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Affiliated with: Time
Place of origin: Time Vortex
Appearances: DW: Father's Day

To see the entity of the same name, see Grim Reaper

Reapers were beings linked to Time itself. The Reapers would search out disturbances in time, such as temporal paradoxes, leave the Time Vortex and "sterilize" the area by devouring everything, with older objects being the tastiest and sentient beings of more interest than inanimate objects.





The Reapers appeared as flying reptilian beings with sleek heads, four long hooked arms, mouths on their chests and tails that resemble a scythe.


They engulfed creatures in a flash of light with their mouths, leaving no traces. Despite these powers, they are material creatures (at least they are in this world), and can be blocked. They cannot pass through solid objects, with older objects being more effective barriers. As damage to Time in the form of time paradoxes accumulates, it allows them entry.

In less than a few hours, Reapers had devoured all but a handful of the Humans of an alternate timeline Earth.

The presence of Reapers would seem more prevalent given, as the Doctor explained, other than himself no Time Lords existed to prevent temporal paradoxes. With the Time Lords gone, paradoxes happened with more frequency. (DW: Father's Day)

The Reapers are similar in appearance to the Vortisaurs, the Hunters and the Chronovores. The Doctor did not actually refer to them as Reapers.

Behind the Scenes

The name "Reaper" never actually appears on-screen. The script to Father's Day described the Reapers as appearing as multiple Grim Reapers who cut their victims down with their scythe. The idea of a more alien look for the Reapers came out of production team discussions.

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The Reapers are a group of aliens in the IDW Publishing Generation One continuity family.
Mighty Morphin' Power Reapers!

The Reapers are a roving band of living weapons who want to give peace a chance — by killing everybody. They're led by a Deathbringer. One is also named 'Klaxa'. The names (and even some species) of the others are unknown.



IDW Comics continuity

According to the Deathbringer, the Reapers were warriors who caused utter destruction. However, their prowess caused them to be feared even among their own, leading to isolation and bringing them towards madness. They found each other and resolved to use their powers to destroy war within the universe by eliminating violent races and removing things worth fighting over. They laid waste to the strategically important planet, Mumu-Obscura, to remove it from the equation and spare needless future conflict. When Decepticon Sixshot arrived on Mumu-Obscura to locate his 'friends', the Terrorcons, the Reapers attacked him as a test of his abilities. The Deathbringer offered Sixshot a place among them if he would kill the Terrorcons, but Sixshot was still unable to sever his connections to the Decepticons. The Reapers accepted his decision and said that they would cross paths with him again, hoping that he would later be able to accept their offer. Spotlight: Sixshot

War, huh, what is it good for?

After Sixshot was summoned to Earth, the Reapers followed, vowing to destroy whatever was left after Sixshot's work was done. Escalation issue 6 After a period of observation in Earth's orbit, they decided that Earth should be destroyed and did not care whether Sixshot helped them or fought them. However, this was observed by Nemesis Prime, who had his own agenda for Earth, and sent Galvatron to stop the Reapers. Devastation issue 3 The Reapers attacked the Decepticon base, prompting Megatron to recall Sixshot from his battle with the Autobots. Devastation issue 4 When Sixshot arrived, they again requested he join them or be destroyed. When Sixshot's rival Starscream joined the battle, Sixshot decided to join with the Reapers, but Starscream quickly deactivated him with a shutdown command. Starscream then proceeded to bomb the Reapers and the Decepticons soon joined the attack. Devastation issue 5 During the battle with the Decepticons, the Reapers initially had the advantage and were able to kill the Battlechargers. Galvatron covertly turned the Deathbringer into a harbinger of unlife, sending him to destroy the others simply by touch. Galvatron also blasted a bird-like creature who tried to attack him. The Deathbringer decimated his brothers, giving the Decepticons the edge they needed to finish off the remaining Reapers. Devastation issue 6


Well, personally, I kinda want to slay the dragon.

Deathbringer Reaper

Main article: Deathbringer


Klaxa was the only Reaper identified by name. He was a dragon like alien capable of breathing fire. Klaxa was among the Reapers who were present to test Sixshot's abilities on Mumu-Obscura, breathing fire hot enough to threaten Sixshot's body armor. After Sixshot declined their offer to join, he departed with his brothers. When the Reapers attacked the Decepticon base, Klaxa was part of the first wave of Reapers that attacked. Once the Reapers realized that Deathbringer was destroying the others by touching them, Klaxa tried to incinerate his former leader, but failed, and soon succumbed to his touch of death.

Ravenous Reaper

This Ravenous was among the Reapers that tested Sixshot, and was the only one besides the Deathbringer that Sixshot was able to identify. Ravenouses are infected with Cy-Viruses that strip all restraint away from them, making them ferocious in battle. During the attack on the Decepticon base, the Ravenous spotted Galvatron after he infected Deathbringer, and tried to destroy him. However, Galvatron destroyed him with but a single shot of his cannon.

Hooded Reaper

This hooded Reaper was among the group that tested Sixshot. His face seemed to be composed of energy, and he was capable of channel energy at his opponents. He was among the group that attacked the Decepticon base in Oregon. After realizing that Deathbringer was destroying their brothers, the hooded Reaper ordered Klaxa to incinerate him, but Klaxa was unsuccessful. The Reaper presumably perished shortly afterwards, whether at the hands of the Deathbringer or the Decepticons is unknown.

Whirling Reaper

Head OFF!

This Reaper only was seen once during the attack on the Decepticon base in Oregon. It appeared to be some kind of mechanoid with the ability to spin around rapidly like a whirlwind. This Reaper decapitated Runamuck using this power. It presumably died with the rest of its brethren, either by Decepticon hands or the corrupted Deathbringer.

Tank Reaper

This Reaper was part of the initial group that tested Sixshot. It appeared to be of mechanoid origin, with an upper body set on tank treads and a long cannon situated in its chest. Sixshot surmised that it was manufactured by its creators for the explicit purpose of mass destruction. Later, when the Reapers attacked the Decepticon base in Oregon, the Tank Reaper conversed with the Deathbringer over what to do about Sixshot. Finally, this Reaper was killed by Blitzwing, who blew it up with a tank mode cannon shot.

Invertebrate Reaper

This Reaper was part of the group that tested Sixshot on Mumu-Obscura. It was able to project energy of a density that resisted even Sixshot's sonic blasters, as well as teleported the Terrorcons on the field after they were done testing Sixshot. During the battle in Oregon, the Invertebrate Reaper unleashed its energy on Runabout, causing him to explode. Its corpse was later seen at the feet of the victorious Decepticons, lying next to the Deathbringer, leaving its killer unknown.

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