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Real Name
Current Alias






Base Of Operations


(as Faulkner) 5'2"; (as Rampage) 8'-10' variables

(as Faulkner) 125 lbs; (as Rampage) Unknown


, (as Faulkner) Brown (as Rampage) Red

Unusual Features
Rampage was a muscle-bound behemoth with orange skin and a large red mohawk.


Marital Status

Former independent research scientist, current scientist working for S.T.A.R. Labs


First appearance



Kitty Faulkner was an ambitious young scientist from Metropolis working upon a special energy-conservation project with her older, more cantankerous colleague, Dr. Tom Moyers. Faulkner was vital towards the construction of a large containment unit known as the Bio-energy Actualizer. The Actualizer stimulated the photosynthetic growth cycle of stored algae, causing the specimens to reproduce at an alarming rate, producing millions of watts of electricity. The process was a cumulative stage of phases with each generation of algae providing the necessary energy output to replicate itself even further, thus producing even more energy. Ideally, the Bio-energy Actualizer represented a tremendous accomplishment in the production of pollution-free fuel.

Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane, visited Dr. Faulkner's laboratory to interview the scientists to write a report on their achievements. Kitty provided Lois an exclusive tour of the facility, and enthusiastically championed the benefits of her Actualizer, much to the chagrin of her jealous colleague, Dr. Moyers.

Moyers was determined to illustrate that the Bio-energy Actualizer was not nearly as safe as Kitty had claimed, and so he shut down one of the power regulators. Fortunately, the facility's safety-locks automatically engaged, and everything appeared serene. Both Lois and Kitty grew enraged over Moyers' irresponsible behavior. As the three argued, they failed to notice that a slight power-flux had occurred during the moments between the regulator shut-off and the safety lockdown. A massive explosion tore through the laboratory, sending piles of debris on top of them. The radiation from the explosion tore through Kitty's biohazard suit and transformed her into an eight-foot tall creature known as Rampage.

Kitty Faulkner

From across town, Superman (in his true identity of reporter, Clark Kent), heard the roar of the explosion by way of his super-hearing. Excusing himself from the office, he quickly changed into Superman and flew down to the burning remains of the lab. He dispensed the fire by creating a vortex with super-speed, siphoning the ambient heat into the atmosphere. As the smoke cleared, Rampage emerged from the debris. She grabbed Superman and began thrashing him about, easily matching his strength pound for pound. As the two continued fighting, the Actualizer replication process began to take effect on Rampage. She began growing even taller and stronger. Superman grabbed her by the foot and attempted to fly her away from the city. Rampage wriggled out of his grasp however and began pounding on the Man of Steel in the middle of a city street.

The more they fought with one another, the more Superman began to realize that the Actualizer process was beginning to affect him as well. He found his own solar cells replicating at an intense rate of speed. He theorized that the solar radiation that gave him his powers acted as a dampener against Rampage's strength. Keeping hold of the inarticulate creature, he absorbed as much radiation from Rampage's body as he could stand. The effort proved successful, and Rampage transformed back into Kitty Faulkner. Superman flew off into the high atmosphere to bleed off the excess radiation he had absorbed.

Since the initial accident that transformed Kitty Faulkner into Rampage, she has found herself in situations, which prompted her to become the super-strong creature several more times. However, she has since learned to control these instances and has even managed to maintain her intellect while in the Rampage form. Kitty rarely turns into Rampage anymore, preferring instead to dedicate herself to a prosperous career working at S.T.A.R. Labs.

Powers and Abilities


  • Energy Absorption: Rampage's body acted as an energy converter, absorbing solar radiation and using it to metabolize the cells of her body.
  • Superhuman Strength: By absorbing solar energy, Rampage was capable of generating extra body mass and density, which granted her excessive physical traits, including super-strength, stamina and invulnerability. Rampage could utilize her super-strength to leap great distances simulating the effects of flying (though she had no natural flight capabilities). The limits of Rampage's super-strength have never been measured. The incremental increase in muscle density acted in direct proportion to the amount of solar radiation her body could metabolize. Based upon observable data, Rampage’s upper strength levels were likely in the 85-ton range. At a height of eight feet, she was powerful enough to fight Superman to a standstill.


Kitty Faulkner is an expert in the study of solar radiation. During most transformations, Rampage was virtually mindless and possessed no known abilities.

Strength level

Average: In human form, Kitty Faulkner possesses the strength level of a woman her age, size and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise. Her strength level increased to superhuman proportions when she transforms into Rampage.


If Rampage was denied a means by which to harness and process solar radiation, her metabolic cell structure would decrease, forcing her to revert to Kitty Faulkner.



The Bio-energy Actualizer

See Also

Links and References

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  • Who's Who: Update '87 #4
  • Kitty Faulkner profile at the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe


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Spell Information

Cast by

Spell Properties

Linear Line of Sight Free Squares Boost Range Fatal

Spell Characteristics

Caution: Monsters' elemental/neutral damage is modified by their statistics, which are in majority unknown.

Lvl Effect Crit AP Ra Critical Casts per Cd Caster
Hit Fail Tgt Trn
1-5 Steals 11~20 HP Air
Steals 11~20 HP Water
Steals 11~20 HP Fire
Steals 11~20 HP Neutral
Steals 11~20 HP Earth
Steals 21~40 HP Air
Steals 21~40 HP Water
Steals 21~40 HP Fire
Steals 21~40 HP Neutral
Steals 21~40 HP Earth
4 1-1 1/10 1/50 - - - -

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Class Berserker Berserker Spell Icon HO Wheel Icon
Level 50
Category (Target) DD (Self)
 Casting Time  3.0 seconds
 Recast time  3 min
 Duration  36.0 secs
Berserker: Rampage Spell Line
Level Spell Name
50 Rampage
70 Destruction
80 Turmoil
Allows the berserker to attack all nearby enemies whenever a successful attack is made. This effect trigger can up to 10 times and drains a small amount of power from the berserker each time it triggers.
  • On a successful melee attack this spell will cast Rampaging Blow on target of attack.
    • Inflicts melee damage on targets in area
    • Grants a total of 10 triggers of the spell.

What does this information mean?


Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
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Inflicts melee damage on targets in area 177-330 193-360 226-420 258-480

Cells for spell ranks that are not available for this spell are displayed as black.

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Weapon Skills are abilities in Final Fantasy XI that can be used once the player has acquired at least 100% Tactical Points (TP), which is generated by taking or dealing damage with a weapon in combat. In this sense, they are similar to the Limit Breaks of other games in the series.

Weapon Skills are tied to the weapon used, not the Job. Most Weapon Skills are learned by raising your Combat Skill with the weapon in question to a certain level. This level varies between Jobs based on their skill ranking. For example, Spinning Attack is a Hand-to-Hand Weapon Skill which requires 150 Combat Skill to learn. The Monk, which has an A+ Skill Ranking with Hand-to-Hand weapons, can reach 150 Hand-to-Hand Combat Skill at level 49, while the Puppetmaster, with a C Skill Ranking, must wait until at least level 52 to reach 150. Note that since Support Jobs cannot be higher than level 37, a Weapon Skill that requires higher than level 37 for a particular Job cannot be used by that Support Job.

Some Weapon Skills can only be used when specific high-level weapons are equipped. These Weapon Skills do not require any Combat Skill to use, but the weapons themselves are limited to very few Jobs.

When used, Weapon Skills are affected by a few factors. TP can be raised to up to 300%, but despite needing only 100% to use a Weapon Skill, all TP is used. Any excess TP instead improves the Weapon Skill, such as increasing its damage or critical strike chance. The damage dealt by Weapon Skills is also modified by a percentage of one or two Stats - which Stats depends on the Skill. Also note that on multi-hit Weapon Skills, the first hit is the most accurate. Each subsequent hit has a higher chance to miss.

Most Weapon Skills have a least one Skillchain element. If two or more Weapon Skills are used on a target in the proper sequence, a Skillchain is produced, increasing the damage of each subsequent Weapon Skill as long as the chain is maintained, and rendering the target vulnerable to Magic Bursts.

Weapon Skills are a central aspect of melee Jobs, as well as Corsairs and Rangers. However, due to the nature of gaining TP, and their comparatively low Skill Ranking with most weapons, Weapon Skills are rarely used by caster Jobs such as Black Mages.


List of Weapon Skills

For a reference of when specific Jobs can use a Weapon Skill, refer to Combat Skill.


 Name Combat Skill Info TP Enhancement Skillchain
Combo 5 Three-hit attack Damage Impaction
Shoulder Tackle 40 Single-hit attack, Stuns Stun duration Impaction


One Inch Punch 75 Single-hit attack, ignores armor
% of armor ignored Compression
Backhand Blow 100 Single-hit attack, increased critical chance
Critical chance Detonation
Raging Fists 125 Five-hit attack Damage Impaction
Spinning Attack 150 Single-hit area of effect attack Radius Impaction


Howling Fist 200 Single-hit attack
Damage Impaction


Dragon Kick 225 Single-hit attack
Damage Fragmentation
Asuran Fists 250 Eight-hit attack

Quest "The Walls of Your Mind" must be completed

Accuracy Gravitation


Final Heaven n/a Single-hit attack, temporarily enhances Subtle Blow effect

Can only be used when the Relic Weapons Caestus or Spharai are equipped

Subtle Blow bonus duration Fusion


Ascetic's Fury n/a Single-hit attack, increased critical chance

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Burning Fists Mythic Weapon to unlock

Critical chance Fusion


Stringing Pummel n/a Six-hit attack, increased critical chance

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Inferno Claws Mythic Weapon to unlock

Critical chance Gravitation



 Name Combat Skill Info TP Enhancement Skillchain
Wasp Sting 5 Single-hit attack, Poisons Poison duration Scission
Gust Slash 40 Single-hit attack, Wind damage Damage Detonation
Shadowstitch 70 Single-hit attack, Binds Bind duration Reverberation
Viper Bite 100 Single-hit attack with double Attack, Poisons Poison duration Scission
Cyclone 125 Single-hit area of effect attack, Wind damage Damage Detonation


Energy Steal 150 Single-hit MP Drain MP stolen None
Energy Drain 175 Single-hit MP Drain
MP stolen None
Dancing Edge 200 Five-hit attack
Accuracy Impaction


Shark Bite 225 Two-hit attack
Damage Fragmentation


Evisceration 230 Five-hit attack, increased critical chance

Quest "Cloak and Daggers" must be completed

Critical chance Gravitation


Mercy Stroke n/a Single-hit attack, temporarily increases critical hit chance

Can only be used when the Relic Weapons Batardeau or Mandau are equipped

Critical chance bonus duration Darkness


Mandalic Stab n/a Single-hit attack

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Swordbreaker Mythic Weapon to unlock

Damage Compression


Mordant Rime n/a Two-hit attack, chance to inflict Weight

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Dancing Dagger Mythic Weapon to unlock

Chance of Weight Distortion


Pyrrhic Kleos n/a Four-hit attack, lowers Evasion

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Main Gauche Mythic Weapon to unlock

EVA Down duration Distortion



 Name Combat Skill Info TP Enhancement Skillchain
Fast Blade 5 Two-hit attack Damage Scission
Burning Blade 30 Single-hit attack, Fire damage. Damage Liquefaction
Red Lotus Blade 50 Single-hit attack, Fire damage. Damage Detonation


Flat Blade 75 Single-hit attack, Stuns Stun duration Impaction
Shining Blade 100 Single-hit attack, Light damage Damage Scission
Seraph Blade 125 Single-hit attack, Light damage Damage Scission
Circle Blade 150 Single-hit area of effect attack Radius Impaction


Spirits Within 175 Unavoidable single-hit attack, damage scales with HP Damage None
Vorpal Blade 200 Four-hit attack, increased critical chance Critical chance Impaction


Swift Blade 225 Three-hit attack Accuracy Gravitation
Savage Blade 240 Two-hit attack

Quest "Old Wounds" must be completed

Damage Fragmentation


Knights of Round n/a Single-hit attack, grants Regen

Can only be used when the Relic Weapons Caliburn or Excalibur are equipped

Regen duration Fusion


Atonement n/a Two-hit attack, damage scales with Enmity

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Brave Blade Mythic Weapon to unlock

Damage Fusion


Death Blossom n/a Three-hit attack, lowers Magic Evasion

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Vorpal Sword Mythic Weapon to unlock

M-EVA reduction Distortion


Expiacion n/a Two-hit attack

'Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Wightslayer Mythic Weapon to unlock

Damage Distortion


Great Swords

 Name Combat Skill Info TP Enhancement Skillchain
Hard Slash 5 Single-hit attack Damage Scission
Power Slash 30 Single-hit attack, increased critical chance Critical chance Transfixion
Frostbite 70 Single-hit attack, Ice damage. Damage Induration
Freezebite 100 Single-hit attack, Ice damage. Damage Detonation


Shockwave 150 Single-hit area of effect attack, inflicts Sleep. Sleep duration Reverberation
Crescent Moon 175 Single-hit attack Damage Scission
Sickle Moon 200 Two-hit attack Damage Impaction


Spinning Slash 225 Single-hit attack Damage Fragmentation
Ground Strike 250 Single-hit attack

Quest "Inheritance" must be completed

Damage Distortion


Scourge n/a Single-hit attack, temporarily increases critical hit chance

Can only be used when the Relic Weapons Valhalla or Ragnarok are equipped

Critical chance bonus duration Fusion



 Name Combat Skill Info TP Enhancement Skillchain
Raging Axe 5 Two-hit attack Damage Detonation


Smash Axe 40 Single-hit attack, Stuns Stun duration Induration


Gale Axe 70 Single-hit attack, inflicts Choke Choke duration Detonation
Avalanche Axe 100 Single-hit attack Damage Impaction


Spinning Axe 150 Two-hit attack Damage Impaction


Rampage 175 Five-hit attack, increased critical chance Critical chance Scission
Calamity 200 Single-hit attack Damage Impaction


Mistral Axe 225 Single-hit ranged attack Damage Fusion
Decimation 240 Three-hit attack

Quest "Axe the Competition" must be completed

Accuracy Fusion


Onslaught n/a Single-hit attack, lowers Accuracy

Can only be used when the Relic Weapons Ogre Killer or Guttler are equipped

ACC Down duration Darkness


Primal Rend n/a Single-hit attack, Light damage

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Double Axe Mythic Weapon to unlock

Damage Gravitation


Great Axes

 Name Combat Skill Info TP Enhancement Skillchain
Shield Break 5 Single-hit attack, lowers Evasion EVA Down duration Impaction
Iron Tempest 40 Single-hit attack Damage Scission
Sturmwind 70 Two-hit attack Damage Reverberation


Armor Break 100 Single-hit attack, lowers Defense DEF Down duration Impaction
Keen Edge 150 Single-hit attack, increased critical chance Critical chance Compression
Weapon Break 175 Single-hit attack, lowers Attack ATK Down duration Impaction
Raging Rush 200 Three-hit attack, increased critical chance Critical chance Induration


Full Break 225 Single-hit attack, lowers Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Evasion ATK/DEF/ACC/EVA Down duration Distortion
Steel Cyclone 240 Single-hit attack

Quest "The Weight of Your Limits" must be completed

Damage Detonation


Metatron Torment n/a Single-hit attack, lowers Defense

Can only be used when the Relic Weapons Abaddon Killer or Bravura are equipped

DEF Down duration Fusion


King's Justice n/a Three-hit attack

Quest "Unlocking a Myth" must be completed, which requires the Sturdy Axe Mythic Weapon to unlock

Damage Fragmentation


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"Rampage" may refer to the following:

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The Rampage Medal could refer to:

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Character Template Help
Real Name



Recession Raiders, Baintronics, Ally of Parnell Jacobs, Punisher



5' 10"

185 lbs (84 kg)


Black, (dyed light brown)


Mad scientist

First appearance

Champions #5
(April, 1976)



Stuart developed a suit to use for crime. He and the other 'Recession Raiders' were stopped by the Champions of Los Angeles.

Years later he met Parnell Jacobs, who had found the missing War Machine Armor, and also worked for Sunset Bain.

Rampage was one of the villains imprisoned in the Raft; after the mass breakout, he went underground, and ended up working with the Punisher after the Civil War, providing the vigilante with super-powered weapons.

Powers and Abilities


Rampage's suit gives him enhanced strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, flight, and durability. It could also produce a hypnotic gas.


Stuart Clarke is physically frail, but a highly inventive technical genius.

Strength level




A variety of highly advanced weaponry and armors.


Discover and Discuss

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Production information

Kuat Drive Yards


Imperial-class Star Destroyer


1,600 meters


72 TIE/ln starfighters


Rampage was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer commanded by Lumiya shortly after the Battle of Endor. It was capable of carrying 72 TIE Fighters.

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The name or term Rampage refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Rampage (disambiguation).
Rampage is a Transmetal Predacon from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.
I ate his spark... with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Rampage (also known as Protoform X) is the awful result of scientific experimentation gone awry. He is a serial killer and cannibal, with an immortal spark that ensures his twisted brand of horror and misery will live on as long as he does (forever, presumably). Though hard to destroy Rampage's Spark is not completely invincible. As shown during his fight with his old enemy, Depth Charge, Rampage's Spark can be destroyed when pierced by raw Energon (though it is unknown if this is because the Spark was experimental or Energon is so powerful in its raw state). Rampage detects and draws strength from the emotions of others, literally feeding on the pain and suffering he causes. As an unwilling conscript of the Predacons, he is contemptuous (at best) of the rest of his team, typically bored and uncooperative on missions, and he frequently sneaks off for his own purposes to try to relieve his boredom in the most cruel and horrible ways possible.

Is that fear you are feeling, Maximal? Yes...my spark feeds on terror. Let it grow! Let it consume your circuitry! Feel it, yes, feel it! Feel the fear!

—Rampage, "Bad Spark"

French name (Canada): Furibo
Italian name: Granchior
Polish name: Pieniacz (a person who loves to start conlficts)
Spanish name: Rampante



Beast Wars cartoon background

Protoform X was a Maximal experiment to recreate Starscream's mutant, immortal Spark. Though arguably successful in this regard, the creation was unstable. In point of fact, he was criminally insane. He destroyed Colony Omicron, killing all of its inhabitants save a lone security officer, Depth Charge, who eventually tracked him down and captured him - but not before Protoform X destroyed Starbase Rugby and devoured an unknown number of the inhabitants. As he couldn't be destroyed, the Maximal Elders had Protoform X placed into a stasis pod that would be stored within an exploration vessel, the Axalon with instructions to its commander to dump the stasis pod on some barren world in deep space. Bad Spark

Timelines: Dawn of Future's Past

The Maximals should consider making their scandalous super-secret projects a little smaller.

While preparing for a deep-space exploration mission, the Maximal crew of the Axalon stopped for a few weeks at a space station. Here, Rhinox helped acquire Protoform X as Optimus is instructed by the Maximal Elders to dispose of on a barren moon somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant. However, before its captain, Optimus Primal, was able to explain the circumstances fully to his crew, they were suddenly under even newer orders to pursue a stolen Predacon ship, the Darksyde. Subsequently, the Axalon followed the Darksyde through a transwarp portal and crash-landed on a mysterious planet. Dawn of Future's Past

Beast Wars cartoon

Voice Actor: Campbell Lane (English), Nobuyuki Hiyama (Japanese)
This is a great way to work out.

Protoform X was among the stasis pods jettisoned by Optimus when the Axalon was damaged by Megatron's Predacons, and only fell out of orbit far into the Beast Wars. While scanning a beast mode, X was taken offline by the transwarp explosion that converted his body into a transmetal one. Though thought to be dead, he was eventually revitial when the battle near his stasis pod caused an Energon storm that shocked him into activation, and he promptly set out to terrorize all nearby Transformers, ripping Tarantulas to pieces before stalking Blackarachnia and Silverbolt. X seemed unstoppable at first, but when one of Silverbolt's missiles jammed his tank treads as he climbed up a mountainside, he lost his grip and tumbled down the rock face in pieces.

As Protoform X lay immobilized, Megatron arrived and, using a blade of pure energon, removed a portion of his indestructible spark. Megatron then had him brought back to the Predacon base and repaired. When X attempted to turn his weapons on his "savior", Megatron revealed that he held half of X's spark in a special cage lined with energon crystals, allowing him to torture the beast at will. Megatron thus welcomed him into the Predacon fold, dubbing him "Rampage". Bad Spark

Rampage made no secret of his hatred for his new "master". Megatron kept the spark cage with him at all times, fending off at least one attempt by Rampage to take it back. Megatron eventually used the spark fragment to form the core of Dinobot 2, who likewise retained the ability torture Rampage into continued loyalty with it. Feral Scream Part 1

I am horror and fear given form! BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA!

Though a violent sociopath, Rampage was not without compassion. He found a kindred spirit in the badly damaged Transmutate and sought to protect it from the other Predacons. When Transmutate was killed, Rampage bellowed in grief. Transmutate

Later, Depth Charge arrived on prehistoric Earth with the single-minded goal of destroying Rampage. Rampage was beside himself with joy, eager for revenge on his old "playmate". Depth Charge's loss at Colony Omicron had embittered him, and Rampage used this emotional wound to torment the Maximal. They met in battle numerous times, fairly evenly matched. Deep Metal

While Megatron was retrieving the submerged Decepticon craft Nemesis, Depth Charge met Rampage in battle one last time. At the battle's climax, Rampage allowed Depth Charge to kill him with a shard of raw Energon, resulting in a fantastic explosion which destroyed both. Rampage won even in death, laughing maniacally in triumph as Depth Charge made the final, stabbing blow. Nemesis Part 1

Beast Wars Metals comic

Identical to his series incarnation, though more of a cannibal, Rampage actually took refuge in an abandoned ship that crash landed after he ate the crew who were guarding him. Attacking Primal when he, Rattrap, and Airazor were investigating the crash site, he devours Primal's head only to learned he actually was chewing on a bomb that incapiated him as the Maximals quickly jetison him out of the atmosphere and into outer space.

Beast Wars Transmetals


Beast Wars

  • Rampage (Ultra Transmetal, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: D-41
    • Accessories: Spring-loaded triple barrel missile launcher, 3 missiles and 1 rifle
A Seafood Louis eater's worst nightmare.
Rampage transforms into a Transmetal king crab with a tank mode that includes rubber treads. In beast mode, he features fully articulated crab legs and pincers that can open, close and be posed in a variety of angles through the use of ratcheting joints. His triple-barreled Gatling missile launcher is stored on the underside of the beast mode, with its barrels flipping to the front during vehicle mode. In this tank mode, the crab legs fit together to form a road wheel network for Rampage's rubber treads to fit over so he can roll upon them. Rolling the tank activates the wheel in the missile launcher, firing any or all of the three missiles that can store in it.
In robot mode, Rampage is an imposingly large figure with a decent level of articulation due to his ball joints, but because he wears most of his beast mode as a sort of backpack, he is quite back-heavy. His (very) small laser rifle and his triple-barreled launcher can be held in both of his hands. It should be noted that there were two releases of the toy, one with face colors accurate with the show and another with an orange colored face (seen to the right).
The location of four of the crab legs in the show is not accurate to the toy; the show has the legs on the shoulder pads, whereas the toy situates the legs on Rampage's arms (which mean they are rather cumbersome).
This toy was later redecoed into the BotCon 2000-exclusive Shokaract.


  • According to the series background materials published in the Beast Wars Universe guidebook, Rampage's body was supposed to have been constructed out of leftover G1-era technology seen in the Great War due to the lack of know-how for protoform technology.
  • In some episodes, Rampage's robot-mode mouth is animated as an actual hole in his face; in others the external mouthplates are shown to be in front of a greenish solid construct that looks like an extension of his eyes.
  • Strangely, his energon-boost that revived him, seen in "Bad Spark", took place in the dense jungle, despite his awakening in a King Crab Beast Mode. No explanation has been given. Maybe there was a crab skittering around Starbase Rugby.
  • Some fans are split on how to interpret Rampage's death; he is clearly shown to let go of the energon shard that killed him prior to being stabbed with it, to which Depth Charge reacted in surprise. Because of this, some fans feel this means Rampage, knowing he couldn't win the struggle, allowed himself to be impaled in order to end his torturous existence (and laughing in the giddy euphoria of oblivion), while others believe he deliberately let go to test whether or not Depth Charge would go through with his threat of ending his life, his laughter instead being taken as solace in the knowledge that Depth Charge's obsession with him had successfully corrupted him into the same kind of monster he wanted to kill. Another theory, based on more gradual character development, postulates thus: Initially, Rampage is exactly the blindly psychotic murderer described by Optimus Primal. However, the arrival of Transmutate introduces a kindred spirit which Rampage cares about, and when it is destroyed Rampage is completely overwhelmed by his sense of loss, even forgoing his joy of battle to mourn. This pallor of despair never truly leaves him, which is confirmed by comments made even far into the third season ("You'll live to regret this, crab-legs," threatens Blackarachnia; "I regret everything," Rampage replies.) It is therefore possible that Rampage releases his grip on the energon in a moment of clarity, realizing that death will only end his pain. He laughs mockingly at Depth Charge because in claiming his revenge Depth Charge is really setting Rampage free. Another possibility is that he took one last laugh at his hunter knowing that Depth Charge knew that he would have to die to slay him. Rampage could also just be batshit insane.
  • No explanation is ever given for why energon suddenly kills Rampage, even though Megatron's been poking his spark with it ever since he appeared. Although the fact the energon was unstable may have had something to do with it.
  • In the episode Optimal Situation, it is shown that on the head of Rampage's missiles there is a rather ironic "peace" symbol.
  • Given that Dinobot II later reported that his Spark felt "whole", it could be hypothesized that Rampage' spark might not actually die but was simply reunited with the other half of his Spark.
  • His vehicle mode is often described as a tank. However, it seems to be more like a tank destroyer in both appearance and function, than a proper battle tank.
  • The humanoid mode of his Movie counterpart slightly resembles to psychotic Mr. X, such as bulky upper torso, tiny legs, caterpillar treads inside claws (though in robot mode instead of Rampage's vehicle and beast mode), back and shoulder kibble.
  • Rampage is the only Predacon who has the same name of his namesake who was also a Predacon.


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You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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