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Ravyr was the founder of the elite Rakatan commando group, the Militisab Cruentus which reformed itself as the Dark Side cult the Lost Ones. Ravyr was born in a normal family, with his father apart of the Rakatan military as one of its higher ranked commanders. At the age of 16, he was conscripted into the military where his skill for capture and retrieval quickly became evident. After a few short years, he joined the commando section of the Rakatan military. He then went on to form his own commando force and performed several important missions with it.

In 24,300 BBY when the Eborax virus spread through the Rakatan population, Ravyr and the Militisab Cruentus was safely out of the way whilst on a mission in scouting a corridor of space. When they returned to Lehon, the Rakatan overlord, the One, declared that the Militisab Cruentus is to be captured. Ravyr and his SpecOps group narrowly escaped Lehon in a Rakatan Light Cruiser. Ravyr set a course for a planet his group had found years prior, Malachor V. Ravyr and his group arrived and explored the ruins buried within its core. Whilst there Ravyr declared his group a Dark Side cult and changed there name to the Lost Ones. The Lost Ones then moved to Malachor VII.

A few short months later the Cruentusian War began. Ravyr and the Lost Ones had thorough settled on Malachor VII when a small starship crashlanded on Malachor VII. Ravyr lead a small group of his fellow acolytes, and captured one of the survivors from the captured ship. Ravyr learned of the war and all of its contestants. Threatening the survivor with death, Ravyr tasked him to scout and gather information for the Lost Ones.

It wasn't until the second year of the war that the Lost Ones entered the war. Ravyr learnt from his informant that the fabled Rakatan object, the Hand of Darkness had been found. Fearing that the species Ravyr considered 'lesser' might gain access to the Hand of Darkness' power, Ravyr gathered a group of his best men and travelled to Kopalnia in their Rakatan Light Cruiser. When Ravyr arrived he found the Necasian Military and the Srav Federation in combat. Ignoring them, Ravyr and his team landed on the planet and entered the mine that contained what they were seeking. After a short battle inside the mine, Ravyr grabbed the Hand of Darkness from its case. Using the power of the Rakatan object, Ravyr and his team easily escaped the planet by using the Rakatan constructs on the planet against the Lost Ones' opponents.

Shortly after Ravyr gained the Hand of Darkness and escaped with it, Ravyr began seeking out one of the Rakatan Military's hidden Battle Droid caches, and eventually found one on the desert world of Ahara. Mentally destabilized by prolonged exposure to the Hand, Ravyr ranted about conquering the galaxy, and then used his droid army to attack holed-up Srav and Necasian commandos. However, the Zayre, led by Storm Ironwings, joined the battle, and Ravyr engaged Ironwings personally. Although he soon managed to wear her down, the Necasian and Srav commandos intervened and distracted him long enough for Ironwings to mortally wound him and steal the Hand. Left for dead, Ravyr managed to get up a few minutes later and vowed to get revenge on those who had wronged him. Seconds later, he and the Rakatan complex around him was incinerated by a Srav tactical nuclear weapon.

Upon Ravyr's death, the Rakatan Battle Droid army shut down and the Lost Ones left the war to recuperate.


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