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Raven Rock

map marker: Raven Rock
quests: Finding the Garden of Eden
The American Dream
cell name: RavenRock01 (Level 1)
RavenRock02 (level 2)
RavenRock03 (level 3)
RavenRock04 (Control Room)
ref id: 0001853B (level 1)
0001853A (level 2)
00018539 (level 3)
0001E0F1 (Control Room)

Map of Raven Rock

Raven Rock is the Enclave' main base of operations in the Capital Wasteland and a former American military base and fallout shelter built before the Great War. It was originally intended to shelter many of the United States' top military and civilian leaders from the effects of a nuclear attack on the nation. It can be found in the northwestern edge of the Pip-Boy 3000 map. The base itself is not accessible during free-form play; you arrive here after Finding the Garden of Eden and escape during The American Dream, and the entrance seals behind you. Depending on the player's choices throughout the game, a few named NPCs might be found while moving about Raven Rock. Nathan Vargas from Megaton can be found warning the player character that the Enclave "aren't who they say they are." Anna Holt can also be found in a room near John Henry Eden's office.

The player character may destroy Raven Rock through a speech check with President Eden, or by finding his self destruct code on Autumn's terminal. This seems to hold little relevance in game play as the Enclave presence at Project Purity is just as strong and organized as it would be had the player character not destroyed Raven Rock, but a plausible explanation is that the highly militaristic Enclave has prepared evacuation drills for abandoning the base with minimal loss of men and materiel - Colonel Augustus Autumn, the commander of the Enclave's military forces, may also have been preparing to leave for some time, since he seems to require very little to finally push him into rebellion against President John Henry Eden at the time of the Lone Wanderer's arrival. The player may inform Elder Lyons of Raven Rock's destruction, but again this only results in dialogue and no visible difference in the Enclave's performance. Also near the exit there is a caged deathclaw.

In the add-on pack Broken Steel, Raven Rock will be destroyed by Liberty Prime if the Lone Wanderer did not destroy it, and there is no way to get back into the base.



Raven Rock is a hardened underground fallout shelter originally built to house high-ranking American military and political personnel in the event of a nuclear attack on the United States. It is powered by a General Atomics-built nuclear reactor and gets its fresh water from deep underground wells.

Notable Loot

There is an immense amount of loot available at Raven Rock including the rare Tesla Power Armor, Plasma Rifles, Enclave Power Armor, Enclave Hellfire Armor (with Broken Steel), AER9 Laser Rifles and Gatling Lasers.

The Energy Weapons Bobblehead is located near the end of Sector 2C in a room opposite of the doorway to the War Room. If you miss it during your visit to Raven Rock you will be unable to retrieve it later. However, on the PC version you may regain access to Raven Rock with the console. The Bobblehead is located on the second floor (Raven Rock - Level 2) in Colonel Autumn's room to the northwest. Inside this room you can also find the ZAX Destruct Sequence. After opening one of the large metal doors, the player will be confronted with two doors, one with two enemies behind it. The Bobblehead is behind the western door. The player should not enter the Control Room before retrieving the Bobblehead, as the doors will lock permanently.

You will also find a few electric barriers guarding various ammo and first aid boxes. These barriers can only be by-passed by hacking terminals - usually average - but it is possible to obtain their loot with out hacking, simply use the same tactics used to retrieve Colonel Autumn's 10mm Pistol. That is to say, go third person, then stand close to the barrier and hold down the button, or key, that allows you to change perspective, to rotate the camera. Do so until you see the option to loot the crates, while still holding down the button or key.


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  • The outer hatch can be blown off from the outside by small arms fire (but not grenades). If you enter the complex (before The Waters of Life quest), you will be blocked from further entry by an invisible wall. When you leave, you will trigger the event where Colonel Autumn's Vertibirds flee the compound. If you go back and exit one more time, the Vertibirds will be stuck to the ground on top of Raven Rock. Just climb up there and you can study them closely. But you can not do anything to them. They still, of course, blow up if a sufficient amount of damage is dealt.
  • Upon returning to Raven Rock after completing the associated quest, one finds injured Enclave survivors fleeing unto a hill, and blowing themselves up which is quite amusing. This becomes a respawn area.
  • In addition to the three fleeing Enclave Soldiers (occasionally non-fleeing) a fourth soldier may be found who carries no weapons and has no helmet, he appears to wear standard Enclave Power Armor but his inventory is empty. He will walk around the Raven Rock entrance and sometimes follow the fleeing soldiers. Having no real armor or weapons, he is amusingly pathetic but quite hostile.[trigger for event?] [360] Confirmed on PS3 and Xbox 360 but found as dead.
  • There's two holes in the passibility that makes you fall through a wall and end up on another floor at the basement. It's located in level 2 in the room with the Science officers on the wall adjacent from the stairwell and the other wall that doesn't have a doorway or stairwell. If you ease up to the wall you can stare out and look at the various things that are probably in other rooms.
  • There is a glitch where if you convinced Eden to self-destruct and you fast travel back to Raven Rock with Fawkes as a follower at a later time, Fawkes will get stuck under the level. You can solve this by moving away until he starts following you and he will re-glitch back onto the surface. (confirmed, 360) This glitch can also occur with Dogmeat, but it is unknown if walking some distance will bring him to the surface.
  • If you want to get back into Raven Rock and haven't finished, go outside but not so much that the door closes, pull out a 10mm pistol or other small weapon and shoot the middle of the door twice. It is different to shooting it when the door closes because when it does the invisible wall will be in front of it making it impassable.
  • The locker from which you retrieve your possessions can only be opened once. If you open it and close it without retrieving your possessions then they will become trapped forever.


Raven Rock only appears in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • In another Bethesda game, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the Bloodmoon expansion pack contains a quest line pertaining to an ebony mine on the Island of Solstheim, also called Raven Rock.
  • Raven Rock Mountain Complex is a real-world government facility located just north of Pennsylvania's southern border.
  • Raven Rock is also the real-world name of a hiking trail found in Bluemont, Virginia and a state park in North Carolina. [1]
  • Raven Rock is located in upper left-hand corner of the map in Fallout 3, roughly in the area of Travilah, Maryland.
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