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Reaver Movement
leader(s): Albert Lamore
Rodger Gaire
Glenda Close
Tobias Peste.
headquarters: Newton
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Reavers are a cult of humans dedicated to the worship of technology. Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, Reavers feel technology has an important religious significance. There are some indications that Reavers may employ cybernetics. While Reavers revere technological instruments and weapons, they were not allied with the Calculator's robots, and were in fact attacked by them.



Around 2198, a Reaver delegate came to the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel Bunker Delta, bringing news that a large Calculator's robot force has all but annihilated the main Reaver camp in Newton. The Reaver's numbers were devastated by relentless attacks and will soon be destroyed unless we intervene. Normally, the Brotherhood would gladly allow one enemy to destroy another, but the Reavers had something to offer - an EMP device that has a devastating effect on electronics, which makes it an effective weapon against the robots. They agreed to give the Brotherhood both a prototype of this weapon and instruction on its workings in exchange for rescue of their four highest-ranking officials: Albert Lamore, Rodger Gaire, Glenda Close and Tobias Peste.

The Reavers rescued by the Brotherhood squad were placed in internment camps. After some time, some of them were allowed to join the Brotherhood.

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Reavers appear only in Fallout Tactics, where they're opponents, and later allies of the Brotherhood of Steel.



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(Wade, Cole and Murray) Uncanny X-Men #113; (as a group) Uncanny X-Men



The first members of the Reavers came into being when the mutant villain Mastermind attempted to mentally control Jean Grey in a bid to join the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle. In the resulting confrontation with the X-Men, Wolverine fell victim to Leland's mass-increasing powers, ended up in the New York sewer system and was believed dead. However, Wolverine, very much alive, reentered the club through a secret sub-basement entrance, attacked a group of mercenaries sent to track him down - Wade Cole, Angelo Macon, and Murray Reese - and critically injured them with his claws. These men were eventually recovered and converted to cyborgs, continuing to serve the Hellfire Club as a special task squad.

Their first assignment follwing their reconstruction was to take down the X-Men after Hellfire leader Emma Frost had switched consciousnesses with Storm, and later they assisted Donald Pierce in trying to kill the fledging New Mutants. However, in both cases they were defeated and eventually went underground for some time.

The first incarnation of the Reavers was a group of cyborgs operating from the Australian outback led by Donald Pierce. They were seemingly destroyed by the Sentinels on the order of the Upstart from the future Fitzroy.

Lady DeathStrike made an oath to the Reverend William Stryker, creator of the Purifiers. She promised to him that she would help in the mutant's darkest hours she would help his Purifiers. She recreated the Reavers. They caught up with Cable, just in time for the X-Force to attack. Lady Deathstrike took on X-23 and was seemingly killed. The other Reavers died, but not without killing Caliban first.


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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

Name given to any of the petty warlords or pirates who have operated in the area of space known as Reaver's Deep. Towards the end of Twilight, some of the less affected states in outlying sectors turned to plundering the old Terran Confederation worlds that had lost interstellar ship technology. These plunderers were called Reavers and differed from ordinary pirates by preying on entire worlds. This lent their name a special horror that has clung to it down to modern days. Most of the Reavers came from Dark Nebula, Alpha Crucis, Magyar and of course Reaver's Deep.

Some historians hold that the Reaver era ended in -1118, when a Reaver fleet from the Opljiok Defense League lost two thirds of its ships in an attack on Jarslav (Solomani Rim 0123). With the Aslan becoming ever stronger, the various Reaver states in Magyar and Dark Nebula grew unwilling to risk such losses.

On the other hand, the name continued to be applied to independent warlords who, escaping from the breakup or takeover of a small state. With a few working ships, these warlords could easily make their way into the Great Unknown and have a good chance of dominating one or several primitive worlds. Some of the most notorious Reaver lords like Blackjack Duquesne, Orchid Wu Lu, and Grand Admiral Izanak belong to the period from -1120 to -1000. During the latter half of the Long Night it became usual to label opponent a reaver, thereby justifying practically any treatment of that opponent.

Expansion by Aslan and Imperial interests into the region, culminating in the last of the Aslan Border Wars (200-380) led to a lessening of the Reaver presence. But in the aftermath of those wars, the neutral strip of border worlds in the Deep became havens for criminals and pirates such as "Hellion" Murdoch and others of his ilk. To this day, the name is sometimes applied, often in a fanciful or romantic manner, to freebooters, pirates, privateers, or occasionally, to small interstellar states found in the area.


This article is based on canonical facts, but a number of additional facts have been added.

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Solomani (Alien Module)
Hans Rancke-Madsen

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