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race: Human
affiliation: Enclave
role: Vertibird Mechanic
location: Navarro
appearances: Fallout 2
dialogue file: Ccraul.msg

Raul is a Fallout 2 Enclave mechanic.


Navarro's premier Vertibird mechanic in 2241, walking around in a permanently filthy military uniform, covered in grease spots. He has a characteristic attitude, speaking about himself in third person and an unhealthy obsession about keeping Vertibirds in top shape, disliking even qualified Enclave pilots' operation of his babies.

Raul has a long running rivalry with the head of the mechanics, Quincy, to the point that even the slightest bad remark about him results in a fistfight in the mechanics' garage. He also takes care of Dr Schrebers electric motor the latter took out of his robot, K-9.


Apparel Weapon Other item
Combat Armor - -


Raul only appears in Fallout 2.

Enclave of the United States of America

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Raoul is a human in the Generation One continuity family.
Ey, chew can't puch me 'round like dat, mang!

Raoul is a break-dancing street punk carjacker with a bandana, a mullet-ponytail, a rhinestone-studded leather jacket and a heart of gold.

Man, the 80s sucked.


The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Michael Chain (English), Kenyū Horiuchi (Japanese)

Raoul mistook Tracks for an ordinary car that he attempted to steal, but then helped Tracks thwart a Decepticon plot to invade New York City using remote control vehicles. Make Tracks

Raoul would run across Tracks and the Decepticons again, when he and his posse, the "Bop Crew", ended up in the middle of a Decepticon scheme that sought to brainwash humans into building, uh, something using the totally awesome tunes played in the nightclub Dancitron. (Those tunes being "Cold Slither" and big band music, because the Charleston was totally all the rage in the 80s.) Auto-Bop


  • In his second appearance in the show, "Auto-Bop", his skin is a lighter shade than when he first appeared in "Make Tracks". Michael Jackson Syndrome, anyone?
You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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