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This article is about the Generation One Autobot. For the Beast Wars Predacon, see Ram Horn.
Ramhorn is an Autobot Mini-Cassette in the Generation One continuity family.
"Slaggit, Blaster, lemme out or I'll SMASH my way out!"

Ramhorn is one bad-tempered tape. In beast mode, he's very aggressive and easily provoked. If somebody messes with his stuff, he'll most likely smash the offender, then smash the tampered-with belongings, then smash everything nearby for good measure. He's very strong, too, able to upend Barry Manilow's tour bus with a single blow if he wants to. Even in cassette mode, he can give off damaging vibrations. While these aren't going to derail any trains anytime soon, they're absolutely murderous to portable stereos.

Japanese name: Amhorn (アムホーン, a-mu-hoo-n)
French name (Canada): Rhinoféroce
Italian name: Cuneo ("Wedge"), Striker (Headmasters dub only)



Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Marvel UK future timelines

When the Quintessons invaded Autobot City in 2008, Blaster was deactivated and strung up on the outer wall, and Ramhorn was trapped inside with his fellow cassettes. Hot Rod and Arcee managed to get to Blaster and free the cassettes later on, increasing their ranks in order to fight back against the Quintesson occupied city. Ramhorn was seen impaling a Quintesson in the guts with his horn. Space Pirates!

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: John Hostetter (English), Takurou Kitagawa (Japan)

As Metroplex was being constructed, Ramhorn and Steeljaw were deployed by Blaster in an attempt to capture the flying spy, Ratbat. Ultimately, though, Ratbat got away with data on the new Autobot City. Scramble City

During the Battle of Autobot City, Ramhorn and his fellow cassettes Eject, Rewind and Steeljaw fought their Decepticon counterparts, saving Perceptor. Ramhorn tackled Ratbat right out of the air in the battle. The Transformers: The Movie

Ramhorn was one of the Autobots who were accidentally sent 11 million years back in time via the Quintesson time window, along with Blaster, Blurr, Wreck-Gar, and the other Autobot cassettes. Ramhorn demonstrated his ability to speak, something which most Decepticon cassette beasts did not seem to possess (although he did have a weird stutter). He and the other temporally displaced Autobots agreed to help Beta and her ancient Autobot rebels launch an attack on the Quintesson capital of Hive City, in a last-ditch effort to drive the five-faced oppressors from their planet. As the other future Autobots debated the best way to draw off the Dark Guardians, Ramhorn did what he does best: violently charge the enemy head first. Unfortunately, the attack was nearly thwarted when the Autobots were overwhelmed by a reserve force of Dark Guardians. Luckily, A-3, who had been stranded in the future via the time window, returned to the past at the last minute, disabling the Dark Guardians with his Coda Remote device, allowing Ramhorn and the others to return to the year 2006. Forever is a Long Time Coming

Later, after Daniel Witwicky and Grimlock were accidentally sent to Menonia, Ramhorn helped track them down. After briefly destroying a battering ram, Steeljaw sniffed out Daniel, who was trying to free the Golden One from his prison in a cave and stop Mara-Al-Utha. Steeljaw must be a pretty darn good friend of Ramhorn's, because the robo-rhino actually turned and left a battle in progress to join him in locating Daniel. None of the humans had the strength to move the rock entombing the Golden One. As he and Steeljaw didn't have opposable thumbs, Ramhorn did the next best thing: charge the rock blocking the cave at full speed. It shattered, with debris nearly hitting the fleshies. He still needs to work on that whole "protecting people" thing. Madman's Paradise

Out in space once with Blaster and Outback, Ramhorn was riding inside Sky Lynx in cassette mode when Perceptor sent them on a mission to identify a Quintesson locator beacon. Sky Lynx had trouble landing on the planet in question, so Ramhorn, Steeljaw and Blaster waddled out the airlock while still in their massively oversized cassette and player modes. It was hilarious. The Quintesson Journal

Ramhorn was briefly seen fighting the Decepticons in Europe, alongside Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime. He and Steeljaw tackled Galvatron in his cannon mode. The Ultimate Weapon

Ramhorn was among the so-called "primitives" summoned by a mysterious entity known only as "The Primacron's Assistant" to combat Primacron and his latest creation, Tornedron. When the Dinobots, Predacons, and Terrorcons brawled inside Trypticon, Ramhorn strangely did not participate in the battle, but tried to avoid it. Ramhorn didn't fare any better than the other primitives in battle with Tornedron and had his energy drained by the bizarre creature, only to be restored to life when Grimlock activated the reverse switch, dissipating the energy monster. Call of the Primitives

Dreamwave comics continuity

During the Age of Internment, Ramhorn served under Blaster and Perceptor as part of the last remaining Autobot force free and fighting the Decepticons. The War Within: The Age of Wrath

In the modern era, Ramhorn was once again part of a resistance cell, this time being directed by Hot Rod and Kup. He, Blaster, and his fellow cassettes participated in the insurrection against Shockwave's Cybertronian government. Countdown to Extinction


Generation One

  • Ramhorn (Cassettebot, 1986)
  • Eject & Ramhorn (Cassette 2-pack, 1986)
Japanese ID number: C-66, C-119
Ramhorn transforms from robotic rhinoceros to microcassette and back.


  • Ramhorn has the distinction of being the only animal mini-cassette to speak in the Western Generation One cartoon.
  • Thus far, Ramhorn has never displayed a desire to stomp out a fire.
  • In the Transformers Universe limited series, Ramhorn's profile picture erroneously displayed the Decepticon insignia on his body instead of the Autobot insignia. The error occurs in the full photo with the wrong insignia on Ramhorn's forehead. The cassette-mode picture does show the correct Autobot insignia. Ramhorn was never a Decepticon or Decepticon sympathizer at any time in the past and the reason for this error is unknown.

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