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Radscorpion Poison Gland
uses: Dart Gun component
Rock-It Launcher ammo
weight: 1
value: 30
base id: 0002210F

The poison glands taken from the tail of a Radscorpion, Giant Radscorpion or Albino Radscorpion. A normal Radscorpion has a single poison gland, the giant and albino varieties have four.


  • Poison glands are a component used in the construction of the Dart Gun.
  • At weight 1 and a value of 30 caps, Radscorpion poison glands have one of the better value:weight ratios. It's an excellent way of making money.
  • Notes: When fired at a wall through the Rock-It Launcher, they may become stuck in the wall, like Railway Spikes. However, it has not been tested if they can also nail Humans, Ghouls or Super Mutants to a wall, but this is unlikely due to the fact it sometimes bounces off the wall instead of embedding itself.


  • One in the Trapper's Shack basement in the Point Lookout add-on.
  • Aside from the above locations, Radscorpions can be found all over the Capital Wasteland (though they are less common in urban areas).

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