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Rape is a form of assault where the victim is forced into having sexual intercourse with the attacker against their will.

The Cardassians were guilty of raping thousands of Bajoran women during in their occupation of Bajor. The Bajoran Naka Tormak was held in Cardassian captivity and repeatedly raped by one of her guards, when she was liberated in 2370 her first act was to take revenage and smash the Cardassian's skull with a large rock. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

In some cases, the act of rapes leads to the conception of a child. Examples include:

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"Rape" redirects here. For the slur, see rape (slur).

Sexual Assault is an act of assault in which victims are forced to participate in sexual activities without consent.

As a part of Crystal Security's gang initiation, new recruits are required to sexually assault a random female[1] passerby from a certain alleyway,[2] one watched by two armed gang members,[3] as a means of acquiring blackmail material to hold against the recruits forever.[4]Janissary James rescued a woman from such a stunt[1] and seriously wounded the gang members involved.[3][5]

Sadie Endesha was another such victim. Twice during the events of Sadie's Story she was attacked by New Mombasa Police Department Commissioner Kinsler.[6][7] Although Kinsler's advances were interrupted before they could escalate to the scale of full rape, they were physically aggressive and with sexual intentions, and therefore can be considered sexual assault. For this and numerous other crimes, Kinsler was torn apart by an angry mob.[8]



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Need image


Scientific Name of Plant

Brassica napus


  1. Another name for Broccoli Raab.
  2. The residue of grape stalks, stems and skins after the juice has been extracted for winemaking.
  3. This cabbage-family root vegetable resembles a large (3 to 5 inches in diameter) map and, in fact, is thought to be a cross between cabbage and turnip.

Origin and History

The name comes from the Swedish rotabagge, which is why this vegetable is also called a Swede or Swedish turnip. Rutabagas have a thin, pale yellow skin and a slightly sweet, firm flesh of the same color. There is also a white variety but it is not generally commercially available.

Parts of Plant Used

Cultivation and Harvesting

This root vegetable is available year-round with a peak season of July through April. Choose those that are smooth, firm and heavy for their size. Rutabagas can be refrigerated in a plastic bag for up to 2 weeks. They may be prepared in any way suitable for turnips. Rutabagas, are a Cruciferous vegetable.

Uses and Properties

Nutritional Value

Small amounts of vitamins A and C.

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