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Rather Darkness Visible

Jeremy Barlow


Greg Tocchini


Eddie Wagner


Michael Heisler


Michael Atiyeh

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics

General information

Rise of the Empire era


21 BBY (15 months ABG)

Part of

Star Wars Tales

Published in

Star Wars Tales 19

Rather Darkness Visible is a comic featured in Star Wars Tales 19, and collected in Star Wars Tales Volume 5.

Plot summary

On Katanos VII, Jedi Knight Lunis and his Padawan Obs Kaj investigate intelligence that the miners of the planet are performing illegal cloning experiments. Obs Kaj has grown disillusioned with the state of affairs in the Republic and secretly plans to leave the Jedi Order after the mission.

However, when they arrive, they discover that they have walked into an ambush. The miners reveal that as profits from the cortosis mines declined, they looked to the Galactic Senate for support, but were spurned, and they began cloning operations to earn the necessary income. Their cloning attempts failed, and eventually they turned to the Confederacy of Independent Systems when they learned about the bounties that had been placed on Jedi.

As the miners attack the Jedi, Obs Kaj feels cut off in the Force from her Master, a result of her distancing herself. Lunis eventually falls and Kaj flees, escaping in a short-range shuttlepod. As she leaves the planet's surface, broadcasting a distress call, a ship makes contact with her. When it approaches, she realizes it is in fact Count Dooku, who promptly fires upon her, blowing her craft from the sky.

When Dooku later makes contact with the miners, he says he will only pay for the death of Lunis, half of what they expected and not enough to keep the mines afloat.


Behind the scenes

The title is a reference to John Milton's poem Paradise Lost.


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