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Real Name
Rahne Sinclair
(pronounced "Rain")
Current Alias

Grimfang, Mutate #490, Princess/Queen Rain of Gesham



Reverend Craig (father), Moira MacTaggert (surrogate mother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
(current) X-Factor Investigations, New York City; (former) Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Salem Center, Westchester County, New York; Muir Island, Scotland; X-Factor headquarters, Embassy Row, Washington DC; X-Factor Headquarters, New York City


5' 1" (human form),
8'0" (transitional),
12'0" (lupine form)
when standing erect.

107 lbs (49 kg) (human form),
410 lbs (186 kg) (transitional),
1050 lbs (476.3 kg) (lupine form)



Unusual Features
Due to further artificial mutation induced in Genosha, Wolfsbane can reach a height of roughly 8 feet and a weight of over 400 lbs. in her transitional form, and roughly 12 feet (when standing on her hind legs) and a weight of over 1000 lbs. in her "absolute" lupine form. The source of the additional mass is presumably extra-dimensional. In her wolf form she has claws, fur, and fangs.


Marital Status

Teacher; government agent; student; private investigator

Xavier's Institute


Place of Birth
Somewhere in Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

First appearance

Marvel Graphic Novel #4
(December, 1982)



Rahne Sinclair was born in Scotland and was delivered by Dr. Moira MacTaggert, who happened to live locally. Her father was the local Presbyterian minister, Reverend Craig, who raised Rahne as an orphan without revealing that he was her father from an illicit relationship. His treatment of Rahne during her first 14 years was harsh, instilling a strict religious and moral code into her from a young age to compensate for his own lapse in character which led to her conception.

When Rahne first developed her mutant power of lycanthropy she was mistaken for a werewolf. A group of terrified, religious locals believed that she had been possessed by the devil; led by Reverend Craig they chased her across the Scottish highlands. At the end of the chase she fell unconscious and reverted to her naked human form at the feet of Moira MacTaggert who saved her from the mob. Doctor MacTaggert became a surrogate mother to the young mutant and took her under her protection, and took her to America to be schooled by Professor Xavier. There she soon became involved in a rescue mission to save the Professor from Donald Pierce who was still affiliated with the Hellfire Club. With the help of Cannonball, Karma Mirage & Sunspot the Professor was saved and he agreed to train the team of New Mutants. During her time with the New Mutants Rahne experienced many adventures under the codename Wolfsbane.

Due to her strict religious upbringing she found it hard to come to terms with some of her team-mates habits. She would turn away embarrassed when Dani Moonstar changed clothes, and struggled to come to terms with Magik's demonic persona. Rahne also struggled with her own romantic feelings, which she believed were sins and made her wicked in the eyes of God. She developed a secret crush on Cannonball, later began a romance with Cypher (which resulted in his death when he shot while protecting Rahne from the Ani-Mator), and was attracted to Rictor. During an adventure in Asgard, she began a relationship with Hrimhari, a wolf prince with the ability to change between wolf and mixed man-wolf forms. The relationship was short lived, and Rahne later revealed that she was embarrassed by her free-spirited behaviour in Asgard. She developed a strong friendship with Moonstar, whose mutant power gave her a natural rapport with animals. This rapport developed into a psychic link with Wolfsbane whenever she would transform into her wolf-form.

While in the New Mutants Rahne was taught by Charles Xavier, who was later replaced by Magneto as the headmaster of the Westchester based school. The New Mutants struggled to accept the former arch-villain and left the school. Soon they met a mysterious man known only as Cable who became their mentor and gave them the kind of military training that Professor Xavier had wished to avoid.

When the New Mutants returned to the X-Mansion Rahne was with Boom-Boom, Rictor, Storm and Warlock when they were ambushed and kidnapped by Genoshan Prelates, one of whom was the brain-washed Havok who had perviously been missing in action. Instantly teleported to Genosha, the young mutants were stripped of their clothes and powers. Rahne was forcibly transformed into a Mutate by having her head shaved, a number tattooed onto her forehead and was also brainwashed. Ultimately she was liberated from her brainwashed state by transforming into her transitional human-wolf form, but was unable to turn back into a human girl without becoming a Mutate slave once more. She chose to remain in Genosha to work with Havok in an attempt to restore civilisation to the island nation.

Wolfsbane and Havok

Wolfsbane re-appeared for the formation of the second incarnation of X-Factor, while still in her transitional form. There she became close friends with Multiple Man and Guido CarosellaStrong Guy, but struggled to contain her feelings for Havok. It was later revealed that when she was tranformed into a Mutate slave on Genosha, she had been mentally bonded with Havok with the intention of being his slave. Although she was free from the catatonic state, there were soem remnants of the brainwashing. The brain-washing combined with the feral hormones of her transitional state caused her to develop feelings for Havok, and intense jealousy of his relationship with Polaris.

Rahne was permanently cured of her Genoshan brain-washing by Haven. She remained with the team until Strong Guy was placed into suspended animation. Leaving X-Factor she returned to Muir Island to work with Moira MacTaggert to find a cure for the Legacy Virus. While there she became a member of Excalibur, where she became good friends with Colossus and Shadowcat, and was later a bridesmaid at the wedding of Captain Britain to Meggan.

Although Excalibur disbanded, Rahne remained on Muir Island. However, the island came under attack from The Brotherhood, and the entire island was destroyed. During the attack Mystique fired the neutralizer (which Forge had originally created to remove Rogue's powers) at Wolfsbane. Robbed of her lycanthropic powers Rahne boarded a plane with Moira MacTaggert, but her adoptive mother died soon after with Rahna at her side.

In America Rahne began to travel the country on a motorbike, she grew her hair long, purposefully lost her Scottish brogue and displayed a gregarious attitude. All of which came as a complete surprise to Dani Moonstar when the two were re-united at the Westchester campus. While in the X-Mansion she was initially refused the chance to teach at her old school because of her immature attitude, but caught the attention of Elixir who was the legal ward of Dani Moonstar. He pursued her and during a kiss his mutant power of healing restored Wolfsbane's own powers. However the shock of the transformation caused her lash out on instinct, and Elixir was severely wounded. Elixir was ultimately saved, and Rahne's feral daze came to an end thanks to Dani Moonstar. Although Rahne ended the relationship with Elixir when she became a supervising member of staff to Paragon Squad, the two of them soon began a secret affair. The relationship permanently ceased when Rahne discovered that Wallflower had feelings for Elixir. However, the break-up was overheard by Wither who spread the news around the school. The news of Rahne's inappropriate relationship with a student caused her to flee the school, and strained her friendship with Moonstar.

Upon leaving the school Rahne returned to her previous X-Factor team-mates to become part of X-Factor Investigations. Her personality reverted to that of her original repressed Scottish youth, but she did rekindle her romance with Rictor. While with X-Factor Rahne came under mental attack from Damian Tryp who tormented her with visions. Her dreams that she would murder Multiple Man and Layla MillerLayla Miller on their wedding day drove her mad to the point that she even considered committing suicide to prevent the visions from becoming a reality.

Later Cyclops introduced Wolfsbane to Wolverine's new X-Force with Warpath and X-23. She had already infiltrated a group of Purifiers with Rictor's aid, but was discovered and captured during a mission. While in their hands, she discovered that her father, Reverend Craig, had joined the Purifiers. There she is drugged with heroin and her father attempts to kill her once more.

Unbeknownst to her new team-mates, Wolfsbane had been brain-washed once more. Upon her rescue she awoke and promptly attacked Archangel. She violently tore off his wings and stored them away in her room. During a later fight with the Purifiers Wolsfbane received a non-mortal gunshot wound from her father, who then followed her trail of blood so he could deliver the fatal blow. After tracking her to her room Reverend Craig stood in front of Archangel's wings and created the image that he was an angel. The brain-washing that the Purifiers had installed into Rahne's mind had programmed her to "kill the angel", and for the second time she was unable to resist. She was later found in a traumatised state surrounded by blood, with no sign of her father.

The same brain-washing later resurfaced when Wolfsbane attacked Archangel for a second time. It was only due to the intervention of The Stepford Cuckoos that Wolfsbane was able to break free of the brain-washing and begin to come to terms with what she had done to her friends and family.

Wolfsbane has since been spotted in San Francisco aiding the X-Men fight during the Skrull invasion.

Powers and Abilities



Lycanthropy: Much like the werewolves of folklore, Rahne can transform into a wolf. However, she is not a werewolf, and therefore is not restricted to the limitations of a creature of the night. She can transform into either a wolf or a transitional wolf-human by will, without any effect of the full moon or silver items. She can also retain full memory of herself, and therefore has her human consciousness while in her wolf and transitional forms.

As a wolf Rahne experiences all the heightened animal senses of a wolf such as hearing, sight & smell. However, it is in her transitional hybrid form that she experiences greater changes. She is essentially a human being covered with a thin layer of fur all over her body, sharp teeth and claws. She is able to stand erect on her legs and retain the use of her hands, but is also able to run & manoeuvre on all fours like a wolf. In this transitional form she experiences enhanced abilities such as:

  • Enhanced Size: Proportionately greater in size than that of her human form, her hybrid wolf-human bones and muscles make Wolfsbane taller & stronger.
  • Enhanced Strength: Greater strength than that of a normal male adult human, due to her enhanced muscular build.
  • Enhanced Speed: Enhanced muscles are swift as a wolf but to the proportional size of a human.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Although enhanced her muscles and skeleton are also extremely flexible, giving her the agility of an animal.
  • Hyperkeen Senses: Keen animal senses of sight, smell & hearing combined with human intelligence are heightened further than that of a regular wolf. She can perceive infra red, ultra violent, heat, pheromones & emotions such as fear or lust).

There are drawbacks to being a wolf. While in her lupin form Wolfsbane can not orally communicate with others. Instead she has the vocal chords of a wolf and therefore barks, growls and howls as one. Although in this form she is capable of communicating telepathically with Danielle Moonstar, she does not often work with her former New Mutants team-mate. Also, while she may retain her human consciousness, she is more prone to wild behaviour. This can sometimes dull her intelligence, or over-ride her usually up-right and moral consciousness.

Wolfsbane's lupine and transitional forms are more massive than her human form. The source of this additional mass is unknown.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Wolfsbane is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed areas of his body with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Injuries that result in massive tissue damage such as bullet wounds, slashes, punctures, blunt force trauma, and severe burns heal completely, without so much as a scar, in a shorter amount of time.

Strength level

In human form Wolfsbane possesses the normal human strength of a girl of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. In her lupine and transitional forms her strength is heightened beyond average, but not to a superhuman degree.



X-Factor Plane


  • When in lupine form, Rahne had an empathic link with Danielle Moonstar. It has not been revealed if this link still operates.
  • Rahne was previously unable to grow her hair longer than a few inches in length. She was able to grow longer hair while locked in her transitional form after leaving Genosha, and again when she was deprived of her mutant powers.
  • Rahne is a strictly religious Protestant.
  • In Asgard, Rahne was temporarily under Loki's control and while wearing a Collar of Obediance, she was a monstrous wolf called Grimfang.


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