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Railway Rifle
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 30
DPS: 60
attacks/sec: 2
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 0.75
crit dmg: 30
crit chance: x 3
ammo type: Railway Spikes
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 8
shots/reload: 8
skill: Small Guns
AP: 24
item HP: 200
repair: Railway Rifles
weight: 9
value: 200
base id: 00004348

The Railway Rifle is a custom-built weapon in Fallout 3, made from a crutch that comprises the stock and grip part of the gun, a Pressure Cooker that acts as a firing chamber, a Fission Battery that acts as the firing pin and a Steam Gauge Assembly that comprises the grip, ammo storage and barrel of the gun.



  • The Railway Rifle falls into the Small Guns category.
  • The gun fires Railway Spikes. Though only moderately damaging, it is very effective at dealing limb damage (due to a 3x limb damage multiplier), able to cripple limbs often with just one shot. On the killing shot, a spike may tear off the struck body part, and possibly pin it to a wall if there are any close enough.
  • The Railway Rifle has a deceptively low DAM stat, and has moderate accuracy (better than the Assault Rifle, lower than the Hunting Rifle). However, its shots have a lower velocity than bullets, making it more effective at short to medium ranges, and most effective in V.A.T.S. where its limb-destroying effects can be put to precision use. It has a high critical multiplier stat that, depending on your base critical chance, may make the Railway Rifle one of the best non unique small guns.
  • Oddly enough, the rifle weighs less than the components. The Steam Gauge Assembly weighs ten pounds, the Fission Battery weighs ten pounds, the Pressure Cooker weighs five pounds, and the Crutch weighs two pounds, so technically, the railway rifle should weigh about twenty-seven pounds. Some components might have been removed from the materials during the assembly, however, which could explain the weight loss.
  • The stock of the railway rifle seems to be an actual weapon stock, similar to that of a combat shotgun, instead of appearing as a crutch like the schematics intended.
  • The railway rifle is the second best weapon at crippling someone's limbs in or out of V.A.T.S. The only thing better is the Dart Gun.


See Schematics - Railway Rifle

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Railway Rifle appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Seagrave Holmes's computer terminal in Rivet City contains an entry about his failure to create a weapon that fires Railway Spikes. The entry describes his attempts at using rubber bands as a propulsion system, and possibility of making his contraption steam-powered, hinting that he is, possibly, the original inventor of the railway rifle.
  • When fired it makes the sound of a steam whistle.
  • Even though you are told to get a Crutch for the rifle's assembly you will have a regular stock like on most guns instead of a crutch.


  • It has been observed by multiple players on different consoles that using the Railway Rifle, especially with VATS can result in freezing. It is thought that this happens when the player scores a critical hit on a headshot. Bethesda has since announced that this was fixed in the Fallout 3 patch 1.1
  • Despite the supposed solidity of the spikes, nothing can be placed on top of them. For example, if two spikes are lodged in a wall at roughly the same height, you are unable to place something on top of them, such as a Chinese Officer's Sword , or anything else. This may have been done on purpose by the developers in order to prevent players from using the spikes as a kind of "ladder," as can be done in the original Half Life with mines. Or on Oblivion with the paintbrushes.
  • On occasion, the severed head or limb of an enemy will not be pinned to the wall behind it, but will float in mid air wherever it was shot off. It does not get in the way of the player's walking; however, (s)he cannot shoot through it.
  • If the player burns the enemy he is fighting before pinning his limb/head to a wall, the enemy's head will be nailed to the wall on fire, and will never go out. this creates a cool, Limb torch/lamp during day and is even better at night.
  • If you choose to blow up Megaton and shoot the Railway Rifle at the wall that doesn't exist the spikes will stick there floating in the air
  • After fighting a Radscorpion, if you shoot the claws off the dead body with the Railway Rifle, they will go flying off in a random direction.
  • When dealing with human enemies, if you land the killing blow with the Railway Rifle, sometimes the character model will get stretched out, glitch, and float in mid air, convulsing violently (observed, PS3). This seems to be a random occurence.


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