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Ransack is a Decepticon from the Revenge of the Fallen franchise portion of the live-action film continuity family.

Back in the distance past of Cybertron, when flight was a new technology, Ransack was first of the flying aces. He was a ruthless combatant, blasting his opponents out of the sky, and then strafing the helpless troops stuck on the ground without cover. He may be past his prime and equipped with outdated weapons now, but there was a time when Ransack was the most feared name on Cybertron. He didn't appear in the movie, but he appeared in the novelization. After Jetfire transported Sam's group to Egypt, he attacked them. His attack consisted of a single shot that just pinged off of Jetfire's body. Jetfire responded by simply stepping on him, killing Ransack. Jetfire commented he didn't like him anyway, but the attack caused Jetfire's memory to return somewhat.

Revenge of the Fallen


Bally Jetfire pranged me kite!

Ransack (Scout, 2009)

Ransack transforms into a German biplane based heavily on the Albatros D.III, though judging by the shape of his wings (with scalloped surfaces), he’s a Fokker. He’s got some excess undercarriage junk on his lower wings resembling load-bearing reinforcement struts which carry double machine guns on his right wing, and a pair of bombs on his left wing. These “struts” become his weapon-laden arms in his gangly, whisper-thin robot mode, the skeletal appearance of which is enhanced by his skull-like visage. The emblems on his wings are a hybrid of the Decepticon insignia and various crosses seen on Germanic war-planes. He has a weak third “Attack Mode,” which is essentially just his robot mode with his upper wings extended and the propeller rotated forward. However, if you tuck his head down in this mode, swing his hips straight back and reverse his knees, you end up with a very cool WW1-style Macross/Robotech-type "Gerwalk/Guardian" mode.


  • Ransack's "antique" look may be because he is supposed to be one of the first flying Transformers.
  • His engine-block head and machine guns are lifted directly from a piece of unused concept art by Ben Proctor for a Ford Model-T Transformer.
  • No way in Hell could a biplane carry weapons on its wings, which were pretty delicate structures frequently made of wood and canvas; the weapons would be carried on the fuselage. However, a Transformer could...
  • In a nice G1 callback, his name’s Ransack, and he looks very insectile. Also awesome.
  • He may also be an homage to G2 Ransack. He is an old breed of plane and features the colors of green and purple.

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