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Image:Quote1.png Doug's been shot, 'Lock! He...he's dead! Image:Quote2.png
--Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png Warlock, he's dead. And we have to bury his body. Because, Warlock...what you have there is only a body. A...a shell. Whatever made it really Doug is gone away. It's not just the wax and embalming stuff that makes it not look or seem like him any more! It's just a shell we're burying. Doug...Doug's safe in Heaven. Give it back, Warlock. Please, let him go. Image:Quote2.png
--Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png I dinna ken why ye're doin' this. But take me with ye, Doug -- wherever ye're goin'...I believe in ye! I believe that, no matter what it LOOKS like ye're doin' -- that ye'd never do anything t'hurt any o'yuir friends. Image:Quote2.png
--Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616)
Image:Quote1.png all the things I've been feeling...they're...they're FORCED on me? By muh BODY and muh MIND?! Make it STOP! Image:Quote2.png
--Rahne Sinclair (Earth-616)

X-Factor Investigations

Image:Quote1.pngRictor!!! Ye great flaming id'jit!Image:Quote2.png: Wolfsbane
Image:Quote1.pngOh. Uh... Hi, Rahne...Image:Quote2.png: Rictor
Image:Quote1.pngDon't ye be 'Hi, Rahne-ing' me! Suicide?! Do ye know what'll happen if ye kill yuirself? Do ye? It's a mortal sin! It's a death blow to yuir soul! Ye'll go straight to hell! Hell, Rictor! Eternal punishment, burning in th'lake of fire for ever and ever! Or ye'll be hung upside down and flailed by demons with thorny whips, ripping the skin from yuir body and then it grows back and they rip it off again, and maggots will eat yuir entrails and...Image:Quote2.png: Wolfsbane
Image:Quote1.pngY'know... in Japan, suicide is historically regarded as an honorable means of...Image:Quote2.png: Rictor
Image:Quote1.pngDoes this look like Japan?! Does it?! Ye see Shinto shrines anywhere?! A Toshiro Mifune film festival down the street? Do ye?Image:Quote2.png: Wolfsbane
Image:Quote1.pngUh... no?Image:Quote2.png: Rictor
Image:Quote1.png Correct! And ye know why? 'cause you're not in bleeding Japan, that's why! Do you know where ye are?!Image:Quote2.png: Wolfsbane -- (Trying to talk Rictor out of killing himself after M-Day. X-Factor Vol 3 #1)

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