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Ranger Compound

Compound entrance
map marker: Ranger Compound
quests: Reilly's Rangers (quest)
Geomapping with Reilly
cell name: zDCint12RangerCompound
ref id: 000314AE

The Ranger Compound is the headquarters of Reilly's Rangers in Fallout 3.



It is located in Seward Square in the southeastern portion of the Capital Wasteland, accessible through the metro system and by going through Capital building by going through the east wing.


  • It's probably easiest to reach by entering Anacostia Metro Station at Anacostia Crossing (just north of Rivet City) and exiting at Seward Square (straight east, don't go down to the tracks). From the exit of the metro, head north past the Cornucopia grocery store and take the first alley to the east. Follow it around and, after it hooks north, take the east passage and it will be on your left.

The Compound

The compound is within a partially destroyed building and is guarded by a camera and a computer terminal, however once you meet Reilly or save the Rangers in the Reilly's Rangers (quest) a simple interaction with the terminal unlocks the doors to the Ranger Compound. All items in the compound can be taken without incurring negative karma. There is also a bed and safe lockers. If you turn left after entering the compound, and then go straight, you enter the bed room / mess hall. There is a mattress on the floor on the right that you can use, and the locker against the wall on the right has been proven to be safe to store gear in. It is basically a safehouse.


  • You can encounter the deranged Mad Preacher and a bystander near the other goodies.
  • Inside the compound, there's a Dean's Electronics skill book on the generator in the pantry. (This book can be very hard to pick up because the cursor doesn't register the book. Either the top-right or bottom-right corner of the book should work though, if you crouch and look a litte above the book, it should be able to be picked up.)
  • Under beds in the mess hall/barracks area are footlockers that may contain a Power Fist and Stealth Boy. A Scoped .44 Magnum may also be found on a shelf in this area.
  • On top of the compound, in the highest reachable floor of the building, there are 5 Ammunition Boxes 2 of which are locked average. There are also 2 First Aid kits, one of which is also locked average.
  • The real highest floor, just above, was not intended to be accessible. It has several Nuka-Cola Machines and a door which does not open (both sides of it are visible from the floor below). You can reach it with console commands on PC. There is currently no known way to access this floor on consoles. Possibly you could stack barrels/carts on top of a high cupboard, if you are very patient.
  • The best way to get to the highest floor that is currently inaccessible is to drop 5mm ammo boxes, 6 to be precise, and stack them on the edge of the desk that is found on the third floor right as you come up the stairs, straight ahead through the first door way and on your right. The 6th box has to be stacked on the back of the stack on its end standing straight up, or you will not get high enough. Once the ammo is stacked, go over to the sand bags that are next to the desk right in front of some file cabinets, jump on top on the sand bags, use them to jump on top of the file cabinets, turn towards the ammo boxes that are stacked, then attempt to land on the edge of the fifth stacked box without disturbing the 6th box stacked on its end. This may take several attempts, but it is very doable. Once on the 5th box, turn and face the end stack 6th box and carefully jump on top of it. Once there, turn towards the broken floor and you should be high enough to jump on top of the fabled 4th floor. I saved several times between every minor victory, ie correct box stack, when I made it to the 5th box jump, etc. YOU CAN DO IT! Your modest reward is three Nuka-Cola machines each with a 10% chance of Quantum, but you most important award comes in the form of a feeling of accomplishment and joining an elite few that have done it before you. Remember, its not the destination, but the journey.


All of the Reilly's Rangers that you managed to save from the quest:


Easter Eggs

  • In the sleeping quarters, there appears to be the sound of a coffee brewer making coffee, making it the only known working coffee brewer in the game.

Related Quests


  • Sometimes the skill book Dean's Electronics can be stuck partially under the generator, making it nearly impossible to get. (PS3. Xbox 360) If you get this glitch reload the auto-save (the save that happened as you entered the compound) It took me two reloads before the book finally appeared on the generator (Confirmed on PS3). Also - beware of going around the pipes to the right of the generator. If you go too far towards the wall you will get stuck behind the pipes and you cannot get back out again (PS3, XBOX 360)
  • After you complete the Head of State quest you may encounter problems in fast-traveling to the Ranger Compound which results in your game freezing and forcing you to restart your console NOTE: It could also occur prior to completing the Head of State quest (only confirmed on XBOX 360).
  • If you enter the compound to go claim your rewards with Fawkes, the Rangers will be in a hostile position but will not attack you, thus not allowing you to talk to them and not claim your rewards. To get past this you need to have Fawkes wait outside and then claim your reward.

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