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There are two parts to the Rag and Bone Man quest. The bones needed for the first part are easier to obtain compared to the second part. The second part is a list of bones posted on the wall of the Odd Old Man's hut. The bones in this Wish List will be crossed off as they are turned over to him. This part of the quest is no longer needed for the Quest Cape.


Rag and Bone Man


Official quest description: Everybody needs some body, and the Odd Old Man knows exactly which bits of those bodies he needs. Can you help him finish his extensive and extremely creepy collection?
Release date: 10 April 2006 (Update)
Start: Go east of Varrock, through the gate near the earth altar, to Paterdomus. The Odd Old Man is in a little quarry just north of the path.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium
Members only: Yes
Requirements: The ability to defeat a level 27 monster.
Items needed:

(However, a Spiny helmet and a shielded light source (Candle lantern) is recommended for Lumbridge Swamp Caves part.)

Monsters to kill: None


  • Go east of Varrock, through the gate near the earth altar as if you were travelling to Canifis (north of Digsite)
  • The Odd Old Man is in a little quarry just north of the path.
  • Talk to him, and he will tell you that he needs several bones to complete his collection.
  • Here's a list of the creatures you need to kill to obtain bones, and their locations.
Monster Drops Location
Goblin Goblin skull Near Lumbridge
Big Frog Big frog leg In Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Bear Bear rib South of Varrock or north of Falador
Ram Ram skull In the northern end of Lumbridge (The Ram at the wilderness ditch north of the Monastery, Does drop the skull, but is very rare.)
Unicorn Unicorn bone South of Varrock, West of Catherby, Draynor Village and Lumbridge Swamp, or on Entrana, west from the Law altar
Monkey Monkey paw South Karamja, West of volcano Karamja
Giant rat Giant rat bone

Varrock sewers, the Lumbridge Swamp, a fenced area south of varrock, Barrows Tunnels (Highly Discouraged).

Giant bat Giant bat wing Yanille dungeon or south-west of Catherby, Hero's Guild or Karamja Volcano
  • It is also possible to kill the monkeys in Ardougne Zoo for the Monkey Paw and Telegrab it. You can also do this with the bear and unicorn.
  • Once you have collected these bones, go to Draynor Village and talk to Fortunato there, he will be able to sell you some jugs of vinegar for 1 coin each.
  • Use a jug of vinegar with a pot to get a pot of vinegar, and then use the bone with the pot of vinegar to get a bone in vinegar. Repeat for all 8 bones.
  • Go back to the old man taking the 8 bones-in-vinegar, 8 logs and a tinderbox,and use the Pot-boiler.
    • Note that emptying a bone in a pot will simply empty the pot without any warning; You won't get the bones back.
  • Use a log with the pot boiler, use the bone-in-vinegar pot on the pot boiler, and then light it. Repeat this for all 8 bones.
  • Once you are done, talk to the Odd Old Man again to complete the quest.


Rag and Bone Man Reward


Music tracks unlocked:


The Wish List


Official quest description: The Odd Old Man will reward you for finding any other bones - there is a Wish List you can click on behind him to see the list of bones he requires. This section is much longer, requires you to kill many different types of creature, including some slayer monsters.
Release date: 10 April 2006 (Update)
Start: Talk to the Odd Old Man again.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Very Long (Can take 4 hours without fairy rings)
Members only: Yes
Items needed:

Recommended items:

Monsters to kill: None


  • None of the bone drops are 100%. Yet the special bone drops are fairly common.
  • The monsters you need to kill are mentioned on the Wish List that is attached on the house north of the Old Man.
  • It is possible to hand in the collected bones in smaller batches. The Odd Old Man will kindly update the wish list, taking off the bones already submitted.
  • This is the list of Monsters that need to be killed to obtain all the bones (there are 27 total):
Monster Drops Locations (preferable)
Jogre Jogre bone Within the dungeon in northern Karamja, Just West of the Glider.
Snake Snake spine All-over Karamja, also dropped by Desert snakes close to the Jackals in the Kharidian desert
Zombie Zombie bone Edgeville dungeon, Draynor Sewers, stronghold of security.
Moss giant Moss giant bone Edgeville dungeon, West of Fishing Guild
Rat Rat bone Varrock sewers, Lumbridge Castle
Seagull Seagull wing Port Sarim docks
Ice giant Ice giant ribs Asgarnian Ice Dungeon
Mogre Mogre bone Mudskipper Point
Jackal Jackal bone South-west and North of Nardah, the Kharidian desert
Massive Desert Lizard Desert lizard bone North-west of Nardah, the Kharidian desert
Vulture Vulture wing South-west Nardah, the Kharidian desert, labeled on the world map
Undead Cow Undead cow ribs The Farm Noth-West of Port Phasmatys
Experiment Experiment bone Under Graves East of Castle Fenkenstrain
Werewolf Werewolf bone Canifis
Ghoul Ghoul bone Paterdomus temple entrance, Next To Fairy Ring.
Wolf Wolf bone Feldip Hills, White Wolf Mountain
Ogre Ogre ribs Feldip Hills, North-West of Ardougne
Zogre Zogre bone Jiggig
Dagannoth Dagannoth ribs Lighthouse (requires completion of Horror from the Deep quest), Waterbirth Island
Rabbit Rabbit bone Miscellania, Tirannwn, Nature altar (bring telegrab + range) (note: bunny's south-east of rellekka drop rabbit bones)
Basilisk Basilisk bone Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
Fire Giant Fire giant bone Waterfall dungeon
Terrorbird Terrorbird wing Tree Gnome Stronghold
Baby blue dragon Baby dragon bone Taverley dungeon
Troll Troll bone Keldagrim Entrance, Troll Country.
Cave Goblin Cave goblin skull Lumbridge Swamp Caves
Bat Bat wing near the Odd Old Man

Note: These animals can be found other places.

  • The walkthrough below groups the monsters by geographical closeness:


Travel method: Use the Gnome Glider (or Fairy ring code: D-K-P) to get to Karamja. Both Jogres and Snakes are found directly west of the Gnome Glider. Optionally, Jogres are also found in the dungeon by the Harpie Bug Swarms, and snakes are also found by the Calquat Patch.


Travel method: Edgeville can be reached by using an Amulet of glory Teleport, fairy ring, using Home teleport and the Canoe System, by using Varrock Teleport and walking a short distance, or by using the Spirit tree in Grand Exchange. The monsters are all found in the Varrock Sewers. It is also a good idea to buy a Mirror shield, some Ice coolers, and several Fishing explosives from the Slayer Master while you are here.

Draynor Village

Items: Fishing explosive
Travel method: The easiest way to get here is using Teleport to Cabbage Patch with the Explorer Ring (3). If you don't have one, using an amulet of glory to Draynor and walking to Port Sarim works. From there, travel south and look for the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, where you will find Ice Giants. Travel south to reach the Mudskipper Point, home to the Mogres.


Items: Ice cooler
Travel method: From Mudskipper Point, use the Fairy ring (code D-L-Q) to get to the Nardah hunting area, and travel west. There are Jackals on the way to the level 42 Desert Lizards. You need to use Ice coolers on the lizards when their health is low. After these, walk south and go west from the Nardah bank to find Vultures. If the vultures fly, you may need to use Ranged or Magic attack.

Port Phasmatys

Items: Ectophial
Travel method: Travel to Port Phasmatys (teleport using the Ectophial) and travel west. The undead cows are just west of Ectofuntus, within the farm. Then, travel west and go under Fenkenstrain's Castle by pushing the memorials to the east to find Experiments (see the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest guide). Travel south-west to Canifis where many Level 88 Werewolves are located. If you don't want to attack a level 88 werewolf you can attack one of the level 24's in Canifis with Wolfbane and when they are almost dead switch to another weapon. They will change into a werewolf with low hitpoints and may drop the bones. Just Finally, travel south-west towards the Paterdomus temple entrance to find Ghouls.

Feldip Hills

Items: Inoculation brace
Travel method: Travel to Feldip Hills using fairy ring (code: A-K-S) or Gnome glider from the Gnome Stronghold. There you will find Ogres and Wolves. From there travel using fairy ring (code: B-K-P) and then travel east to Jiggig (south of Castle Wars) to find Zogres. Zogres are located within the Jiggig tomb, and may inflict disease upon the player. The Inoculation brace will counter this effect; just be sure to keep it equipped all the time, or if you have completed Zogre Flesh Eaters you may buy Relicym's Balm from Uglug Nar if you opened his shop after completing it.

Miscellania, Lighthouse & Waterfall

Items: Games necklace, Enchanted lyre, Mirror shield, Glarial's amulet, Rope, good armour, good food.
Travel method: Use your Enchanted lyre to teleport to Relekka, take a boat to Miscellania and kill some of the rabbits there. Then, make a visit to the Lighthouse. Dagganoths are found within the basement of the lighthouse. Good food and armour is suggested, as these dagganoths are in a multi-combat area. Then head into the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (Killing basilisks will require a mirror shield, as basilisks will dangerously reduce player stats). Grab a rope and Glarial's amulet, then use your Games necklace to teleport to Barbarian Outpost. Travel south towards the Baxtorian Falls, and get into the Waterfall dungeon to find Fire giants in the passage to the North-west.

Note: Fire Giants also drop Shoulder bones, this is not to be mistaken with the Fire Giant bone. Though you can Polish the Shoulder bone, it is required for the Fur 'n' Seek quest, not this wishlist.

Tree Gnome Stronghold to Taverley

Items: Duelling ring, Dusty key
Travel method: Teleport to Al Kharid (using duel ring), and take the gnome glider to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Terrorbirds can be found within the stronghold in large numbers. You can also kill the Mounted Terrorbird Gnomes as well. Use the Gnome glider to travel to the Wolf Mountain, and walk east towards Taverley. Baby blue dragons are found in the Taverley dungeon. Bringing an Anti-dragon shield or Anti-fire potions is advisable as the mothers may attack the player while in the dungeons.

Troll Stronghold

With Trollheim Teleport
Use the Trollheim Teleport to get to Trollheim. From there, climb down to the western side. The trolls are a bit to the West.

Without Trollheim Teleport
Without the Trollheim Teleport Spell, the easiest way to reach trolls is Keldagrim Entrance. It is located close to fairy ring code: D-K-S. Simply walk there from Relekka if Fairy Rings are not an option. The trolls are located just south of the entrance.


Items: Spiny helmet, Lightsource (preferably lanterns)
Travel method: Home teleport to Lumbridge. With a lantern, climb through the hole in the cellar, and walk south and through the other hole. Go south towards the area full of Rockslugs, then head east towards the goblins. Cave Goblins are found at the far east of the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. You may also take the entrance in the main spot and find them, although you'll need a Spiny helmet.

Note: Any type of Cave goblin will work, even guards.


Items: Varrock teleport (or Digsite pendant)
Travel method: Teleport to Varrock, and walk northeast. Bats are flapping about right by the Odd Old Man.

Finishing Up

  • After you have obtained all the bones, clean the bones using the same method used in the initial part of the quest.
  • Give the cleaned bones to the Odd Old Man for your reward.
  • Note: The cleaning and submission of the bones to the Odd Old Man can be done in stages.


Rag and Bone Man Reward


Music tracks unlocked:

None, for all the areas can be visited without starting the miniquest.


  • Rag-and-bone man is a British phrase for a junk dealer. Historically, the phrase referred to an individual who would travel the streets of a city with a horsedrawn cart, and would collect old rags for converting into fabric and paper, and bones for making glue, scrap iron and other items. They often traded them for other items of limited value.
  • If you read the Wish List after you have retrieved all the bones (after the mini-quest), it has been updated to say "Non-chafing Manacles", a non-existent item. This may have been a hint to the third part of the quest, or to keep the monster in prison. But this is most likely a Jagex joke, suggesting the Odd Old Man would have to go in prison.
    • Recently released concept art proved this, as it showed a skeletal being with mismatching bones and a manacle on its wrist.
    • Even more evidence for another Rag and Bone Man quest had been found in Postbag 41. One of the sheets of paper in the Chaos Elemental's suitcase was titled "MENTOR A BANDWAGON." This unscrambles to form "RAG AND BONE MAN TWO." In addition, the bottom of the paper had the words "No 156 in the world." At the time of release, there were 155 quests, and Fur 'n' Seek was released as the 156th quest.
  • Jagex hinted in their weekly Twitter hint from 7-8-09 that the next quest would be Rag and Bone Man 2. It was released as Fur 'n' Seek on 10 August, 2009.
  • Before, the Rag and Bone Man wishlist used to reward one quest point, thus required to wear the quest cape. This was changed on 11 August 2009.
  • "Bear Ribs" may be a play on words of "spare ribs."
  • Upon completion of this quest, and the Tears of Guthix, Juna may express puzzlement about the Rag and Bone Man.
    Juna comments about the Rag and Bone Man.
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