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Series: Vanguard
Author(s): David Mack
Publication information
Published: Paperback - May 2007
Pages: 400
ISBN: ISBN 1-4165-3414-8

The original cover art, without titles.


Introduction (blurb)

The mystery of the Taurus Reach is about to be revealed.

Ancient secrets lie on the fourth planet of the Jinoteur system, and three great rivals are fighting to control it. The Federation and the Klingon Empire want to wield its power; the Tholian Assembly wants to bury it.

But the threat stirring on that distant world is more dangerous than they realize. The Shedai, who ruled the Taurus Reach aeons ago, have risen from their ages of deathlike slumber -- to gather, marshal their strength, and take their revenge.

To keep Jinoteur from falling into enemy hands, the crews of Starbase Vanguard and the U.S.S. Sagittarius must risk everything: friends...loved ones...their own lives. But the sacrifices they make may prove too terrible for them to bear.


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Rana Desai | Ezekiel Fisher | Ganz | Jetanien | Tim Pennington | Cervantes Quinn | Diego Reyes | Anna Sandesjo (Lurqal) | T'Prynn | Ming Xiong


Shedai Adjudicator | Shedai Apostate | Shedai Avenger | Shedai Herald | Shedai Maker | Shedai Myrmidon | Shedai Sage | Shedai Thaumaturge | Shedai Wanderer | Shedai Warden


Donovan Adams | Jeff Anderson | Lisa Babitz | BelHoQ | Bohica | Broon | Karen Cahow | Cofell | Jane Fisher | Greenfield | Mike "Mad Man" Ilucci | James | Mahmud al-Khaled | Lugok | M'Benga | Adelard Nassir | Neil | Zett Nilric | Brian O'Halloran | Matt Romano | Seth | Sturka | Clark Terrell | Vanessa Theriault | Turag





  • ChR Bloodied Talon (Romulan bird of prey) • Lanz't Tholis (Tholian battlecruiser) • IKS Che'lethIKS Zin'za


Taurus Reach | Tholia | Vanguard | Gamma Tauri IV | Jinoteur | Mars | Cydonia | Arinex | Borzha II | Nejev III | Cardalian Mountains

Races and cultures

Human | Klingon | Orion | Tholian | Vulcan | Shedai | Andorian | Romulan | Borzhan | Brassica

States and organizations

Klingon Empire | Shedai Colloquium | Tholian Assembly | United Federation of Planets | Starfleet | Serrataal


Age of Grim Awareness | Argelian flu | Brunello wine | Café Romano | Camigliano | Manón's Cabaret | Shedai conduit | Shedai carrier wave


  • An excerpt from this novel was published in issue 132 of the Star Trek Magazine.
  • Beginning in Chapter 2, on page 27, readers are introduced to the characters of Ensign Brian O'Halloran and Ensign Jeff Anderson, engaging in a chat that seems strangely reminiscent of the cult movie Clerks, including lines about "I'm not even supposed to be here today" (O'Halloran) and ditching work for a hockey game (Anderson). Interestingly, Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson are the names of the actors who played, respectively, Dante Hicks and Randal Graves in Clerks and Clerks II.
  • Agents Verheiden and Cofell, as well as Captain Rymer, are references to the Battlestar Galactica staff members Mark Verheiden, Anne Cofell Saunders and Michael Rymer.
  • The book features a Vanguard minipedia after the actual story.
  • In the novel's inner title page, the 5th city listed under Pocket Books is Jinoteur, the planet where much of the book progresses.



  • Title: Ernte den Sturm
  • Publisher: Cross Cult
  • ISBN: 978-3-936480-93-1
  • Translator: Markus Rohde
  • Published: 2008

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