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"You don’t have to tell us anything about you, either. We know all about you!"
―Rahuhl to Princess Leia

Rahuhl was a male Zeltron, who, along with three other Zeltrons—Bahb, Jahn and Marruc, volunteered to be attaché to Princess Leia Organa in 4 ABY. Despite Leia’s dislike of Zeltrons, Admiral Ackbar felt it was essential to assign the boys to her in order to retain diplomatic ties to their homeworld. Rahuhl and the other Zeltrons were delighted to work with Leia, of whom they’d heard many stories, and well as Han Solo—although they initially mistook him for Lando Calrissian.



Their first assignment was to a diplomatic party on Kabray. Unfortunately, the Nagai had targeted the gathering as an opportunity to hamstring the Alliance, and captured the entire party and Leia’s newly arrived group. Trapped in a room, the four Zeltrons devised a plan, hoisting Jahn up to the ceiling where he jumped on an incoming Nagai guard. The Zeltrons then turned the tables on the Nagai raiding party, capturing them all and turning their guns on them. Their fierce efforts impressed both Han and Leia, who began to warm up to the Zeltrons. There efforts were also noticed by the Nagai leadership who would later target their homeworld.

Rahuhl is grabbed by a Maccabree during the Battle of Endor

Returning to Endor with their captured prisoners, Rahuhl and the Zeltrons handed them over for interrogation. They were there when the invading Nagai fleet came out of hyperspace, and were the first to detect them with Leia. Rahuhl and Marruc then ran off to find and warn Han Solo in the forest. After warning him and returning to the tracking station to watch the fighter squadrons engaged in space, the four Zeltrons were unexpectedly caught up in a ground battle against a force of Maccabrees and Nagai who had sneaked onto the moon’s surface. Rahuhl went to allow some fresh air into the tracking room when a Maccabree punched through the wall and grabbed him by the arm. After repelling that first warrior, many more arrived, one grabbing Rahuhl around the neck. Only the timely arrival of Luke Skywalker who discovered the Maccabree’s weakness, saved his life. They then evacuated Endor along with the rest of the Alliance.

Having fled Endor, Jahn and the Zeltron aides also took part in the Twelfth Battle of Zeltros. The planet had in part being identified as a target due to their efforts on Kabray. During the battle they were captured by the Tofs who mistakenly identified them as important Alliance commanders. They were then imprisoned on the Toff flagship Merriweather . Luke Skywalker, teamed up with Hoojibs and Hiromi, led a successful mission to rescue them.

What Rahuhl did after the successful conclusion of the Nagai/Tof invasion is unknown.


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