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Sea turtles can be fished by members who have level 79 Fishing or higher, and sea turtles can be cooked by members who have level 82 Cooking or higher. Sea turtles heal 21 hitpoints in one serving.

Sea turtles, like manta rays, can only be caught during the Fishing Trawler minigame.

Sea turtles give 38 Fishing experience per catch, and 211.3 Cooking experience for successfully cooking a sea turtle.

Sea turtles are possibly the rarest food in RuneScape, because they do not sell very easily, and they are much more rare than Manta rays.

Fossegrimen will accept a raw sea turtle to enchant a Lyre with 4 charges, or 6 charges while wearing Fremennik sea boots. Interestingly, it is one teleport charge more than enchanting with a Manta ray.

With level 99 Cooking and Cooking gauntlets, players still burn roughly one out of every four sea turtles. However, cooking them at the Lumbridge Castle cooking range, with level 99 Cooking and using the Cooking cape to temporarily raise Cooking to level 100, players only burn about three out of twenty-eight sea turtles.

Tools/Utensils None
Ingredients Raw sea turtle
Fishing Level 79
Fishing Method Fishing Trawler
Fishing Spot Fishing Trawler
Fishing Experience 38
Cooking Level 82
Level at which it stops burning Never
Cooking Experience 211.3
Range Only? No
Instructions Use raw sea turtle with fire or range.
Servings 1
HP per Serving 21


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