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Ralka Naegontuh Gane
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36 ABY

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1.6 meters

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2 cybernetic fingers on her right hand

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True Jedi Alliance

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Frattfa Hokvet

Ralka Naegontuh Gane was a Human Jedi turned Sith originally serving the New Jedi Order and later the True Jedi Alliance, as well as the husband of Evon Gane and the mother of Toven Gane. She was born on Grizmallt in 7 BBY into a family of ex-Jedi Order Jedi who were in hiding from the Empire. In 11 ABY she joined the reestablished order, but left the next year to join the True Jedi Alliance. In 15 ABY Evon joined the TJA, and they fell in love. But in 19 ABY their ship was attacked by the New Republic, and Ralka was one of the few survivors, though she was separated from Evon.

Thinking the Alliance to be dead, she traveled to Corellia and stayed there. Then, in 23 ABY, she met Evon's sister and found that he was still alive. The two reconnected and quickly got married. Their son Toven was born in 24 ABY, but he was left with Catherna once the Yuuzhan Vong invasion began so Ralka and Evon could join the fight. They served in several battles and then returned home.

To their surprise, Vrool summoned them to Ossus in 36 ABY, and they found that the Alliance had grown substantially since the attack. Vrool had called the whole faction to launch an attack on the Jedi conclave that was underway. They all charged the temple, and Ralka fought hard. She was so fierce that Evon was shocked and accused her of becoming a Sith. She angrily killed him, and this triggered a fall to the dark side that was so strong it caused her lightsaber to turn red by itself. Her former Jedi Order master then arrived and fought her, unwillingly so, and eventually chopped off her arm and leg. She then used Force lightning to kill him, but it drained her of the last of her power and she died.




Early life (7 BBY - 12 ABY)

Ralka was born into a moderately wealthy family of former Jedi on Grizmallt. They were hiding from the Empire, since the parents had been in the Old Jedi Order. Ralka soon discovered and mastered her force sensitivity, but her powers were kept secret. Despite her parent's warnings, she would sometimes use the Force at school to impress other students, calling them "magic tricks." But in 1 BBY a teacher saw her perform one and knowing what it was contacted an Imperial agent. The agent came expecting to recruit Ralka, but her family and her had already left Grizmallt. They traveled to Jovan and attempted to blend in. But the Empire began building a military presence their soon after they arrived, and they quickly had to relocate again, this time settling on Torque. Here they eventually became poor due to their lack of mechanical skills on the mostly industrial planet. They stayed there for the next decade, both since they fitted in well with the lower-class there and because they could not afford another trip.

In 11 ABY, when the New Republic announced the reestablished Jedi Order, Ralka's whole family prepared to leave and join. But progress was slow, since they often did not have enough money to put aside for the trip and they sometimes had to dip into those savings for the most basic necessities. But when the ghost of Exar Kun was found to be haunting the temple where the NJO was headquartered, her family decided not to go, fearing that the Order was doomed. Not convinced, Ralka left on her own. She stole a small transport and flew to Yavin IV, becoming one of the first padawans there. She was arrogant during her training, especially towards Luke Skywalker, who she thought was undeservedly famous. In 12 ABY her master, Ouiga Vod, decided to form a sect against the Order along with Vrool Katare. They left the NJO and Ralka followed, becoming one of the founding members of the True Jedi Alliance. They then departed from the planet and began traveling the galaxy, recruiting members.

True Jedi Alliance (12 ABY - 19 ABY)

She traveled from planet to planet with the Alliance, and in 13 ABY she was promoted, and was sent on a mandatory exile. She later returned to the TJA, and eventually they came to Nar Shaddaa in 15 ABY. While there Evon Gane joined, and he and Ralka quickly became friends. The TJA continued to travel and recruit, and over the next four years the two fell in love.

But in 19 ABY the New Republic finally deemed them a threat, and a group of its ships attacked the True Jedi Alliance. She escaped, but was sure that the rest of the Alliance was dead, so she left and made her way to Corellia.

Life on Corellia (19 ABY - 25 ABY)

She stayed in a hotel for the next few years, and lived next door to a couple that always played their music loud enough so that she could hear it. She started to like a particular artist they played, and one day she went to their apartment and asked them who it was. She found out that it was singer/actress Catherna Jogan-Gane, who was an orange Twi'lek. Wondering if Catherna was related to Evon, she got a ticket to one of her concerts. She attended and got to meet the singer, who told her that she had discovered she had a twin brother, Evon. Ralka got Catherna to contact Evon and bring him back to Corellia. He came and was surprised to find that Ralka was still alive. They got married that year, and in 24 ABY their son Toven Gane was born. But when the Yuuzhan Vong began to invade, they left Toven in Catherna's care and went to fight.

Yuuzhan Vong War (25 ABY - 29 ABY)

Ralka and Evon fought independently in several battles, including the Battle of Fondor, the First Battle of Coruscant, the Battle of Mandalore, the Battle of Corulag, and the Liberation of Coruscant.

Final years (29 ABY - 36 ABY)

Ralka and Evon returned to Corellia to raise Toven, and this time stayed with him for a while. But in 36 ABY they both sensed a Force cry, and knew that it came from their old leader, Vrool Katare. They followed it to Ossus and found that the True Jedi Alliance had survived the New Republic's attack, and had continued growing to over 100 members. They had all been called so that they could attack the Jedi conclave in progress at the planet's New Jedi Order temple. They all agreed and stormed the building. Ralka fought her way inside with Evon, and killed several Jedi along the way. Evon, who believed highly in not killing enemies, protested this and accused Ralka of being a Sith. Enraged, she attacked Evon and killed him. During the fight she let herself give in to the dark side, and she became so angry her lightsaber turned red through the will of the Force. Soon afterward her former master at the Order arrived and did not attack her, since he recognized who she was. She lunged at him, but he used the Force to pull he saber out of her hands and threw it into the air. It shot up and came back down behind Ralka, but from where the Jedi was standing it looked like it was going to fall on her head. He used Force pulled it towards him in an attempt to save her life, but in ended up making the lightsaber fly through Ralka's back, chopping off her right arm and leg. She fell down screaming and in her anger she sent Force lightning at the Jedi. The lightning was so fueled by her hatred that it knocked him back and through the wall, killing him. But the lightning cost her the last of her power, and she died.

Personality and traits

Ralka was short and thin, with brown hair and green eyes. She had small eyes and a small nose, with a somewhat large mouth. She usually wore a purple and black jumpsuit under her Jedi robes and had black boots. When she was young she often put her hair up in a ponytail, but later in life she left it down.


Ralka was skilled with the Force and rather average at lightsaber combat, so she used Form VII: Vaapad, and became extremely good at it. But, embracing the philosophy of Vaapad, she would often randomly switch to Form I for a short time to further confuse her opponent.

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