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Rakghouls were deformed mutants living in the Undercity of the Outer Rim world of Taris. Created by the Sith magic of the Muur Talisman, Rakghouls were meant by their creator, Karness Muur, to be his own army, as he could control them and allow them to use their skills, like the use of ships and weapons. However, without the control of the Muur Talisman, Rakghouls became mindless beasts that traveled in packs of between four and eight and charged towards anything that looked or smelled like food.[1]





A rakghoul.

Around 7,000 BBY the Sith Lord Karness Muur crafted a device known as the Muur Talisman to turn others into mindless thralls he could command. It had no effect on Force-sensitives and many non-human species, so he engineered the rakghoul infection to control them. Muur intended for the rakghouls to be his infinitely expanding army to conquer the galaxy. Under unknown circumstances the talisman ended up in the Undercity of Taris where it spread Rakghoul Plague amongst the Outcast for many centuries.

Non-Force-sensitive who encountered direct contact with the Talisman were almost immediately transformed into Rakghouls,[2], although many non-Human species were immune.[3] These monsters further plagued the Outcasts—the inhabitants of the Undercity—with their bites, which transmitted a dangerous disease. Individuals infected with this disease would later transform into rakghouls themselves. Following contraction of the disease, the infection's manifestation was a rapid and painful experience. The victim would transform into a rakghoul within 6 to 48 hours. Bodies would become twisted, skin pigmentation would drain and the victim would attain a whitened corpse-like state.[1]

Mandalorian Wars

The rakghouls' true purpose would eventually come to fruition, when an excavation team of Mandalorians, lead by Pulsipher, located the Talisman in the Undercity and took it to Jebble to unlock its power. Unfortunately, the Talisman wrapped around Pulsipher's right arm, which in turn, spread the Rakghoul Plague throughout the base.[2] But since the Talisman now had a host these rakghouls were different, they could tap into their learned skills to use weapons and vehicles. Fugitive Padawan Zayne Carrick was able to warn the approaching Mandalorian force prepared to make an attack on Alderaan. When the talisman left Pulsipher for a Force-sensitive master, they also changed their allegiance. Celeste Morne commanded them for a short time, but the effects of the talisman were lost when she willingly entered Dreypa's Oubliette.[4]

In the brief moment that Rakghouls were left without a master, the Mandalorians began a nuclear bombardment, wiping them from the face of the planet. The Talisman was presumed lost for almost four thousand years.

Jedi Civil War

Members of the Jedi Covenant battle rakghouls in the Taris undercity.

Now, when the original source of the disease was removed from Taris, it was spread only by those already transformed into Rakghouls. This, however didn't make it any less dangerous. By the time of the Jedi Civil War, it was estimated that up to 60 million people of Taris had been infected.[1]

When the Sith forces occupied the planet in 3,956 BBY they brought with them a serum that could heal those infected but not yet transformed into Rakghouls. However, the Sith had restricted serum access to the Sith troopers sent down to the Undercity to look for crashed escape pods.

Revan later found a vial of the serum on the body of a dead trooper, and used it to heal several Outcasts infected with the rakghoul disease before giving it to Upper City doctor Zelka Forn. Forn was able to use this sample to produce a serum that he shipped to the Outcasts and sold at a low price to all Tarisians.[5]


Shortly after Taris was subjected to an orbital bombardment by the Sith forces of Darth Malak. The eventual effects of the serum on combating the disease, as well as the fates of the rakghouls and Outcasts, are unknown. But the rakghouls on Taris were eventually wiped out by an undisclosed time before 19 BBY.[6]


Unfortunately, several thousand years later they were revived on an unidentified desert moon. When Fane Peturri tricked Schurk-Heren, the captain of the Uhumele, into handing over Dreypa's Oubliette to Darth Vader, the group were surprised to see a dormant Celeste Morne inside. After Vader unsealed the Oubliette, hoping to find a new apprentice inside, a fierce duel began between the Dark Lord and the Knight of the Old Republic. When the duel came to a halt, Peturri tried to escape, but was grabbed by Vader in the process, who realized out that the Oubliette was another test from his master. Fane's special suit did not shield him from the effects of Sith magic, so he transformed into a rakghoul and was killed in midair as he attempted to attack the Sith Lord.[7]

Imperial stormtroopers being transformed into rakghouls.

Moments after Fane's death, a desperate Celeste Morne made a choice - to unleash the power of the talisman. The Sith artifact transformed Vader's troopers into rakghouls and caused them to attack him. Realizing there was nothing to be gained from staying, Vader fled the battle and returned to his transport, cutting the rakghoul-turned guards in the process.

Unfortunately, the Sith magic's effects also affected the only human member of the Uhumele crew. The captain was forced to shoot her before she could kill the rest of the crew.

Celeste Morne remained stranded on the desolate world, with her mindlessly loyal band of rakghouls and the spirit of Karness Muur.

In 0 ABY, Darth Vader fed the Rebel Alliance false information about a "Secret Imperial weapon" located at the moon. A taskforce landed on the planet, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa and former clone trooper "Able". Only Skywalker and Organa, as Force sensitives, avoided being transformed into rakghouls. After the pair escaped the moon, Morne exacted her revenge on Darth Vader, who had returned to the moon hoping to capture her, by transforming his entire crew into rakghouls. Morne then took a ship and left the moon to explore the galaxy.

By 137 ABY, Morne had transformed the crew of the Star Destroyer Iron Sun into rakghouls, and used them to control the ship until encountering the Mynock near Had Abbadon. Cade Skywalker and his allies, on a mission to assassinate Darth Krayt, came aboard only to be attacked by the rakghouls. Skywalker and Azlyn Rae were wounded and separated from the rest of the crew. Morne cautioned the bitten Jedi that their fates were sealed, but Cade's Force Resuscitation ability was able to cure them.

Joining Skywalker in his mission to assassinate Darth Krayt, Celeste turned the Imperial garrison at Had Abbadon into rakghouls and used them as her personal guard. However, when the trap for Krayt was sprung, Muur took control of Celeste, planning to turn Skywalker and his companions into mindless rakghoul slaves. However, Skywalker was able to destroy the talisman, ending both Murr's spirit and the rakghouls.

Types of rakghoul

Lower rakghoul

Lower rakghouls were the most common type of rakghoul, as the term was used with reference to the normal non-sentient type of rakghoul.[1]

Rakghoul Fiends

There was no hierarchy as such among these creatures, but some rakghouls exhibited some kind of influence over normal rakghouls. These hardy and vicious beasts were known as rakghoul fiends. Fiends are generally thought to be Humans who were able to somehow maintain some of their former skills and features. Rakghoul fiends sometimes displayed some intelligence, as they would direct lower rakghouls to ambush or trap new victims. Some were even known to use weapons.[1]

Muur Talisman Rakghouls

An armed rakghoul.

When rakghouls where being controlled by the one who wielded the Muur Talisman, they retained all the skills they had in their former lives. This allowed them to use weapons and pilot ships, ect. None of the former person they were remained, except possibly a small imprint. Whole armies of Mandalorians who were gathered on the world of Jebble preparing for an invasion of Alderaan sometime around 4000 BBY were created. They were often referred to as "Mando-Raks". Mando-Raks were first seen in a Force Vision by the Jedi Covenant.[2] Apparently, once a Sentient non-force user had been in contact with the talisman after its activation, it left a red marking and the subject would mutate into a rakghoul more quickly than usual.[8][2]

Behind the scenes

Rakghouls were possibly named after Ghouls, flesh-eating monsters from Arabian folklore and later Lovecraftian mythology.


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