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The Rare Hunters (also called Ghouls in the Japanese version, Jackals in some Video Games, and صــائـدوا النـوادر in the Arabic Dub) are a group of card thieves and duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and second series anime.




The Rare Hunters were formed by Marik Ishtar to collect the Egyptian God Cards and other cards of value, becoming a group with money and power to grant Marik power. It is not specified exactly when they are formed, but it was some time after Marik killed his father and left with Odion the following day. The Rare Hunters are known to be Marik's henchmen and assist him in his goals with Odion Ishtar being the second in command.

They are known to have stolen two of the three Egyptian Gods but failed to steal Obelisk the Tormentor thanks to the intervention of Ishizu Ishtar. Also they have counterfeited rare cards, including The Winged Dragon of Ra and the five pieces of Exodia.


Battle City

The first Rare Hunter to appear (although not addressed as one) is Bandit Keith, who steals the Millennium Puzzle from Yugi Moto. Yugi wins the Puzzle back, but not before meeting Marik through his mind control of Keith, who warns Yugi he will return. In this duel the methods of the Rare Hunters is also set: nearly all of the Rare Hunters cheat in their duels.

When Seto Kaiba organizes the Battle City Tournament (which he did to lure out the Rare Hunters who had the other two Egyptian God Cards), Marik orders his minions to go to the tournament and defeat the duelists there, hoping to seize many rare cards that the world's best duelists would surely have. However, upon discovering his sister Ishizu Ishtar has given the final God card Marik needs to Kaiba, Marik travels to Battle City himself to take the card. As it were, Yugi Muto is also in the tournament, giving Marik the perfect opportunity to take both the Millennium Puzzle and the final God card.

As he travels to Domino, Marik has several other Rare Hunters attempt to defeat Yugi, but they fail. Marik is desperate enough to duel Yugi himself by controlling Strings using his God card, "Slifer the Sky Dragon". When Yugi prevails again and takes Slifer, Marik attempts to have two Rare Hunters named Lumis and Umbra defeat him and Kaiba in a tag-team duel. This too fails, and as Kaiba and Yugi now have enough locator cards to enter the finals, Marik decides there is nothing else to do but face the two himself, and so he and Rishid enter the finals.


After this, the fate of the Rare Hunters is not known, although the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction, which is an alternate-universe game set in the aftermath of Battle City, portrays them as still seeking the God cards with Bandit Keith as their new leader.


Here are the known memberships in Rare Hunters outside of an unspecified number of grunts:


Unwillingly controlled:

  • Joey Wheeler: Controlled to duel Yugi.
  • Tea Gardner: Controlled to make her a hostage so that no one could stop the duel between Jonouchi and Yugi.

The number of unnamed Rare Hunters is unknown, but here is a list of the ones shown:

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