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"These roles we play. I must admit I find it... wearying."
—Rasler Heios Nabradia

Rasler Heios Nabradia (ラスラ・ヘイオス・ナブラディア Rasura Heiosu Naburadia) is a character from Final Fantasy XII. Prince of Nabradia, he defends his homeland with all his might.


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Married to Princess Ashe of Dalmasca when she was only 17, the pair knew their marriage was a political symbol of the alliance between Nabradia and Dalmasca. In spite of this fact, or maybe even because of it, the couple came to care deeply for each other.

Rasler, a victim of an unnecessary war.

When King Raminas' council of war was interrupted by Captain Basch, bringing news of the destruction of Nabudis, Rasler immediately volunteered to lead a force to shore up the defences at Nalbina Fortress. After a short, emotional ceremony in Rabanastre, the Dalmascan forces marched eastwards.

During the fierce, bloody battle Basch tried to escort Rasler to safety, but the young prince would not be moved as long as hope remained. When Imperial troops slaughtered the high priests, the light of the city's iconic paling was extinguished and, overcome with rage, Rasler charged the enemy. Seated high on his chocobo steed, he was an easy target for a lone Archadian archer who pierced his neck with a single arrow. Basch caught the prince as he fell and signaled a retreat, but Rasler died before he could reach Rabanastre, leaving the Midlight Shard heirless. His funeral, overseen by his weeping bride, is the last major incident to occur before the events of Final Fantasy XII take place.

Concept art of Rasler by Akihiko Yoshida.

In death, Rasler guided his young wife, or so she thought. Whenever Ashe found an ancient relic of the Dynast King, she also found the spirit of Rasler, encouraging her to take the relic, and strike at the Archadian Empire. However, eventually Ashe realises that this is not really a spirit of Rasler, since she knew that he would never want to partake in base revenge. Striking at it, it is revealed to be nothing but an illusion, the Occuria trying to control the Princess, so that she may be their new "Dynast King".


  • A sprite of Rasler appears in the Sky Pirate's Den. It is acquired after completing every character's License Board, including Espers, Earning you the title of Conqueror.
  • His death may be a reference to the death of Scott in Final Fantasy II.
  • The male Hyur wich appears in most of the Final Fantasy XIV trailer has a slight resemblance to Rasler (save the fact that Rasler is blond).

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