad/sec max) liquid. No access points are available to the spacecraft's interior. The only point of interest is at the front of the ship, the side opposite the ruined house. If you are at the MDPL-13 power station south of the crash site, follow the power cables north until you come across the alien distress beacon. The signal is called the Recon Craft Theta Signal on your Pip-Boy 3000. You can follow this to the site as it gets louder and clearer as you get closer, and you will start to become irradiated if you get close to it.

At the front of the vessel, the cockpit dome is shattered. The pilot's body lies outside against a pile of rocks with the powerful Alien Blaster in his hand.

Notable loot

Alien Homing Beacon

After completion of the Mothership Zeta add-on, an Alien Homing Beacon is located here, replacing the crashed recon craft and allowing the player to teleport to Mothership Zeta and back at will. It will also have a map marker for easy fast travel.


  • With the addition of the Mothership Zeta (add-on), the PC is transported before the Alien Blaster can be retrieved. After completion of the add-on, the Alien Blaster and ammo will still be on the surface even though the ship and alien are back on the Mothership. If the Alien Blaster and Alien Power Cells are not visible, they can be accessed via the noclip code on PC or by using Dogmeat to obtain the blaster and power cells.
  • The pilot has some interesting properties when picked up, as the game treats his body as an object, not an NPC corpse. First, he is weightless when picked up, and will sometimes even hover perfectly horizontally when picked up. Also, the pilot rotates and flips in a circular pattern when picked up by the head, exactly like the Chinese Stealth Armor when picked up by the helmet as an item. Also, if you pick up the dead alien and drag him around a bit, his head disappears. (confirmed on all platforms)
  • If you do not have the Mothership Zeta add-on installed, then the Recon Craft Theta Distress Signal will not be picked up by your Pip-Boy unless you are close to the crash site. If Mothership Zeta is installed, however, your Pip-Boy can pick up the signal anywhere in the Capital Wasteland.
  • Upon completing Mothership Zeta, the Recon Craft Theta Signal disappears. This is because the mothership recovered the ship transmitting it. The craft can be seen as it is lifted into the Hangar Bay.
  • There is a transmission radio to Recon Craft Theta Beacon under the UFO, which can be found by typing TCL in the console and searching the ground under the UFO itself. The only dialog it provides when talked to is "What do you need?" with your only option being "I need to get going" as a response. (Confirmed on PC)


Alien Crash Site appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Sometimes upon the first return in the Capital Wasteland after completing Mothership Zeta, the dead alien that previously lay next to the ship will be stuck in the ground. (Confirmed PS3)
  • Nearby to the crash site there is an abandoned house with a bath, and if you stand in it you will not be able to get out. (Confirmed XBOX 360)
  • Reloading a previous save just after being abducted may leave you with a bright blue Pip-Boy.Image



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