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Radio Times is a weekly BBC magazine that publishes television and radio program listings. It has also published original Doctor Who fiction. In 1973 it published the short story We are the Daleks!, and in 1983 it published the short story Birth of a Renegade. In the 1990s it published an Eighth Doctor comic strip.


Significant Notes

  • Besides giving cast and broadcast details for broadcast material on both TV and radio the Radio Times is also significant in terms of Doctor Who for including related articles and features. The number of cover issues reflects its popularity and standing with the BBC and has never been stronger since the new Who launch in 2005, with the series on a few occasions featured multiple times over the course of only a few weeks (for example near the end of 2009).
  • No other television series have had more covers than Doctor Who.
  • Doctor Who covers are the most collectable Radio Times covers.
  • Each of Jon Pertwee's seasons as the Third Doctor were heralded by a Radio Times cover.
  • Tom Baker never had a Radio Times cover during his era, although he did later appear on a retrospective cover.
  • Omitted from below are the weekly issue details, TV choice and pick of the day columns. These have recently been issued on DVD's as extra PDF files.
  • Significant articles only are listed below.

Radio Times Cover Gallery and Feature Guide

Radio Times holds its own annual Radio Times Covers Party, a prestigous event where cover stars are awarded framed covers, since the 2005 relaunch the Doctor Who team have been the recipients of more covers than any other series on TV.


  • Radio Times (23rd - 30th November 1963)
COVER TAG:"DR WHO - a new Saturday-afternoon television series of adventures in time and space"


  • Radio Times (21st - 28th November 1964)
COVER TAG: DR. WHO and the Daleks Saturday TV
A feature depicts the invader trundling across Westminster Bridge but mistakenly refers to them as 'robots' throughout.
  • Radio Times (Christmas 1964)
contains an 8-page Lewis Carroll spoof entitled "Barbara in Wonderland", which finds a young girl getting lost in the BBC's studios, before taking tea with the Doctor and two friendly Daleks, on eof whom has indigestion. The other says politely, "Please-sit-down. And-do-not-eat-all-the-cakes."



  • Radio Times (15th - 21st December 1966)
Patrick Troughton is interviewed as The Highlanders airs. "I'm ready to play anything" "I like dressing up."


  • Radio Times (2nd - 9th September 1967)
COVER TAG: "DR. WHO and his companions face their old enemies, the [[Cybermen)Saturday BBC 1 see page 3")
"My instincts tell me that terrible danger awaits us," the Doctor writes in his diary for the story preview.


  • Radio Times (20th - 27th January 1968)
Monstrous world of Doctor Who RT talks to the BBC wardrobe and effects people.


  • Radio Times (19th - 25th April 1969)
Patrick Troughton is interviewed for his final story. "It's been great fun," he says.


Jon Pertwee is interviewed, revealing the family holidays in Ibizza, where his children "run around like a lot of wild little nuddists, babbling in three languages."


  • Radio Times (2nd-9th January 1971)
introducing the Master, actor Roger Delgado rebuffs the suggestion that his charcter might become too-light hearted: "I don't think that'll happen. I remember starting 16 years ago in midday matinees. Once I was faced with the unbelievable line, 'Come in and put your feet up on the Algerian poof.' If you can handle that you can handle anything."



  • Barry Letts replies to a reader (Brenda Hoyle), who says that her son is pettrified by the Doctor Who theme tune by saying, "To produce programmes which upset or offend nobody at all is the surest way of killing all the excitement of television."
  • Radio Times (15th - 22nd December 1973)
With actor Jon Pertwee appearing on Michael Parkinson's Saturday night chat show, a Radio Times feature looks at the Doctor's popular appeal.


  • Celebratory cover promoting the 20th Anniversary adventure The Five Doctors.
  • With a cover illustration by Andrew Skilleter, this is only the second Doctor Who illustrated cover for Radio Times, the first being the cover by Frank Bellamy in 1972.
  • This particular issue was hit by a printers strike that meant a reduced number of copies were available and indeed some regions received no issue. The quality of the reproductions (including the internal line drawings), suffered as well.
  • For his cover work, Andrew Skilleter was invited to the Radio Times Cover Party this year where he received a framed cover.
  • The cover illustration was later reworked (the Richard Hurndall likeness was improved), and used again for the first video release to not feature a photographic montage.


  • The 30th Anniversary of Doctor Who was marked by Dimensions in Time, a 3D television event, in association with the BBC's annual Children in Need appeal. The special glasses sold in aid of the charity enhanced viewing of several programmes broadcast throughout the week.


  • A readers' offer included a full set of high quality postcards each depicting a Radio Times Doctor Who cover.
  • A further offer was made to readers for an exclusive Eigth Doctor poster
  • This issue, in anticipation of a new relaunch for Doctor Who following the movie release, began a regular page sci-fi feature that included ongoing comic strip adventures for the Eigth Doctor. The page was later abandoned and the comic strip had its run ended early.


  • Keeping Doctor Who fresh in the publics eye this cover marked an evening of Doctor Who viewing on UK television (Doctor Who Night).
  • This specially commisioned Dalek portrait, shot by Lord Snowdon, was originally used as a stamp design.



  • Radio Times (22nd - 28th November 2003)
COVER TAG: "Exclusive 40th Birthday Special Doctor Who Including: Win-a-Dalek competition…never-seen-before- photos … and your choice for the next Doctor! Also Collect all four commemorative covers and line them up to create a special Radio Times tribute to Doctor Who."
  • A set of four covers was released to celebrate the series 40th Anniversary. The panoramic spread was reminiscent of the Radio Times Tenth Doctor Who Anniversary Special which was revised and once again made available to readers.
  • Radio Times Doctor Who 40th Anniversary Special (16 Page centre pull-out):
All new Who ("Our 16-page special marks Doctor Who’s 40th birthday, and there’s really something to celebrate: a new series by Russell T Davies. He gives us a taster of what’s to come")
Fit for a Lord "Costume designer June Hudson revisits and redesigns Tom Baker’s costume for a special photograph"
Tom Baker on … (The new Doctor Who, the future, larking about, the fans, and Doctor Who-The Musical)
The RT Files a look at Radio Times coverage of the series
My Favourite Doctor ("We asked for your Doctor Who favourites in our online poll, you voted in your thousands. Our survey said …")
WHO do you do? ("And how do you do Who? Ace mimic Jon Culshaw explains …")
Can’t wait for the TV series! A look at Scream of the Shalka, and other non-TV adventures.
Lost tapes turn up Missing Doctor Who by William Gallagher
Captured in time ("Let the Tardis take you on a journey into the past to witness some magic moments in the making of a TV phenomenon, including previously unpublished photos from RT’s archive …")
Docs on the box (A roundup of the programmes for the 40th anniversary)
Win a Dalek Competition to win a brand-new fully reconstructed Dalek from Genesis of the Daleks (1975), original illustration artwork by Mark Thomas from the 20th-anniversary RT special, Zagreus audio CD’s and DVD/audio sets.
Includes limited edition RT Tenth Anniversary Special Reprint for £7.99 (UK)
RT Shop: Doctor Who Offers
CREDITS: Supplement cover: Mark Thomas,Design and art director: Paul Smith, Commissioning editor: Anne Jowett, Writers: Mark Braxton, Guy Clapperton. Geoff Ellis, William Gallagher, Nick Griffiths With thanks to: Andrew Beech, David Gibbs, Ralph Montagu, Don Smith
  • Also: Don’t Miss: “Doctor Who @ 40 Weekend” on UK Gold, “Who’s a birthday boy…” editor Gill Hudson, and how the cover was done, News: “The Who’s Who’s who” (previous Doctors choice for a new Doctor; Tom Baker chose Eddie Izzard, Peter Davison choose David Warner, Colin Baker choose Richard E Grant, and Sylvestor McCoy chose Dawn French).
  • In a 2 page feature on John F Kennedy’s assassination 40 years ago and the documentary “Days that Shook the World” it states that “…In the confusion that followed, a new BBC drama starting the next day drew disappointing ratings and had to be repeated a week later – it was called Doctor Who.”
  • This issue also contains a full page Corgi Classic Doctor Who Collection advertisement – 7 models and a specially designed presentation film canister, and a full page advert for merchandise from The Who Shop International


Radio Times (12th March – 18th March 2005)

  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who Our sneak preview of the biggest TV event of the year!
  • 19th March Doctor Who Night
  • Who Watch Article (1 Pages): Who’s who? ("The time is drawing near for an all-new Doctor Who to explode onto our screens, so hop aboard the Tardis for a glimpse of the future …")
  • “Russell’s script is so brilliantly imaginative that it’s given us artistic licence” – no not Doctor Who! David Tennant talks about his role in Russell T Davies’s Cassanova (3 page feature)
  • Before it was revealed that Christopher Eccleston (the Ninth Doctor) would regenerate into David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor),David Tennant shared a Doctor Who cover promoting the highly acclaimed Cassanova series in which he starrred along with the words 'Doctor Who'..

Radio Times (19th March – 25th March 2005)

  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who The countdown to the new series has begun!
  • Who Watch Article (1 Pages): Who said what? ("It’s almost time! As we count down to Christopher Eccleston stepping into the Doctor’s well-worn shoes, we relive the Time Lord’s first words – in his many incarnations")

Radio Times (26th March – 1st April 2005)

  • The iconic TARDIS image on the cover heralded the first new series of Doctor Who for many years, with a fold-open cover showing the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler in the 'new' TARDIS interior.
  • COVER TAG: “Exclusive: Collector’s open-it-up cover!” Knock, knock Who’s there? As if you didn’t know…Doctor Who All you have to do now is open the door … PLUS 16-page pull-out special!”
  • Radio Times Doctor Who pull-out in the middle section (16 Pages):
Who’s the daddy? ("Writer/executive producer Russell T Davies introduces his fun-but-frightening new baby")
Piper calls the tune ("Billie Piper tells E Jane Dickson how she brought feisty new companion Rose to life")
Mr TARDIS ("Production designer Edward Thomas has definitely been thinking outside the box …")
The Creatures ("On the following six pages, we take a nervous peek at some of the monsters from the first two episodes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!")
The Effects ("Meet the people who’ll make you believe in monsters!") Includes the team at The Mill –CGI Effects.
Episode Guide - one liners, writers and directors.
Credits: Art director: Paul Smith Picture editor: Patricia Taylor Commissioning editor: Anne Jowett Photographs: Mark Harrison and Dan Goldsmith for Radio Times, BBC Picture Publicity Words: Nick Griffiths and Guy Clapperton
  • Also includes an appropriate page advert for and another for Radio Times Direct - readers home shopping service from The WHO Shop.

Radio Times (2nd April – 8th April 2005)

  • Who Watch Article (2+ Pages): Origin of species ("Episode two of the new Doctor Who gave the backroom boys and girls a greater challenge than usual")
  • Also includes Mass hysteria ("‘The Quatermass Experiment’ is remade and broadcast as live television for BBC4 starring David Tennant and Mark Gatiss")

Radio Times (9th April – 15th April 2005)

  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who meets Dickens!”
  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): Their Mutual friend ("Doctor Who and Dickens are twin loves of writer Mark Gatiss, who’s arranged a meeting of the two greats")

Radio Times (16th April – 22nd April 2005)

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Killing time ("Watch out – there’s an alien spaceship about in this week’s Doctor Who. As you may have guessed, it doesn’t crash into the real Big Ben – but how did they make it look as though it had?")

Radio Times (23rd April – 29th April 2005)

  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who Monsters in the making: meet the Slitheen!”
  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): The face of evil? ("last week’s Doctor Who gave us a first sight of the Slitheen, alien creatures who hide inside human bodies. This week you’ll see a lot more – but first, see how they did it …”)

Radio Times (30th April – 6th May 2005)

  • COVER TAG: “Photo Exclusive Vote Dalek! They’re back – and better (or worse) than ever! PLUS Exclusive Dalek poster FREE for every reader!”
  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): Tinpot Dictator ("The Dalek is back – bigger and more brutal than ever. But will this new-look metal meanie have a whole new generation screaming “Ex-ter-mi-nate”?")
  • While a nod to the past with the now iconic image of the Daleks on the bridge at Westminster, this version, timed at a General Election, with the caption 'Vote Dalek' was updated and available to readers as a poster.
  • This cover went on to win a prestigious cover award, which was available in a revised version.

Radio Times (7th May – 13th May 2005)

  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): The naked Dalek ("What was that thing in the tin suit in last week’s Doctor Who?") This article was referenced in the listing section as “Exposing the villains”
  • Alison Graham’s column also includes “This week’s One to Watch: Actress Tasmin Greig)

Radio Times (14th May – 20th May 2005)

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Unholy terror ("A sentimental journey lands the Doctor and Rose in serious trouble – and face to face with a very grim Reaper"). John Simm is pictured on the far right in a column featuring new shows like ‘Life on Mars’.

Radio Times (21st May – 27th May 2005)

  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): Dreams and nightmares ("The Doctor gets caught up in the Blitz this week, but for the actor who plays his new companion, it’s a more enjoyable trip back in time")

Radio Times (28th May – 3rd June 2005)

  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): To be continued ("Doctor Who without cliffhangers would be like the Daleks without plungers – and its newest writer has certainly risen to the challenge!") Steven Moffat.

Radio Times (4th June – 10th June 2005)

  • Who Watch Article (1 Pages): What’s next, Doc? ("This week, as the Doctor is haunted by a creature from his recent past, executive producer Russell T Davies gives RT his thoughts on the series so far – and what the future holds")

Radio Times (11th June – 17th June 2005)

  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who What’s he doing with Anne Robinson and Trinny and Susannah?”
  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): Reality can be a killer ("It’s a crazy, mixed-up future world of lethal game shows for more big names in the Doctor Who-niverse")

Radio Times (18th June – 25th June 2005)

  • Saturday 6.15 PM Doctor Who: the Ultimate Guide
  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who The Daleks return – and how!
  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): They’re back … and this time it’s WAR! ("So long, suckers? Not likely – the nation’s favourite bad guys are back to provide a terrifying series finale")

Radio Times (26th November – 2nd December 2005)

Watch Out For Column: Sofa here we come "As the first series has ended the announcement that the Cybermen will return in series 2 has a photo of the new look Cyberman and a look out for a Christmas Special".
In its ‘Review of the Year’ feature ‘Sidekick of the Year’ award goes to Billie Piper. Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant also feature.

Radio Times (17th December – 30th December 2005)

  • COVER TAG: “Win a real Dalek in our ten-page Doctor Who Christmas special!”
  • Doctor Who's first Christmas cover marked the series' winning ratings and a focal point for Christmas Day viewing as The Christmas Invasion is about to air.
  • The Christmas Invasion (10 Pages): (
I’m dreaming of a fright Christmas ("Beware Santas bearing gifts! Russell T Davies, the writer who magically regenerated Doctor Who, sets the scene for the Christmas Day spectacular …")
Is there a Doctor in the house? ("New Doctor David Tennant and the regular cast let us in on a few secrets from the set")
Radio Times Exclusive (Double page picture, The Doctor crosses swords with the Sycorax Leader in The Christmas Invasion. Interestingly Mickey Smith is seen supporting Rose aboard the Sycorax ship!
Hidden depths ("Creating an alien environment from nothing has always been a challenge on Doctor Who. Nick Griffiths digs deep to find out just how resourceful the show is")
Win a real Dalek Costing £10,000 to make and having featured in the series finale, one lucky winner could win a Dalek. “WARNING: this is not a toy, but a full-scale Dalek as used in the series”.

Radio Times (1st April – 7th April 2006)

  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who The countdown starts here!”
  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): It’s not long now … ("…to the return of Doctor Who, but how do you follow the runaway success of last year? With more of the storming same, according to producer Phil Collinson …")

Radio Times (8th April - 14th April 2006)

  • COVER TAG: “Doctor Who: The countdown continues!”
  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): It’s nearly Time … ("If you thrilled last year to the time-travelling exploits of the Doctor and Rose – and millions of us did – the waiting for the return is almost over. BBC3 gets us in the mood")
  • David Tennant appears on Ready Steady Cook Wednesday 12th April
  • Totally Doctor Who 5.00pm Thursday 13th April begins
  • Includes an advert for Doctor Who Adventures, launched on 5th April, a new fortnightly magazine for children who love Doctor Who.


  • This issue featured numerous articles on Doctor Who.
  • Contributors this issue: Russell T Davies Writer and Producer "Science Fiction can look so silly. You've really got to fight against peoples' preconceptions of it being nonsense."
  • Look Who's Back Special (16 Pages): All Aboard the TARDIS ("Hang on to your sofa cushions as the TARDIS takes off for another 13-part run. In our new series special, the Doctor and Rose, alias David Tennant and Billie Piper answer your questions and lead writer Russell T Davies reveals the secrets of scripting Doctor Who – and he gives us an exclusive guide to the new adventures. All this plus out-of-this-world pictures, inside information and more!")
How do you begin? ("Doctor Who regenerator Russell T Davies tells all – without spoiling the stories, naturally! And a guide to Series Two")
David Tennant ("…answers reader’s questions about what life is like now he’s a Time Lord")
Billie Piper ("…tells readers what they really want to know")
Who’s who? ("How many people does it take to make Doctor Who? About 200, from riggers to boom operators to Billie Piper’s driver. Here are the 147 we rounded up. As Russell T Davies said, “How big is this empire? There are seven people who’ve been working here for two years who I’ve never met. That’s terrible.” We’ve picked out some of the main people, but everyone makes a key contribution, so you can check out the full who’s who, and see footage of this photo being taken at who")
Undercover story ("Most magazines just buy in a photo to put on the cover; but we like to go that extra mile…")

Although the series was not featured on the cover, the next few issues continued with special features on Doctor Who:

22-28 April

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Bad Wolf? ("Awesome monster, more like. Special Effects wizard Will Cohen tells Nick Griffiths how this stunning creation was brought to the screen …") This is a Radio Times Photo exclusive feature.
  • Who Watch Article (1 Pages): Royal prey ("You’ve seen the werewolf, now meet who it’s after")
  • Also in this issue: Stuart Maconie reviews the Genesis of the Daleks DVD release

29 April–5 May

  • Who Watch Article (3 Pages): Friends Reunited ("Two famous companions return to Doctor Who, but it wasn’t the easiest of tasks to get them to reprise their roles, as Nick Griffiths finds out …") Includes interview with writer Toby Whithouse and actor Anthony Head.

6-12 May

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Tick Tock! ("How does writer Steven Moffat (below) plan to follow his terrifying gas-mask episodes of last year? Like clockwork …")
  • Also includes a feature on the upcoming BAFTA awards, in which TV editor Alison Graham predicts Doctor Who to win best drama series. “It’s got to be Doctor Who, worthy though the others are. Russell T Davies’s joy, enthusiasm and vision suffused every episode of a series that revitalised Saturday family viewing and introduced a new generation to one of TV’s most enduring heroes.”
  • Also includes a full page advert for next weeks Radio Times with a free Doctor Who sticker book and exclusive poster with the first of three special sticker packs to complete the poster and start off your collection.
  • The return of the Cybermen was promoted with articles, a Merlin Sticker Album and sticker along with exclusive stickers to Radio Times readers over the next few consecutive issues to complete the exclusive poster.
  • Who Watch Article (5 Pages): Heavy Metal ("Last year; playgrounds – and offices – resounded once more to the cry of “exterminate” as the Daleks returned. Now the Doctor and Rose face another old adversary: the Cybermen! The flesh-and-metal fiends have had a makeover; but what else is new? Find out over the next five pages. Photos by Matt Holyoak") This Radio Times Photo exclusive includes a double page ‘Anatomy of a Cyberman’ photograph and talks to writer Tom MacRae.

Doctor Who-related articles continue:

20-26 May

  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): The Mick of Time ("Cometh the hour…TARDIS traveller Mickey Smith may have been the comic relief, but that’s all about to change")
  • This issue also includes a free pack of Merlin Stickers exclusive to Radio Times magazine with the second set of exclusive poster stickers inside.
  • Doctor Who is heralded as the Moment of the Week in Alison Graham’s column.

27 May-2 June

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Do Not Adjust … ("…your sets. Doctor Who is about to make a whole generation see their TV’s in a new and scary light! Photograph by Dan Goldsmith"). This is a Radio Times photo exclusive feature.
  • This issue also includes a free pack of Merlin Stickers exclusive to Radio Times magazine with the third set of exclusive poster stickers inside.

3-9 June

  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): Ood…You Are Awful ("There have been revolting creatures in Doctor Who before, but wait till this week’s episode. And don’t eat you tea while you’re watching!") This is a Radio Times photo exclusive feature.
  • This issue also includes a free pack of Merlin Stickers exclusive to Radio Times magazine with the final set of exclusive poster stickers inside.

10-16 June

  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): Talk of the Devil ("It’s usually good, clean, frightening fun, but this week Doctor Who taps into a more ancient, deep-seated human fear").
  • There were no preview tapes available for this episode only a press release and Russell T Davies’s promise of a big red monster!

17-23 June

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Careful What You Wish For … ("Dreams come true for comedian Peter Kay and a young Blue Peter competition winner in the wonderful world of Doctor Who")
  • Also includes ‘What I’m Watching’ column with Tom Baker – and yes he includes the new Doctor Who praising David Tennant.

24-30 June

  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): Unearthly Child ("The threat to the universe doesn’t always come from aggressive aliens. In this week’s Doctor Who, writer Mathew Graham (left) brings it closer to home …")
  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): Time to move on ("Pop star … celebrity marriage … Doctor Who … but now the much travelled Billie Piper is ready for new challenges, as she tells Andrew Duncan")
  • Also includes a page promotion for a Doctor Who poster Offer starting next week.*
  • World Cup-themed cover available in two designs featuring Daleks or Cybermen with a football.
  • Who Watch Article (3 Pages): On Set with … David Tennant ("The Doctor may be about to face the Cybermen and the Daleks, but look who took time out for some relaxed backstage photos exclusively for RT …")
  • This issue also includes the first of two tokens towards an exclusive Radio Times Cyberman poster.
  • Christmas Preview (2 Pages on Who): Doctor Who leads the Christmas 2006 TV previews with a photo of Katherine Tate in a wedding dress with the Doctor promoting The Runaway Bride.

Also advertised is the first of 2 Doctor Who free audio CD’s (The Feast of the Drowned) being given away inside the next two issues.

23 December-5 January 2007

  • Who Watch Article (3 Pages): The Claus of doom ("Psycho Santas, a bovvered bride and one humongous spider? Happy Christmas, Doc!") Also features exclusive Radio Times promotional photo and Racnoss Marquette.
  • Billie Piper’s new The Ruby in the Smoke series is also previewed.
  • This issue also includes the first of two free CDs featuring the audio book adaptation of NSA: The Feast of the Drowned attached to a two page advertisement announcing a further two CDs to follow of the audio version of NSA: The Stone Rose.


6-12 January

13-19 January

  • This issue includes the first of two free CDs of the audio version of NSA: The Stone Rose.

20-26 January

  • This issue includes the second of two free CDs of the audio version of NSA: The Stone Rose.
  • A choice of two covers were available.
  • Presented a 16-page preview of the new season featuring interviews with David Tennant and his new co-star Freema Agyeman, and an exclusive episode guide by Russell T Davies.
  • Contributors this week: Russell T Davies Doctor Who Supremo “The alien Judoon arrive in a fleet of mighty spaceships – big brutal space police! Only one man seems to know what’s going on, a patient named John Smith …”
  • Welcome Aboard, Miss Jones … My Pleasure, Mr Smith ("New series, hurrah! New companion, hurrah! As the Doctor adopts his sometime alias of John Smith for the opening episode in which he teams up with Martha Jones, we go backstage to meet the cast, crew and monsters, while Who’s head honcho Russell T Davies gives us an exclusive guide to the new stories. So let the fun begin!")
  • The Two Doctors ("Well, almost two. Martha Jones is about to qualify as a doctor when she bumps into our hero. But is actress Freema Agyeman keeping her feet on the ground?")
  • Brute Force ("Mean-looking,aren’t they? And the rhino-like Judoon are among a whole battalion of new aliens you’ll see – as well as old favourites, of course – in Doctor Who’s latest adventures. So turn the pages for an exciting glimpse of things to come in chief writer Russell T Davies’s fantastic story guide for Radio Times.")
  • Perfect Tennant ("The Doctor looks like he could have a new best friend, but has he got over the loss of the last one? And how does the man who plays the Time Lord cope with being one of the best-known faces in Britain? David Tennant tells all")
  • Cooler than Kastria* … ("In our online polll of more than 4,000 readers, Tennant was voted TV’s coolest person")
  • Oodles of Props ("“All of this stuff is kept under lock and key. Many items are one-offs, worth thousands of pounds,” says Rob Mayor, prosthetics supervisor at Millennium FX, giving RT a guided tour of the storeroom at the Doctor Who and Torchwood studios in Wales")
  • Both alternative covers were sketched out by RT art editor Paul Smith and involved a special photo shoot against green-screen.

7-13 April

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Labour of Love ("“All the world’s a stage,” wrote Shakespeare, but how do you actually stage that world? To find out, RT went behind the scenes for the Doctor and Martha’s Elizabethan escapade")

14-20 April

  • Who Watch Article: Cat and Doc ("It’s the year five-billion-and-fifty-three, the skies above New Earth are gridlocked, and then the Doctor drops in …")
  • The cover spoiled the reveal of the Dalek Sec hybrid at the end of Daleks in Manhattan.
  • Who Watch Article (5 Pages): The Thinking Man’s Dalek ("Want to know about our monstrous cover star? We asked Russell T Davies to tell us everything he knows …") This article includes Millennium FX prosthetic designer Neill Gorton revealing how to make a mutant.
  • A free packet of Doctor Who Stickers from Merlin Stickers was attached inside this issue.

28 April-4 May

  • Who Watch Article (3 Pages): Enemy of the States ("Only in America, they say. Unless it’s a Dalek plot to enslave humanity, in which case, only in Doctor Who! For a taste of this week’s episode, turn the page") This feature includes an exclusive double-paged image created exclusively for RT by The Mill of hovering Daleks against the Manhattan skyline as lightening strikes the Empire State Building.
  • A second free packet of Doctor Who Stickers from Merlin Stickers was attached inside this issue.

5-11 May

  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): Who’s Scariest Monster Yet? ("Doctor Who creatures have long been the stuff of nightmares, but this week’s monster could just top the lot …")
  • David Tennant's appearance on Parkinson (now on ITV) is only the second time a serving Doctor has appeared on the chatshow, the other being Jon Pertwee in 1973 (which incidently also featured on the cover of Radio Times)
  • A third free packet of Doctor Who Stickers from Merlin Stickers was attached inside this issue.

12-18 May

  • No Doctor Who this week because of the Eurovision Song Contest, but in a feature looking at the state of British television today, David Tennant, Russell T Davies (and others), talk about favourite TV.

19-25 May 2007

  • Who Watch Article: Burn, Baby, Burn ("As things hot up in Doctor Who, can guest star Michelle Collins keep a cool head?")

26 May-1 June

  • Who Watch Article (3 Pages): We’re Coming to Get You! ("Get ready to tun! It’s 1913, and spooky Scarecrows are stalking the countryside, but the Doctor can’t help – he’s no longer a Time Lord! For a taste of the new two-part story, turn over"). This feature also includes a RT exclusive double page Scarecrow-shoot photo.

2-8 June

  • Who Watch Article: Loving the Alien ("It takes someone special to turn our hero’s head – not to mention keep him from defeating a family of body-snatching monsters. Step forward, Jessica Hynes!") [née Stevenson]!

9-15 June

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Hell’s Angels ("Doctor Who’s latest opponent is frankly terrifying, but where are the Doctor and Martha when you need them?")

16-22 June

  • Who Watch Article (3 Pages): And Then There Were Three' ("Aliens beware! Captain Jack jumps ship from Torchwood to the TARDIS this week, and John Barrowman tells us why he’s more than happy to be back under Doctor’s orders")
  • This issue also includes the first of two tokens for an exclusive ‘Doctor Who Heroes and Villains Double-sided poster!’ featuring The Doctor Martha and Jack in the TARDIS on one side and on the other Weeping Angels, Daleks and Dalek Sec hybrid, Scarecrows and Judoons. The poster measures 124 x 45 cm.
  • Actor Derek Jacobi also discusses ‘My Big Break’ in BBC’s I Claudius (1976).

23-29 June

  • Who Watch Article (2 Pages): Master Mind ("He's started – and he'll finish. As John Simm becomes the Master, Russell T Davies reveals how he's turned the wicked Time Lord into a very 21st-century villain") also includes ‘Past Masters’ all six and the 1971 Radio Times cover first introducing the character.
  • This issue also includes the second of two tokens for an exclusive ‘Doctor Who Heroes and Villains Double-sided poster!’
  • A choice of two covers was available
  • Who Watch Article (5 Pages): Radio Times On Set With Freema Agyeman ("Plus Russell T Davies on the exciting series finale …") includes Freema’s denial that she has been sacked from the series (contrary to recent tabloid rumours), but reminds us that she is unable to talk about future storylines or plans.
  • Competition: to win one of 50 life-size cut-out Black Daleks (worth less than £30 UK if you didn’t win and wanted to buy one direct!)

21-27 July

  • Doctor Who is (for the reason of giving others a chance), discounted from an online poll to find the greatest sci-fi show of all time. The top three choices are Red Dwarf, The X-Files and Lost with Torchwood in 15th).
  • Russell T Davies writes on "How TV came of age" and his Queer as Folk series.
  • The Doctor Who mini-adventure Time Crash for the annual Children in Need appeal secured another Doctor Who cover featuring Doctors Five and Ten.
  • Who Watch Article (3 pages): A Doctor calls ("For Children in Need, the TARDIS opened its doors for a special adventure - and look who dropped in to pay David Tennant's Tenth Doctor a visit. Yes, it's the Fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison! Here he tells RT about the historic meeting")
  • Who Watch Article (3 pages): Disaster Whovie ("It's got Kylie, it's got the Doctor, it's got the Titanic, it's got a creepy new alien ... what's not to get excited about in the Doctor Who Christmas special Voyage of the Damned? Find out more as David Tennant gives us a taste of what to expect.")

22 December-4 January

  • Who Watch Article (3 pages); Who's on board? ("Two icons colide - pop diva Kylie Minogue and David Tennant's Doctor. They reveal all to RT about a match made in the heavens.")
  • Who Watch Article (1 pages); Companion Pieces ("Doctor Who companions Billie Piper and Catherine Tate may not be time-travelling this Christmas, but they're still keeping busy.")


  • Four different covers were available.
  • Who Watch Article: The stars are coming out... ("Big names, old friends and new monsters... it's RT fact-packed, ten page guide to the new series, including our unbeatable episode guide from the mastermind behind all matters Who, Russell T Davies. Happy Landing!"),
  • Who Watch Article: Be My Guest ("What makes the perfect star guest? Russell T Davies reveals the science of casting Doctor Who"),
  • Who Watch Article: The Definitive Episode Guide ("Executive producer and chief writer Russell T Davies gives us the lowdown on the new series in our exclusive story overview. Accept no imitation!")
  • Who Watch Article: A Noble Calling ("The Doctor and Donna didn't exactly hit it off when they first met. So why is she back?")
  • Who Watch Article: Little Monsters? (the Adipose)
  • Who Watch Article Verity Lambert Tribute: The Godmother
  • This issue marked the return of the Sontarans after 23 years with a front cover.
  • Who Watch Article (3 pages): The Sontarans Are Coming! ("Last seen 23 years ago, the Time Lord's deadly potato-headed enemies are back. RT speaks to the former Young One who's brought our cover star, General Staal, to life") and a 3 page feature.
  • Includes the first of two free CDs featuring the audio version of NSA: The Resurrection Casket.

12-18 April

  • Who Watch Article (4 pages); Roman Holiday ("So the Tardis lands in Pompeii AD 79 just before the eruption of Vesuvius ... Non c'e problema! The Doctor Who film crew makes a flying visit to Italy")
  • The Eruption ("How Pompeii's final hours were captured on film")
  • The Actor: Peter Capaldi ("Fantasy becomes a reality for a childhood fan")
  • The Writer: James Moran ("Writing for your hero should be easy - but is it?")

19-25 April

  • Who Watch Article (2 pages); Ood, Glorious Ood!("Swapping Shakespeare for the Ood-Sphere, guest star Tim McInnerny tells RT he's happy to be upstagged by the ugly but kindly telepaths")

3-9 May

  • Part Two of The Resurrection Casket audio book, competition to win Voyage of the Damned DVD.
  • Who Watch Article (1 Page): Friend or Foe? ("Working for UNIT, being cloned by the Sontarans - Martha has a busy life. Freema Agyeman tells RT")

10-16 May

  • Who Watch Article (1 pages); Child of Time ("The Doctor has a daughter! And she's played by the daughter of ... a Doctor! What on Gallifrey is going on?")

17-23 May

  • Who Watch Article (2 pages); Who-Dunnit? ("there's a classic murder mystery when the Doctor and Donna meet crime writer Agatha Christie ... and this one has a real sting in the tale")

31 May-6 June

  • Who Watch Article (2 pages); Spine-Chiller ("Sshhh! There's a library full of dark horrors in this week's Doctor Who, as this unfortunate has just found out. Can guest star Alex Kingston shed some light?")

7-13 June

  • Who Watch Article (2 pages); Dark Man ("Stephen Moffat, who writes the really scary ones, talks of being the the next Who-premo, of awards, of substance and ... shadow")
  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): The Doctor's Women ("Hurrah, Rose is back! As the companions draw together in the build-up to the series finale, we ask what makes them so important to the Doctor.")
  • Radio Times is giving away copies of The Five Doctors DVD to new subscribers.

14-20 June

  • Who Watch Article (1 pages); Stay Sharp! ("This passenger-in-peril story is Doctor Who, but not as we know it. We asked guest star Lesley Sharp to (try to) explain ... ")

28 June-4 July

  • Who Watch Article (3 pages); Red Alert ("The Daleks have survived, now led by a blood-red Supreme Dalek, and their fiendish creator Davros makes an exhultant return. But Rose Tyler (above) is back on side - and the Doctor and Donna need all the help they can get for what [[Russell T Davies has dubbed the Dalek Freakshow. Stand by for this year's shattering two-part finale ...")
  • Competition: to win a limited edition piece of Doctor Who art from Department Six.
  • Who Watch Article (8 Pages): Never Mind the Daleks Here's Davros! ("Even the Doctor froze with fear when Davros, lord and creator of the Daleks, made his chilling comeback last week. Now RT goes behind the scenes on the Doctor Who season finale to meet the man behind the mask...").
  • Who Watch Article The Man Behind the Masks ("He's created the stuff of nightmares for the past four series of Doctor Who. Now Neill Gorton, the boss of Millennium FX, reveals the inspiration for his ghoulish collection. How many creatures and artefacts can you identify?") includes a Who's Who of 20 recent creations.
  • Competition win the actual Davros mask used on RT's cover shoot!
  • Double-sided Poster Offer featuring Davros flanked by Daleks on one side and the Supreme Dalek flanked by other Daleks on the other. Requires two coupons and £2.99 (UK).
  • The Radio Times Dalek cover was voted as the most iconic magazine cover of all time in the Periodical Publishers Association's nationwide search for the UK's greatest cover. This cover was readvertised as an A1 poster costing £2.99 with the full cover on one side and the original photograph on the other. Nicola Rowe, the PPA's circulation director, described the Radio Times cover as "sharply observed, funny, and to the point. It is, in its own way, a truly inspired reflection of the British sense of humour."

11-17 October

  • Special 8 page centrepage promotion for Doctor Who Adventures, the weekly magazine from the BBC.
  • Doctor Who makes up two of fifty top Blue Peter moments (The Whomobile in 1973 and the Daleks in 1967).
  • This issues cover was a fold-out, revealing Miss Hartigan flanked by the Cybermen in the cemetery.
  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages): Who's Who ("No you don't have double vision. There are two Doctors in this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special - just a few weeks away now. RT went on set to investigate...").
  • Competition: to win an exclusive piece of Doctor Who art from Department Six.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Article The Sarah Jane Adventures : Friends reUNITed (" Look who's back with Sarah Jane in her series finale. Not just that bad-tempered Sontaran, but her old ally from Doctor Who, the Brigadier himself!" ).
  • Doctor Who is also featured in this issue's review of the year 2008.

20 December-2 January 2009

  • Who Watch article (3 pages); Doctor Doctor ("What can we expect in this year's Doctor Who Special - and beyond? Series supremo Russell T Davies writes exclusively for RT." )
  • Poster offer: Save two coupons and £2.99 (UK) for a double sided The Next Doctor A1 sized poster featuring on one side the Cybermen and on the other the Cybermen, the two doctors and Miss Hartigan.


  • Actor David Tennant featured on the cover of some Comic Relief 2009 editions.
  • Who Watch Article (4 Pages):Sands of Time ("A bus-smash in Dubai, an alien fly and Michelle Ryan in a catsuit - it's all go in the Doctor's 200th story!") also includes a guide to Doctor Who insects through the years.
  • With the series of Tenth Doctor specials still to be aired, the Radio Times gave a cover mention and featured an article heralding the arrival of the Eleventh Doctor filming new scenes in his new costume that had recently been announced to the wider press.
  • COVER TAG: "The Scariest Who? David Tennant is back"
  • David Tennant features on the cover in this year's Children in Need week issue.
  • The first of the Tenth Doctor's last three specials features 'From the Editor', Drama of the Week, a BBC4 tie-in 'Mars Night' - looking at the Red Planet and was Choice of the Day.
  • Doctor Who was scheduled for Sunday night so as not to interupt the successful Saturday schedule that included Merlin and Strictly Come Dancing.
'Too scary for kids' (3 pages)(It thrilled David Tennant, and Russell T Davies says the Doctor Who special will give the nation's children what they crave - a dose of old-fashioned fear...)
  • As part of the Children in Need event a special preview was shown on the night and the webcast adventure was launched online during the day.

5-11 December

  • COVER TAG: "Death of a Doctor - Exclusive preview of David Tennant's extraordinary finale"
'The Final Curtain' (3 pages) ("It's not only David Tennant calling time on Doctor Who; the writer who masterminded its triumphant return, Russell T Davies, is off, too ... and they're going out with a bang!") by Benjamin Cook. Feature on The End of Time.

19 December 2009-1 January 2010

  • COVER TAG: "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"
  • One of two variant covers for the holiday issue shows Santa Claus with a wind-up Dalek toy.
'The new face of David Tennant' (3 pages) ("David Tennant exits centre stage in his spectacular final outing as the Doctor - now he's a little star-struck and queuing for auditions in Hollywood")
  • Exclusive giant A1, double-sided Doctor Who poster featuring the Doctor on one side and Rose, Martha and Donna on the reverse. First of 2 tokens plus £2.99 (UK).
  • Over the Christmas fortnight David Tennant features heavily: reading the Christmas Bear for Cbeebies, Guest on QI (BBC One) , Desert Island Discs (Radio 4),Alan Carr: Chatty Man New Year Special (C4), guest on Catherine Tate: Nan's Christmas Carol, again with Catherine Tate in Jonathan Ross' Radio 2 show, Talking with Russell T Davies in Radio 2's Who on Who?, starring in Hamlet (on BBC2), as well as both Doctor Who Confidential's and this seasons BBC One channel Idents!

Radio Times Posters

  • Tenth Doctor (uncredited)


Radio Times has produced an exclusive double-sided poster recreating the terrifying moment when the Cybermen marched by St Paul’s cathedral. (Nowadays, the area is at one end of the Millennium Bridge), on one side and a black Dalek on the reverse. The poster measures 59x84cm and required two tokens and postage of £2.95 (UK)

  • Cybermen at St Paul's Cathedral
Photograph: Matt Holyoak / Ian McKinnell
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Art Director: Paul Smith
Picture Editor: Patricia Taylor
  • Black Dalek
Photograph: Matt Holyoak
Art Director: Paul Smith
Picture Editor: Patricia Taylor
Photograph: Mike Hogan
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Design and Art Direction: Paul Smith
  • Monsters
Photo: Mark Harrison
Design and Art: Paul Smith
  • Double sided 2008
Photograph: Matt Holyoak
Image Manipulation: Ian McKinnell
Art Directon: Paul Smith

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