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Rapha Galthena
Sprite(s) Rapha's in-game sprite
Japanese ラファ・ガルテナーハ
Romaji Rafa Garutenāha
Age 15
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Voice actor(s)
Job Class Skyseer
Affiliation None
Final Fantasy Tactics Character
"Faith offers no shield against Sky Mantra, for words are treacherous things."
—Rapha Galthena

Rapha Galthena, also known as Rafa Galthana, is a character from Final Fantasy Tactics. She possesses a very rare ability called Sky Mantra, which along with her brother Marach's Nether Mantra is coveted and exploited by Grand Duke Barrington of Riovanes.



Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Misery Under Barrington

Shortly after Rapha and Marach were born, Grand Duke Barrington arrived in the village seeking the to take the children to use their Sky and Nether Mantra for his own purposes. When the leaders of the town refused to allow this, Barrington had the village razed, and kidnapped the two youths. Rapha grew up believing that Barrington has saved them from their village, and was tricked into serving him as part of the Khamja, an elite assassination team in the Fifty Years' War. After discovering that Barrington was indeed responsible for their village's destruction, Rapha confronted the Duke. She suffered cruel mistreatment under Barrington, the Duke went so far as to rape Rapha, leading her to realize Barrington's true nature. She secretly longed to escape Barrington and to have revenge on him. The two children grew up, but Rapha was never able to convince Marach of the truth.

Defection to Ramza

When Barrington got involved in the battle between Ramza Beoulve and the Lucavi, he dispatched Rapha and Marach to deal with Ramza. After Marach informed Ramza that his sister Alma was being held at Riovanes, Marach waited for Ramza in a nearby town with several of Barrington's soldiers. As Ramza approached however, Rapha once again tried to convince her brother of the truth. She failed, and when Ramza arrived, she defected. Ramza was able to rescue her and drove Marach off. Rapha then told Ramza about Barrington, but Marach had disguised himself as a frog and had overheard the conversation. He threatened to have Alma harmed unless Ramza and Rapha immediately bring the Scriptures of Germonique to Barrington.

Battle on the Roof

Ramza and Rapha then approached Riovanes Castle, where they immediately ran into Marach outside. A battle ensued, and Rapha soon saw that she could not convince her brother of the truth. She teleported away and Marach followed suit, leaving Ramza and his forces to fend for himself against the remaining guards. As Ramza made his way inside the castle and fought Belias, Rapha confronted Barrington, who had just escaped a foul encounter with Hashmal, on the roof of the castle. Rapha aimed her weapon at Barrington, but was paralyzed with fear and memories of the rape and could not bring herself to attack.

Barrington gloated over his apparent victory, but he was unaware that Marach had overheard him. Marach emerged from his hiding spot, now aware of the truth, and demanded to know if what Barrington had just said was the truth. Enraged, Barrington pulled out a gun and fired at Rapha, but Marach knocked her out of the way and took the bullet himself. At that moment, Ramza, having just defeated Belias, came up onto the roof. Barrington demanded that Ramza hand over the Auracite, but was suddenly thrown off the roof by the Ultima Demon Lettie, disguised as a human girl. Fellow Ultima demon in disguise Celia and Marquis Elmdore revealed their presences, and all three attacked Rapha. Ramza drove them off, but Marach had been mortally wounded.

Just when it appeared Rapha had lost her brother, she sensed something unusual in the Taurus Stone. She inherently activated it much to Ramza's surprise, but instead of causing a Lucavi to appear, it restored Marach to life. Ramza, Rapha, and Marach then scoured the castle for Alma, and failing to find her, determined that Folmarv Tengille had her. Rapha then joined Ramza's quest to get rid of the remaining Lucavi.

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