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Ralph as a UNSC Marine.
Biographical information
Spartan Tag 303
Birth date 2511
Death date Between 2526 and 2531
Physical description
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation UNSC Navy
UNSC Marine Corps

Ralph-303 was a SPARTAN-II Commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. He later served in the UNSC Marine Corps for unknown reasons.[1]





Ralph was abducted and conscripted into the SPARTAN-II program by Dr. Catherine Halsey in2517 when he was just six years old. He was then taken to the planet Reach, and trained by the AI Déjà and Chief Petty Officer Mendez, along with the rest of the Spartan children. In 2525, he and the other candidates underwent a series of augmentations to improve their abilities. Ralph was among the ones that survived and were not crippled or killed by the procedure.


A few weeks after the augmentation procedures, Ralph along with Daisy-023, Joseph-122 and two other Spartans rebelled against their trainers, holding them at gunpoint in front of Dr. Halsey in order to let them leave. Halsey granted them freedom, and they escaped Reach as stowaways, hoping to return home to their parents.

Later Career and Death

Somehow Ralph became a Marine and later participated in the Harvest Campaign. He was killed when his Pelican was destroyed by a Sangheili wielding a Fuel Rod Gun, killing him and everybody inside of it. Because Ralph became a standard Marine, it is possible that he will be listed Killed In Action.[1]


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