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Ranger Battle Armor
Ranger Battle Armor
DR: 39
item HP: 1100
weight: 27
value: 430
effects: AP +5, LK +1, Small Guns +10
repair: Combat Armor and variants
quests: Reilly's Rangers (quest)
base id: 23030
Ranger Battle Helmet
DR: 6
item HP: 50
weight: 5
value: 60
effects: none
repair: Combat Helmet and variants
quests: Reilly's Rangers (quest)
base id: 34105

The 41-90MPW Ranger Battle Armor is a variant of Combat Armor worn by the mercenary group Reilly's Rangers. The matching Ranger Battle Helmet is used only by the group's engineer Donovan.



The armor can be acquired as a quest reward, by pickpocketing the Rangers at the Ranger Compound, or by looting their corpses in the Statesman Hotel. The helmet can be obtained from Donovan, either by looting it from his corpse or pickpocketing.


For players who value Agility over Strength, the Ranger Armor is a better choice than Power Armor, offering almost identical DR (1-6 points lower in most cases, 11 points lower than the unique T-51b Power Armor and the Enclave Hellfire Armor (if you have Broken Steel DLC) without sacrificing Agility and movement speed or increasing the chance you'll be detected while sneaking (as the weight of equipped armor affects stealth, and some forms of Power Armor carry an explicit -1 or -2 penalty to Agility, which lowers Sneak).

The +5 AP boost, +1 Luck, and +10 Small Guns make this armor particularly useful for lower-level Small Gun characters. It remains useful for anyone up to level 30, thanks to the good DR, modest weight, and ease of repair.

The armor can be repaired by using Talon Combat Armor, Vault Security Armor, Rivet City Security Uniform, Tenpenny Security Uniform, or regular Combat Armor. The helmet can be repaired with Combat Helmets and variants thereof.

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The armor is one of two possible rewards given by Reilly of Reilly's Rangers after successfully completing the Reilly's Rangers Quest. The Lone Wanderer can choose the Ranger Battle Armor or Eugene, Brick's unique Minigun. It is possible to acquire multiple sets of Ranger Battle Armor, and/or two copies of Eugene, depending on which or how many Rangers survive the journey from the rooftop of the Statesman Hotel to the Ranger Compound and which reward is chosen (see quest article).


  • If all three rangers die in the Statesman Hotel, you cannot get your reward or participate in the unmarked side quest Geomapping with Reilly (very profitable).
  • When you complete the Reilly's Rangers there will be a random encounter of Donovan finding you and giving you a Mini Nuke, this makes it much easier to kill him as the other rangers won't be around to attack you. However, the death of Donovan due to this random encounter will make the remaining Rangers hostile (Confirmed on Xbox 360).
  • Be careful when repairing this armor with other Combat Armors and make sure that you don't do it the other way around (i.e. repairing the Talon Combat Armor with the Ranger Armor). This will result in the loss of the Ranger Armor.

Behind the scenes

  • The armor (confirmed on both male and female models) has the code, 41-90MPW, above a military five-pointed star, possibly suggesting the suit's coloration is largely unchanged from its national guard or US army origins.
  • The armor has a striking resemblance to the armor worn by the Colonial Marine Troop in the movie "Aliens," being greenish combat armor with white letters.


Ranger Battle Armor and the Ranger Battle Helmet appear only in Fallout 3.

Armor of Fallout 3

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