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The name or term Razorclaw refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Razorclaw (disambiguation).
Razor Claw is a Mutant from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.
Know that I am Razor Claw. With a space in it.

Razor Claw is loyal, self-sacrificing warrior, who fights with crusader-like enthusiasm. He harbors a secret jealously towards those Transformers who still possess a robot mode. As a wolverine, his tremendous speed borders on teleportation. As a velociraptor, he is impervious to firepower.





We hardly knew ye.

The Mutants reported along with the Dinobots and the Wreckers to the Oracle, and were given a vague mission to fulfill: to save Cybertron's future by journeying to the outer Orion Cluster, and restore their "true forms". Departure

However, the mission was nothing but a fools' errand, a set-up engineered by Cryotek and the Quintessons, who were using the Oracle to send false messages to eliminate any resistance to their forthcoming invasion. The Mutants were lured to New Quintessa, taken prisoner, and briefly put on trial. Razor Claw remained adamant that things would turn out okay, despite Poison Bite's protestations. He was proven fatally wrong when the Quintesson leader Derodomontatus sentenced the Mutants to death (big surprise), and unleashed a horde of Sharkticons upon them. Cryotek felt the whole display was a bit much. Betrayal

Icebird and Poison Bite survived the execution attempt, and ultimately avenged the deaths of their fallen comrades. Wreckers: Finale Part II


Beast Wars

  • Razor Claw (Deluxe , 2000)
Part of the first wave of 2000 Beast Wars deluxe product, Razor Claw transforms between two organic alternate modes, a velociraptor and a (green) wolverine. His robot head is revealed by lifting the top of the velociraptor head; his beast-mode eyes are on freakish eyestalks on the top of his head. He notably lacks any other "hidden robot parts" features shared by the other three Mutant toys.


  • Razor Claw was listed in Wal-Mart's computer system as "Dinobite", likely an early production name. This name stuck in the system all the way up through the Mutants' release, and even rang up on the register this way.
  • Like all of the Mutants, Razor Claw was originally designed to be an Animorphs toy. Given the shape of his robot-mode head and its eyestalks, it's apparent he was intended to be an Andalite, likely the heroic Ax.

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