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Dr Who

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Series: Doctor Who -
Seventh Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Author: Andrew Cartmel
Editor: John Freeman
Artist: Brian Williamson, Cam Smith, Steve Pini
Published In: Doctor Who Magazine 188-190
Publication: 8th July - 2nd September 1992
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
Format: Comic - 3 parts
Previous Story: The Grief
Next Story: Memorial|- valign="top"



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Time-Placement: Set during Cat's Cradle: Warhead.

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DC Comics

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Final Fantasy

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The Ravens (レイブン, Reibun) are a squad of AVALANCHE members in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- who have undergone genetic modification by Fuhito to serve as his personal attack squad. Though they have developed increased combat capabilities, as well as the ability to completely recover from normally fatal wounds, they have lost their humanity. Despite their formidable regenerative capabilities, they can be killed when properly wounded. SOLDIERs Essai and Sebastian were forcibly put through the same modification.

Fuhito (Upper Left) talking to Tierce, a Raven (Bottom Right)

Named Ravens include Tierce, Kyneugh, and Kanos.

These characters continue the tradition of Star Wars references in Final Fantasy, as they are all named after Imperial Guardsmen in Star Wars' extended universe.


Four types of Raven can be fought: Raven (Death), Raven (Gun), Raven (Grapple) and Raven (Sword).

First Encounter

The first time encountering Raven's is in Episode 5 of Before Crisis when the player Turk meets Cloud. The Ravens are sent by Fuhito to obtain a disk of information on SOLDIER from the scientist named Rayleigh. All of her personal guards besides Cloud are killed by Raven's.

Rayleigh (Far left), two Grunts and a Raven (Middle of the AVALANCHE Soldiers). The Raven is using a death spell.

The Raven who was sent to retrieve the disk with information on SOLDIER took Rayleigh hostage. The player Turk was ordered to obtain the disk, even at the cost of Rayleigh's life. Cloud, however, got in the way to protect her, allowing AVALANCHE to escape on the train with Rayleigh and the disk. While the player Turk was fighting the first Raven to make an appearance, Cloud boarded the train last minute to try and rescue Rayleigh.

The player Turk manages to get onto the train by taking a shortcut through a center pillar that the train loops around five times. When on the train the player Turk then encounters several more Ravens. It is noted that the player Turk did not believe their skill was good enough to handle more than two Raven's at a time.

Player Turk Shotgun (Left) and Cloud (Right). Shotgun seperated the cars because of the Ravens chasing them.

The player separates the train cart that Cloud and Rayleigh were on from the rest to keep AVALANCHE from them as they were severely outnumbered. However, AVALANCHE quickly catches up once their cart comes to a stop. One more Raven assaults Cloud and Rayleigh, which the player Turk defeats with ease. However, when the player Turk stepped outside of the stopped train with Cloud to fight off AVALANCHE, the Raven that the player Turk defeated in the cart Rayleigh was in "sprung back to life" and took the disk from Rayleigh.


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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Team Template Team Template

Official Name

Team Identity


Base Of Operations

Team Leader(s)

Current Members

Former Members
Crimson, Azure, Coral, Cerise (Ravens), Beryl, Ruby, 17 others unnamed

Place of Defunction
A deserted theater in New York City

First appearance
Last appearance

X-Factor #54
(May, 1990)
X-Factor #58
(September, 1990)



History of team is unknown.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


  • There had to be 24 members for the group's power to work properly. If they went too long without 24 members, they would begin to lose power.


  • No trivia.

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