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Planetary Control Bonus

If your faction is currently in the lead of the Planetary Control Game a discount is applied to the faction items. The discount depends on the actual score of the Planetary Control Game. The Maximum known discount is a 66.6% discount to all costs if your faction has positive points in the Planetary Control Game and the opposition has 0.

Faction items by rank


Enlisted ranks


Item Credits
R2 Droid Schematic 165000
R3 Droid Schematic 180000
R4 Droid Schematic 195000
R5 Droid Schematic 210000
Surgical Droid Schematic 16500
Dead Eye Prototype 15000
Munition traders
Rebel Assault Rebel Battle Rebel Marine Cost
Rebel Assault Armor Boots Rebel Battle Armor Boots Marine Armor Boots 20,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Chest Plate Rebel Battle Armor Chest Plate Marine Armor Chest Plate 30,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Gloves Rebel Battle Armor Gloves Marine Armor Gloves 20,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Helmet Rebel Battle Armor Helmet Marine Armor Helmet 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Left Bicep Rebel Battle Armor Left Bicep Marine Armor Left Bicep 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Left Bracer Rebel Battle Armor Left Bracer Marine Armor Left Bracer 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Leggings Rebel Battle Armor Leggings Marine Armor Leggings 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Right Bicep Rebel Battle Armor Right Bicep Marine Armor Right Bicep 25,000 cr
Rebel Assault Armor Right Bracer Rebel Battle Armor Right Bracer Marine Armor Right Bracer 25,000 cr
These schematics are available only to munition traders, have 10 uses, and are uploaded directly to the buyer's datapad.


High Trooper


Item Credits Image
Laser Carbine 187500
Scout Pistol 40500
Metal Staff 30000

Senior Sergeant

Item Credits Image
Small Block Turret ? (120000)
Small Dish Turret ? (120000)
Small Tower Turret ? (120000)
DRX-55 Mine ? (12000)
SR-88 Cyro-Mine ? (12000)
XG Mine ? (12000)
Painting We will never surrender ? (375000)

Sergeant Major

Item Credits Image
Medium Block Turret 150000
Medium Tower Turret 150000
HQ: Forward Outpost 525000
HQ: Field Hospital 1050000
S.F. HQ: Forward Outpost 750000
S.F. HQ: Field Hospital 1500000
Crimson Phoenix Medal of the Rebel Alliance - 4 stat necklace:30 Con 24 Pre 24 Str 30 Luck 240000

Officer ranks


Item Credits Image
Large Block Turret (210000)
Large Dish Turret (210000)
Large Tower Turret (210000)
HQ:Tactical Center (1875000)
HQ:Field Hospital (3600000)
S.F.HQ:Tactical Center (2325000)
S.F.HQ:Detachment Hedquarters (4500000)


Item Credits Image
Factional Banner 81600(80000)
GCW Banner


Item Credits Image
Grey Spec Ops Armor Leggings 137700(135000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Belt 114750(112500)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Boots 122400(120000)
Technical Readout of an Rebel Spec Ops Armor Dye Kit 38250(37500)


Item Credits Image
Grey Spec Ops Armor Left Bicep xxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Right Bicep xxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Left Bracer xxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Right Bracer xxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Gloves xxxxxx(120000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Helmet xxxxxx(150000)
Grey Spec Ops Armor Chest Plate xxxxxx(225000)


Item Credits Image
Colonel Ring
(24 Strength, 60 Constitution, 24 Precision, 40 Agility)
BARC Command Vehicle 1000000
BARC Command Vehicle


Item Credits Image
Windu's Guile 2,000,000
Windu's Guile
Galactic Civil War
Faction Galactic Empire (items, missions)  ·  Rebel Alliance (items, missions)
Points Base  ·  Base destruction  ·  Planetary control  ·  Rank
Battlefields Bunker Assault  ·  Data Runner  ·  Jungle Warfare  ·  Massassi Isle
Instances Battle of Echo Base  ·  Lost Star Destroyer
POIs Restuss  ·  Tactical Training Facility  ·  Talus Weapons Depot  ·  Weapons Development Facility
Space Deep Space  ·  Kessel System
Galactic Civil War Update Bestine Invasion  ·  Dearic Invasion  ·  Keren Invasion

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