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Rebecca can refer to:

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  • Only known AI to have two appearances.



Rebecca is the A.I. of the UNSC Red Horse.


Rebecca replaced the former ship's A.I., Chauncey.


She is the only known A.I. to have two appearances. Her first appearance is described as "half-Athena, half-Ares" with a feathered Greek headdress and ancient armor. She then changed her appearance to a flabby, middle-aged Mediterranean woman in a flower dress.

Known UNSC AI's
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Rebecca may refer to:

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Papika is a jungle girl from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.
What animal did she kill and skin to GET that outfit? A Muppet?

Papika (パピカ pa-pi-ka) lives on planet Paradise and is the daughter of Polonus, the leader of her tribe there. Skilled in combat, specifically with knives, she can also command and ride the native beasts into battle. She seems to prefer soaring through the air on her absolutely gigantic raven.

RTM dub name: Rebecca


Japanese animated continuity


Voice actress: Miki Itō (Japanese)

The Decepticons seiged the planet Paradise, intent on converting its natural resources into energy. Half of her people killed, women and children included, Papika was relieved to discover that Raiden and Highbrow, who arrived shortly thereafter, were not members of the Decepticons. After telling her story to Highbrow and introducing the Autobots to her father and her people, she met Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie, the former of whom nurtured a crush. Wheelie was jealous. Wheelie bragged about his ability to transform, demanding his superiority, but Papika countered with her ability to travel on the backs of animals. Wheelie was not impressed.

Despite the window and the wind, Highbrow and Papika have a good conversation from this distance.

Meanwhile, Highbrow was abducted by Mindwipe, and the Decepticons chained him in front of a waterfall. The Autobots and Papika came to his rescue, and Papika swooped down instantly to try to cut his chains with her knife. After this attempt failed, Highbrow used the remains of his energy to disengage his Headmaster unit and unite with the other Headmaster units in the sky in a circle of friendship which powered them up (no, really), allowing them to drive the Decepticons from the planet.

As the Autobots said their goodbyes, Papika and her father vowed to rebuild their planet better than it was before. Head Formation of Friendship

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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Rebecca Hawkins

Rebecca Hawkins




Rebecca Hawkins

Alternate names

Rebecca Hopkins

Debut (Anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! - Episode 041

Appears in

Yu-Gi-Oh! (second series)


8 (Dub)




Seiyū (Japanese)
  • Kaori Takagami
Voice actor(s) (English)

Rebecca Hawkins, known as Rebecca Hopkins in the Japanese version, is a character in the second anime series Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Rebecca is, in the original Japanese version, the American Duel Monsters champion. In the English anime, she is the Intercontinental Champion. Rebecca is also the granddaughter of Arthur Hawkins (Arthur Hopkins in the original Japanese). She is 12 years old in the original Japanese anime. In the English anime, she is 8.

She is voiced by Kaori Takagami in the Japanese version and Kaize Rogers in the English.

Character biography


Rebecca is the granddaughter of Arthur Hawkins, an old friend of Yugi Muto's grandfather, Solomon Muto. Rebecca encounters Yugi as Yugi returns from Duelist Kingdom. She accuses Solomon of stealing her grandfather's prized Blue-Eyes White Dragon and demanded he duel her for it, when asked about how she knew that Solomon "stole" the card, she replies that Keith Howard told her, although it can be presumed that Keith merely lied to her out of annoyance, indicating that she tried forcing the information out of him. As he was recently discharged from the hospital, Solomon cannot duel, so Yugi duels Rebecca in his place.

Rebecca Hawkins' first appearence

While they duel, Solomon recounts of how he met Arthur, an archaeologist who believes that the ancient Egyptians played an ancient form of Duel Monsters. Arthur's colleagues laughed at his strange ideas, and he set out on an expedition with Solomon to find proof. They were trapped when a tomb caved in, and as there were only enough supplies for one person to live, they dueled for them. Now, Yugi and Rebecca are fighting, card for card, the very same duel, and Solomon claims he knows how it will end.

Rebecca discards various monsters to her graveyard to power up her Shadow Ghoul monster, and Yugi concedes defeat. Rebecca demands the card, but Solomon reveals it was destroyed. An angry Rebecca yells at Solomon (unaware that it was really Seto Kaiba that destroyed it) until Arthur arrives, telling her to behave. He shows Rebecca the card Yugi had drawn, and it is a card that would have weakened her Shadow Ghoul for Yugi to destroy and win. (the card was Soul Release which would've allowed Yugi to remove 5 monsters from her Graveyard.) Yugi admits he surrendered on purpose, just as his grandfather did to let Arthur take the supplies. When they were rescued, Arthur was so grateful he gave his Blue-Eyes card to Solomon. After learning about the story, Rebecca quickly apologizes. Yugi gives Rebecca his The Ties of Friendship as a reminder of this lesson, which she keeps ever since.

Rebecca in Season 4

She and her grandfather return in the Orichalcos arc to help Yugi fight Dartz. Here Rebecca is noticeably older and wearing glasses (to the point that everyone barely recognizes her) and is also in college, much to everyone's shock. She helps by researching Dartz's Three Swordsmen and hacking into Kaiba Corporation's computer system to track others via their Duel Disks. She also seems to be slaving under the delusion that Yugi is her boyfriend (her "darling" in the Japanese version, a reference to Urusei Yatsura), something which makes Téa Gardner jealous. This doesn't seem to be a pretend crush as she has devestated when Yugi's soul was taken and tried to defeat Valon in vengeance, showing she has true feelings for Yugi.

Rebecca also takes part in the KC Grand Championship, where she duels Abe the Monkey Man and Vivian Wong. She loses to Leon von Schroeder in the semi-finals and spends the rests of the tournament cheering from the sidelines. She is absent after the tournament ends, telling Yugi that she will duel him one day and telling Téa (with a coy look) that she will miss Téa.

In the Japanese version of the final episode, Rebecca makes her final appearance by hugging Yugi at the airport while Anzu glares at the scene; the scene does not exist in the English-language version of the episode. This scene is placed in the final episode of the Kaiba Corp Grand Championship.


Rebecca's first Deck is a Shadow Ghoul Deck, focusing on sending cards to the Graveyard to power up her Shadow Ghoul. Her second deck is a Life Points/Fire Princess Deck, which focuses on summoning her strongest monsters "Guardian Angel Joan" and "Diamond Head Dragon" while using cards to replenish her Life Points which causes Fire Princess to inflict "burn damage" to her opponent's Life Points. This deck was used in Waking the Dragonss arc as well as the Grand Championships. This theme is also seen in Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour.

Opponent Outcome
Yugi Muto Win
Shadow Ghoul Deck
Opponent Outcome
Valon Lose (with Duke Devlin
Vivian Wong Win
Abe the Monkey Man Win
Leon von Schroeder Lose
Fire Princess-Dragon Deck
Big Bang U.S.A.
Facts about Rebecca HawkinsRDF feed
Age 8 (Dub) 12(Japanese)  +
Gender Female  +

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