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2006 Rechov Sumsum cast members.
The 2009 Rechov Sumsum cast, including new Muppets Grover and Sivan.

Rechov Sumsum (רחוב סומסום) was the first Israeli co-production of Sesame Street. The brainchild of Dr. Lewis Bernstein, who initially pitched the idea in 1979, the first episodes debuted over ETV in June 1982, with the full season beginning in September 1983. 195 episodes were produced through 1986, and remained popular in re-runs even having the show's Muppet characters appearing on other Israeli television productions frequently for years after the show's run.

The series starred porcupine Kippi Ben Kippod, and Moishe Oofnik, the Israeli counterparts, respectively, to Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

The set of Rechov Sumsum was the central location for Shalom Sesame, a co-production between the series and its American counterpart, shown to American audiences.

In the 1990s, an attempt at a Palestinian co-production was launched, Rechov Sumsum — Shara'a Simsim, but this was subsequently abandoned. Sippuray Sumsum, or Sesame Stories, replaced it, as the Israeli part of three separate programs serving the Middle East.


Second version

The new season of Rechov Sumsum premiered on HOP! Channel on December 15, 2006, and consists of forty episodes. The season resembles the early version from the 1980s and feature a re-built model of the original set. The new cast includes an Arab-Israeli Muppet character, Mahboub (introduced on Sippuray Sumsum and played by Yousef Sweid), Abigail "an inquisitive and spontaneous three-year-old girl," and new human characters, such as Tzachi (a native Jewish Israeli), Ibtisam (an Arab Israeli), and Irina (a Russian Jew and owner of the Magic Trick Shop, played by Eugene Dodina). [1] Celebrity guests on the new series include Arkadi Dunchin, a Russian-Jew singer and chef, and Rim Musa, a 16-year old Arab-Israeli soccer player.

Tzachi and Ibtisam had previously appeared on the Israeli co-production Sippuray Sumsum. [2]

The series is produced by Gold Zebra Communications.

Hebrew names for Sesame Street characters




Human Cast


  • Yona Atari as Grandma Yona
  • Nathan Dattner as Nathan
  • Miki Kam as Miki
  • Gabi Amrani as Gabi
  • Hana Rot as Hana
  • Shmuel Shiloh as Shmuel
  • Albert Iluz as Albert
  • Avner Katz as Avner
  • Eli Gorenstein as Eli
  • Makram Khuri as Makram
  • Chaim Jeraffi as Chaim



Main cast:
  • Yosef Shiloah as Ernie
  • Shlomo Baraba as Bert
  • Israel Gurion as Grover
  • Dov Reiser as Cookie Monster
  • Eyal Bartonov as Kermit
  • Gidi Gov as Herry Monster
  • Albert Cohen as Count Von Count
Additional Voices ("Guest Muppets")

See also


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  • Hebrew names taken from Muppet Central Forum post

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