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Reaver's Deep Sector
E a l
i y a s i y w
Ilelish D a i b e i
Reaver's Deep style="width: 250px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px black;"
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Dark Nebula
Farift Riftdeep Riftrim Gulf
Hryaroaa Scotian Deep Caledon Nightrim
Keiar Ea Drexilthar Urlaqqash
Uhtaa Eakoi Drinsaar Fahlnar
Sector Data
No. of Stars 366
Population 459,700 million
Majority Control Third Imperium - 16%
Secondary Control Carrillian Assembly - 5%
Tertiary Control Principality of Caledon - 5%
Domain Ilelish
Capital Marlheim
Gross Sector Product BCr2,328,128
Trade Volume BCr8,193
Imperial Coordinate -2 / -2
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Worlds in this Sector
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Reaver's Deep style="width: 250px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px black; float: left; margin-right: 20px"

Reaver's Deep Sector.

Sector Capiral Marlheim/Ea (Reaver's Deep 1230)

During the Long Night, this region of space was dominated by petty warlords and pirates, who were collectively referred to as The Reavers. Expansion of the Aslan Hierate and Third Imperium along the sector's borders put an end to the Reaver activity, though the numerous neutral worlds of the sector provide haven for pirates and criminals to this day.

This sector is named Aeitle Sakh in the Aslan Hierate.

The Aslan control 17 systems, 9 under the Solomani, 17 are Client States, 19 Principality of Caledon, 20 Carrillian Assembly, 13 Isaiat Dominate, 13 Ulane Hierate, and several more states with less than 8 systems.



The sector most often known as Reavers' Deep (Aeitle Sakh in Trokh) is a frontier region lying along the Imperial border. Bounded to spinward by territories dominated by the Aslan, to trailing by the Imperium, to rimward by the Solomani Confederation and various independent worlds and to coreward by the Great Rift, Reavers' Deep is a diverse region showing the influences of all these neighbors.

Astrography: Reavers' Deep contains 16 subsectors, though four of these (Farift, Riftdeep, Riftrim and Gulf) are technically a part of the Great Rift and have only a thin scattering of stars. The other twelve subsectors are more normal in stellar concentration, averaging close to 30 worlds per subsector.

Sector located at astrographical coordinates (-2, -2).

History: Little is known of the early history of the Deep. It is fairly certain that the Ancients visited several planets in this region; artifacts proving this have been discovered at a number of sites within the Deep.

Near the end of the Pax Vilanica, when the First Imperium was beginning to feel the strain of age and decay, various Imperial governors along the frontiers began secretly recruiting barbarian mercenaries beyond the borders to support their bids for power. One such governor in the region known today as the Daibei Sector is believed to have sent expeditions into the Deep, where his people made contact with the Saie culture. Technical assistance was dispatched to the Saie world to give them the capacity to build weapons and starships that would make them useful to the governor's planned rebellion. Soon after these advisors were dispatched, however, violence erupted in the province. In the fighting that followed, the governor perished and the secret of the Saie was lost to the Imperium. The advisers continued to supply their charges with technology, being unable to return home without aid.

The Saie, an aggressive, expansionistic race, used their new technology to establish a small empire in the Caledon, Riftrim and Nightrim subsectors. They overextended themselves in the process and, in a widespread civil war, their empire collapsed. Because they were spread thin, the Saie culture vanished almost without a trace. Even the identity of their homeworld and all records of their physical appearance were lost, buried amid confused myths and legends among the races that they had conquered.

It was during the period of the Interstellar Wars, when the Vilani and the young, vigorous Terran Confederation first came into collision, that humans of Terrestrial extraction first arrived in the Deep. Settlers seeking refuge from the war ravaged worlds near Terra (Solomani Rim 1827) made an epic journey that ultimately ended with the discovery and colonization of Caledon (Reavers' Deep 1815), in the Caledon subsector. Other Terrans followed later, during the years of the Second Imperium (the Rule of Man, after Terra conquered the Vilani empire). The Deep was explored and a few worlds were settled, but the region remained largely open and uninhabited.

When the Second Imperium in its turn collapsed (largely due to the inherited problems of the previous Vilani regime), the Long Night fell. Interstellar government and communication alike passed away, except in individual areas where a few strong men could hold on to isolated outposts of civilization. It was during the later stages of the Long Night that the Reavers appeared in the Deep; petty warlords or pirates who scraped together a few space worthy starships and used them to loot backward worlds or to seize and hold small empires. Though the same sort of thing happened outside the Deep as well, these freebooters flourished in the Deep long after the rising tide of civilization had put an end to the majority of their brethren, elsewhere.

The Third Imperium to trailing and the spreading Aslan clans to spinward each expanded into the Deep at about the same time. The Reavers faded as ships of these two groups began to explore and conquer the Deep and the Aslan Border Wars broke out. The conclusion of the wars established a neutral region between Aslan and Imperial Space through the middle of the Deep. This area remains largely independent, though considerable influence is still wielded by the neighboring powers. A few client states or small interstellar governments are present, like the Principality of Caledon and the Carrillian Assembly, but many worlds cling fiercely to their traditional independence and there are even a few freebooters left to carry on the romance of the Reaver legend.

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