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Rebel Alliance Sourcebook

Paul Murphy

Cover artist

Lucasfilm Ltd.


Greg Farshtey (Sr. Ed.), Peter Schweighofer, Bill Smith, Ed Stark, Jennifer A. Williams


Rosaria J. Baldari, Stephen Crane, Jacqueline M. Evans, Richard Hawran, Cathleen Hunter, Brian Schomburg, Rob Caswell, David Deitrick, Karl Martian, Allen Nunis

Publication information

West End Games

Publish date

October 1990







The Rebel Alliance Sourcebook was a roleplaying book published by West End Games for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. It was published in October of 1990, it was written by Paul Murphy, and was revised for the Second Edition by Peter Schweighofer in April of 1994.

The book covers information on the history, organization, technology, and tactics of the Rebel Alliance.



Publisher's summary

A terrible civil war burns throughout the galaxy. A rag-tag group of freedom fighters has risen from beneath the dark shadow of a tyrannical Empire: against all hope, they have dealt the oppressors a mighty blow.

Throughout the vastness of space, heroic beings engage in a desperate struggle against the overwhelming might of the Empire. They are ill-equipped and pitifully few, but their courage and determination has fostered new hope for freedom in the galaxy. These are the men, women, and aliens of the Rebel Alliance.


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Prologue: The Growing Rebellion

  • Introduction

Chapter One: Birth of the Rebellion

Chapter Two: Alliance Military

Chapter Three: Alliance Intelligence

Chapter Four: Combat Starships

Chapter Five: Starfighters

Chapter Six: Ground Combat

  • Tactics
  • Infantry
    • Infantry Equipment
  • Artillery
  • Ground Vehicles
    • Combat Assault Vehicles
  • Scout Units
  • Ground Transport
  • Air Support and Combat Vessels
    • Airspeeders

Chapter Seven: Droids

Chapter Eight: Alliance Bases

  • Overview of Alliance Bases
  • Base Descriptions

Chapter Nine: Support Services

  • Alliance Support Services
  • Space Transport
  • Alliance Transport Vessels
  • Medical Services

Chapter Ten: Recruitment and Training

  • Overview
  • Sources of Personnel
  • Basic Training
  • Officer's Training

Chapter Eleven: Afterword: A Legacy for Our Children

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