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The Random event gift is obtained from Random events as a reward for correctly solving a random event. It was released with the Random event update on 25 February 2009.

Upon opening the box, members are given a choice of 6-14 random items to choose from. Non-members are given a choice of 4-11 items to choose from. All existing Frog tokens that players had prior to the update were turned into Random event gifts as well, even if they should be in a bank of a former member whose bank space has been locked. The converted gifts can be withdrawn and restored at will, though attempting to bank newly gotten gifts will simply result in: "A magical force prevents you from banking this item."

The box is also considered an all-in-one toolkit as it has many resources, most of which are used in quests. Attempts to open the box during combat will result in, "You won't be able to choose a reward during combat."

If you have a full inventory upon completing the random event, the gift will appear on the ground beneath you: "A random event gift has been placed on the ground for you to take!"

When players have confirmed their selection a message in the chatbox says: Enjoy your gift.


List of possible rewards

The screen when the box is opened for members.
The screen when the box is opened for non-members.

Charms (Members)

Seeds (Members)


Herbs (Members)

Note: You may receive herbs that include types you cannot clean yet, or use in making a potion.

Metal Bars




Note: Players who choose the Costume point award will receive a message telling them to go to Thessalia's Fine Clothes in Varrock and talk to Iffie for their reward.

Note: If players do not have space in their inventory, the box will be dropped on the ground. You must simply drop an item, and pick it up. It will be right where you were standing when you were warped.

Note: The random emote or costume unlocked will coincide with the random event - you cannot, for example, use costume points from the Frogs random event to obtain Mime costume parts.

Note: If you choose to get a new emote while already having all the emotes from that particular random, it will say: "You've already unlocked all the ... emotes. Please choose something else."

Special rewards

Note: Only the Surprise Exam! random event can give Book of knowledge, others give Lamp.


  • If you choose a Lamp as your reward, the discontinued random event Genie pops up to give you your lamp.
  • Players are unable to bank Random Event gift boxes. Message: "A magical force prevents you from banking this item." The only known time Players could have them in their banks was to have had Frog Tokens banked before the update and thus, turn into Random Event gift boxes.
  • The Items Kept on Death value is 100 coins.
  • Many players disliked the release of the random event gift because if they got e.g. the Gravedigger random event they would have to choose if they wanted a costume point or an emote. Prior to the random event gift a player would automatically receive a random piece of an event costume, corresponding to the event done, or one emote.

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