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From Your Subculture Soundtrack, the music encyclopedia

  • Radio (device) - a common device to hear pop music with
  • Radio broadcasting - a way of repeating and introducing hit songs.

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Dr Who

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From TARDIS Index File, the free Doctor Who reference.

Radios are communication devices that transmit or receive sound over a short distance using radio waves. They are mainly used by Humans on Earth.

Radios are usually used to play music that people can dance, sing and "fall in love" to. To Daleks, however, a radio is just noise. (DW: Evolution of the Daleks)

In 1938, Orson Welles broadcast a radio play adaptation of The War of the Worlds. (BFA: Invaders from Mars)

Circa 1969, radios manufactured by International Electromatics played a part in the Cybermen's plans to invade Earth. (DW: The Invasion)

Research station. (DW: Terror of the Autons)

Research stations use radio waves for tests and often transmit them out into space to search for signs of intellegent life. In the 1970s, the Nestenes attempted to materialise on Earth through radio waves at one station, but they were stopped by the Doctor and the Master. (DW: Terror of the Autons)

Wikipedia has a more detailed and comprehensive article on

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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

Radio is the transmission of information and reception of information using electromagnetic waves. Some devices used for radio communications are also know simply as a radio.

The term radio is also sometimes used in referenced to more advanced communications technologies, the word having become synomonous with near instantaneous audio communications. (TOS comic: "Captain's Pleasure")

In 2267, the USS Enterprise received a radio distress signal from the third planet of the Beta Mariotia system. (TOS comic: "No Compromise Part One")

In 2268, Spock hailed the Enterprise from a radio station on Sigma Iotia II. Uhura was able to reply to the unusual frequency, as both the science officer and Doctor McCoy had their communicators confiscated. (TOS episode: "A Piece of the Action")

Again, in 2268, Isak mistakenly thinks Kirk and Spock attempt to build one, while imprisoned on Ekos. The three manage to escape, using rubindium transponders with the lights in their cell. (TOS episode: "Patterns of Force")

V'Ger attempted to contact its Creator on Earth by using the old-style, binary carrier wave, called radio. (TOS movie: Star Trek: The Motion Picture)

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From The Vault

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Radio can refer to:

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From Grand Theft Wiki

A radio station is a station that plays back songs. They can be accessed in most vehicles in the GTA games, with the exception of the bicycle and a few others, mainly emergency vehicles.

All radio stations focus on one theme or genre of songs.


GTA 1 Era

Grand Theft Auto

  • Head Radio - Pop
  • Brooklyn Underground FM - Trance
  • The Fergus Buckner Show FM - Country
  • The Fix FM - Techno
  • It's Unleashed FM - Alternative Rock, Hard Rock
  • Radio '76 FM - Funk
  • N-CT FM - Hip Hop

Grand Theft Auto: London 1969

In order to capture the essence of London in the late 60s, Rockstar decided to license music from the era, focusing on a combination of funky Italian film scores and early reggae to give it the feeling of a British crime caper from the time.

  • Bush Sounds
  • Austin Allegro Chase
  • GTA Spy Theme
  • Radio 7
  • Sound of Soho - Jazz
  • GTA Pomp
  • Kaleidoscope - Classic Rock
  • Radio Andorra
  • Radio Penelope
  • Blow Upradio
  • Police Radio Track
  • Heavy Heavy Monster Sound
  • Westminister Wireless - Psychedelic Rock

Grand Theft Auto 2

Each area features five radio stations from a pool of eleven, in which one of them would be played as the player drives most vehicles in game.


Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories


Grand Theft Auto IV

Note: In other games, while cycling through the stations there was a "RADIO OFF" option, this is no longer the case. In GTA IV to turn off the radio, hold the right (or left) directional button (D-pad)

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

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From Lostpedia



First Introduced
Last Seen
Owned by
Unknown, currently by Hurley
Found by
Used by

A two-way radio was discovered by the tail section survivors in the Arrow station. The item was folded in a cloth together with a Bible and a glass eye. Bernard used the radio and made contact with (at the time unknown to him) Boone, who was operating the radio in the Nigerian drug smugglers' plane.

Later Hurley gave the radio to Sayid. Sayid boosted the signal and was able to pick up Danielle Rousseau's distress signal and the radio station WXR playing the Glenn Miller song "Moonlight Serenade". ("The Long Con")

After Hurley suggested the radio station had to be close to the island because of the clarity of the signal, Sayid remarked that radio waves at that frequency bounce off the ionosphere and can travel thousands of miles. The radio signal could have originated from anywhere... "or any time". Perhaps it is Hurley's joke that is in fact right after all.



  • Similar to the disappearance of Oceanic Flight 815, an aircraft containing Glenn Miller (the author of the song "Moonlight Serenade") also mysteriously disappeared. The plane lost radio contact in flight and failed to land at Paris, the scheduled destination of the flight. The aircraft was never found, nor were the bodies of Miller and the two army officers on board. [1]

Other radios

Unanswered questions

Unanswered questions
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  2. Keep the questions open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer.
More details...
For fan theories about these unanswered questions, see: Radio/Theories

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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki


Radio is a type of furniture found as engineering schematic loot. Radio is listed on Bazaar Terminals under Misc » Furniture. Radio Draft Schematic is listed on Bazaar Terminals under Misc » Generic Item.

Schematic info

Schematic information

Trader (Engineering)




Engineering Fundamentals VI (Level 18)

Item type




Crafting tool

Generic Crafting Tool

Crafting station




  • Single use schematic
  • Decorative item, no special function
Assembly information
Experimental Quality
  • Quality
    • Decay Resistance: 50%
    • Overall quality: 50%
Manufactory information


No custom color palette available.

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki


The Radio

An innocuous radio
Zone Port Oakes
Coordinates (-1457.5, 67.203125, 63.5)
Level Range 10-14
Introduced by Mr. Bocor
Introduces None
Enemy groups Arachnos

Legacy Chain
The Lost

Badges Plague Carrier

As enemy:

The Radio is an Elite Boss of the Independent faction and can be found during the mission Destroy the Radio of the Video Killed the Radio story arc from Television.

As contact:

The Radio is a City of Villains contact located in the Marconeville neighborhood of Port Oakes at coordinates (-1457.5, 67.203125, 63.5). Its level range is 10-14.



This looks like a perfectly normal radio. Every now and then you can hear snatches of dialog from a radio show called 'Radio Free Opportunity' break through the radio chatter.


During the mission Destroy the Radio it will say:

Before Contact: Listen here, all my little freaklets!
Rise, Robots and Rockers, Rise!
This is the voice of Radio
RADIOOOooo! Free Oppotunity <sic>!
And we're here to warn you all that there's a biiiiiig
Problem coming our way, and it:
is called Character

At 75% Life: This ain't no battle of the bands! This is Radio forever!

At 50% Life: Don't mind the static, we still got plenty of music power!

At 25% Life: No matter what, we will stay on the air!

Defeated: This is Radio Free Opportunity...
Signing off.

After Defeating a Player: I think we can cut that one from the playlist.


Contact Introduced By

New Contact(s)

  • None


An innocuous radio

Rumor has it every now and then a mysterious voice speaks through this seemingly innocuous radio. According to the rumors, the things the voice says can lead to great opportunity to those that listen in.

Initial Contact

As you approach the Radio, you briefly hear what sounds like another voice talking, just under the sound of the music. You mess with the dial to try and tune it in better.


The Radio does not sell any inspirations or enhancements.

Badge Mission

Steal 'outbreak' drug from the Lost and then take it to the drop-off point


You're listening to the radio you were told about as it plays top 40 hits from the mainland, when a new announcer breaks into the middle of a song:

'You may not know what you're hearing! You may think you're going crazy! But man-oh-man, even if you are crazy, that doesn't mean that you aren't really listening to the one true station for villain information: Radio!


RADIOOOOOOO! Free Opportunity! That's right, we are Radio Free Opportunity, home of the best information for villains with the right inclination! We have a special dedication going out right now! According to our callers, those zealous misfits called the Lost have their hands on a hot new mystery drug that's been causing quite an outbreak over in Paragon City. But what I want to know is, why should they get all the money? So, if you're listening, if you were to steal the new drug from the Lost and deliver it to the drop off points in Paragon City, that reward would be yours for the taking. Just keep an eye out for Longbow! They may be waiting to crash the party. Now, back to our music programming with some forgettable artist who no one will remember in a year.'

The radio begins to play music again. You look around, but it seems as if no one else heard the announcer.

The voice of 'Radio Free Opportunity' is quiet, but you remember what it said. If you steal the drug 'Outbreak' from the Lost, then you can take it to the drop off points and take the money yourself.

This disgusting section of sewer is overrun with the Lost. Hard to believe they're synthesizing a new designer drug in here.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Steal Outbreak from Lost
    • Steal Outbreak
    • Defeat Lost Rector


The Lost

Notable NPCs

  • Aberrant Rector (Boss)
Canisters of 'Outbreak'
These metallic canisters contain enough of the new drug 'Outbreak' to cause some severe headaches for the forces of law and order in Paragon City, and make you some decent money.
List of drop-off points
This is the list of drop-off points for the canisters of Outbreak.

Mission Objective(s)

According to your contacts,this should be the neighborhood. It looks like Longbow knows that too.

  • Drop off the canisters of Outbreak
    • 4 drop off points



Notable NPCs

Dirty Money
This lumped up wad of filthy bills is part of the payment for dropping off canisters of the drug Outbreak. You'll have to rinse it off, but cash is cash.


Completion of this mission earns a villain the Plague Carrier Badge.

Image:v_badge_StatureBadge1.png Plague Carrier

The radio told you to steal the Outbreak virus and bring it back to Port Oakes.


The radio is playing pop hits from last decade when you get back. You're about to walk away and chalk the whole thing up to an Arachnos psychological experiment when the music is interrupted mid-song by the voice of an announcer:

'And a big hello to all the villains and villettes out there in the Rogue Isles. In case you hadn't heard the news, the outbreak of Outbreak continues in Paragon City thanks to Port Oakes' own you, who just scored big by listening to:



RADIOOOOO! Free Opportunity! You, keep listening and paying attention for more hot-hot-hits and hot-hot-tips. Remember, if you have the will to power, Radio Free Opportunity is here to provide the juice!

And don't forget that Radio Free Opportunity can now be heard on the internet and even on your cell phone! We're everywhere!'

The voice of Radio Free Opportunity cuts out and the radio begins to play another retro hit from yesteryear.

The Radio seems to be talking only to you. Suddenly, you feel the urge to shop for Enhancements.

Story Arc

The Hit List

This List of 40 villains was complied by the vigilante group called Wyvern. It's called The Hit List and it contains what Wyvern considers the 40 most dangerous up and coming villains in the Rogue Isles. Your name is at the top of the list. You earned that place by stealing the list from them, and it all started when you heard about the list through the mysterious pirate broadcasts of Radio Free Opportunity. You decided to steal the list, and listened for moe information. The first step was to get the location of the list from a Wyvern representative who was meeting with members of the Legacy Chain. Though he wouldn't talk, you found enough in his papers to pinpoint where Wyvern was putting the list together.

The next step was to get the code-breaking programs you'd need to read the list. You stole them from Arachnos by forcing one of their technicians to access the Arachnos network for you.

Finally, you broke in on Wyvern, defeated the agent who was compiling the list, destroyed their research, and made off with the last surviving copy of the Hit List itself.

You auctioned the list off, but kept a copy. It's kind of nice to know that the forces of good consider you a threat. The profile on you is missing some information, and they got your eye color wrong, but there is one disturbing detail appended to your listing. Wyvern thinks you might be delusional because you seem to get information from a pirate radio station that no one else can hear.

Make Wyvern's 'Hit List' your business


You've been listening to the radio for a few minutes, waiting to hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity's announcer. Just as you're about to turn it off in frustration, the familiar sound of the Radio Free Opportunity DJ breaks through the middle of a pop song in a crash of static:

'If you've got too much crime on your mind and too much power in your hands, then we're the radio station that's got info you need to do your worst deeds! It's Radio


RADIOOOOO! Free Opportunity coming at'cha live from our top-secret location to all you all in the Rogue Isles. Now we have a long-play extended cut today for all best of the worst to groove on. It's like the top 40 of the best of the worst! So if you got the time and you have the inclination, then be a caller and join us today on the Hit List!
With special guest stars Wyvern!
The Legacy Chain!
And Arachnos! It's gonna be star-studded wrong doing for whoever decides to make it their business, and my beloved listeners, whoever gets their hands on the Hit List is going to find that business is very good indeed!'

You listen closely to Radio Free Opportunity's announcer as he continues to talk:

'Now, Those vigilante villain hunters called Wyvern produce a yearly list of the biggest threats among the up-and-coming bad guys in the Rogue isles. The list is worth a lot of money, both to know who they plan to target, and for the bragging rights of being on top. All the real Villains out there are probably already wondering how they can get their hands on that list, right? And you are all real villains ain't you? Well, those Wyvern types are real-tightlipped, and won't just tell you where they're compiling it if you ask. The only people they do tell are their some-time partners in crime prevention, the Legacy Chain, because they want their input on who to keep an eye on and who's really just small change. So evil-doers of the Isles, if want the list, the first step would be to take out the Wyvern rep meeting with the Legacy Chain and beat where to find it out of him. And remember that you heard about it all here on Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity!'

The voice on the radio is gone again, fading back into some pop song. But you know what you need.

There were rumors that this office is a front for the Legacy Chain. Looks like the rumors maybe true.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Beat Wyvern Rep for info
    • Beat Wyvern rep


Legacy Chain

Notable NPCs

  • Wyvern Representative (Boss) (Sting agent)
The list's locations
You gave the Wyvern group's representative a thorough going-over, but he never talked. Turns out he didn't need to. You found some papers on him that tell you all you need to know. Transfers, orders, escape routes. Put it together, and it points to where this guy was operating from. If you didn't know he was involved with the Hit List, it wouldn't mean anything. But you do, so it does.


You hear the voice of radio Free Opportunity the moment you turn on the radio:

'No, no, no! I told you! You're caller 214! You're just too late. Our lucky caller was none other than that rising star among all the fallen, one of our favorite loyal listeners. In fact, Character's already on the move. Wyvern better be ready to change that list of theirs, because Character's already grabbing for a top place in it. And, if you're listening, stay tuned for more lore to make the big score, right after a word from our sponsors here on Radio!


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity!'

Take the encryption programs you need from Arachnos


The voice of Radio Free Opportunity is already talking whn you tune back in:

'We're back, and the topic of the day is Wyvern's list of the biggest and the meanest of the newest of the black masks, the Hit List. The big-big news is that one of our own, none other than Character, is making a play for the list. With that villain on the case, you al better be ready to bid on your copies once Character has it safely tucked away. it ain't over yet, though. Those bad boys from Wyvern are crafty, and they're gonna have the whole thing coded up. Now if only Character had some code-breaking software to bust Wyvern's ciphers wide open. Too bad Arachnos won't lend out any of theirs, thay can break anything up to Nemesis Army codes. Of course, if Arachnos aren't willing to give, it becomes no less than a true villain's duty to take



The voice of Radio Free Opportunity continues:

So if you're looking for those code-breaking programs, you can't just rip an Arachnos Computer out of the wall and take it home. What you need it the programs, and to get them, you need a living (ain't that easy, guys) Arachnos Crypto-tec to access them and pull copies of the network. Oh, and that tech's going to be in a base, guarded by all kinds of Crazy Arachnos face-breakers who won't be happy to see you. That's just the kind of things you have to do if you're living a career of evil. So, get ready and get on it!'

Arachnos computer

You force your way past the outer defenses of the Arachnos base. Now their defenders should be here in force.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Force tech to get codebreakers
    • Kidnap technician



Notable NPCs

  • Wolf Spider Huntsman (Boss) (Guarding the technician)
  • Arachnos Technician (Hostage) (He must be kidnapped and escorted to his computer)
Arachnos Cryptography Programs
This disk contains Arachnos's latest code-breaking programs. They're able to crack anything short of Nemesis or Rikti encryption.


Radio Free Opportnity is already broadcating when you tune in:

'... and that's why it's called the word on the street. But you've got better! You've got the word on the airwaves with Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity! Now if you've been a good listener and have been paying attention, then you've probably heard that Character is already way ahead of you, and already almost has Wyvern's hit list in hand. With the location where it's getting put together and the programs to break the codes and read it, Character is almost there. All that's left is getting it, my loyal listeners, getting it is never easy. Tune right back in when the time is right, and get ready to hear all about it!

Steal the hit list from Wyvern


It takes maddening minutes to find it, but suddenly the announcer's voice explodes into the middle of a rock power ballad in a blast of static:

'Tune in, power up, and break out! It's your number one station for misanthropic information, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity! Well as all you loyal listeners know, the stage is set. Now all that's left to find out is if Character can take it all the way and actually get the list. You better watch out, though, Character! Wyvern ain't going to let this go easy! And we all want to see who's at the top of that list!

Radio Free Opportunity's announcer doesn't even pause for breath, but keeps talking:

The Wyvern base is the place, but only one villain knows where to go. And once Character gets there, it ain't gonna be easy. The list is going to be defended, and thoe defenders are going to have to take the big fall, and that's not all. To get that list to be worth every penny, peso, and euro or dinero, it's got to be the only copy left. The only way to do that is to destroy all of Wyvern's research so that they won't be able to make another copy! So, if you're listening, you should know what to do. So, go bust some white-mask faces, because we want to hear all about it here on Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free Opportunity!

Mission Objective(s)

This office is nice. It won't be after you're done with it, but it's nice right now.

  • Get the Hit List
    • Steal List
    • Find 3 research files
    • Beat Guardian



Notable NPCs

The Hit List
This encoded list of villains is Wyvern's best estimate of who the most dangerous new villains in the Rogue Isles are.


As the final bids come in for the Hit List, you tune in to find Radio Free Opportunity is already playing:

'We're the ones you hear when you're making normal folks fear, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO! Free opportunity! And the talk of the day is none other than Character. We only hope that you're enjoying those ill-gotten gains. Wyverns' gonna reel from this for a while, but we all have one big big question: Character, did you put yourself on the top of that list? C'mon, you can tell us. No, wait, you don't have to tell us a thing. Of course you did! Because you made Wyvern put you there, because you learned about it. And it all happened because you listened to the broadcast for the outcasts, the back-beats for the beat-downers, the one, the only: Radio!


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity!'


Find the location of the Wyvern Financier

We are the sound of the end times! We are the DJ at the party at ground zero! With the best info for the worst of you, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity! Now, it seems that we've been losing a lot of listeners lately, and it ain't been to that easy listening station. Ah, no, my honorless thieves, we've been seeing loyal listeners sent back to the Big Zig in Paragon through the efforts of a mysterious group of vigilantes who can themselves Wyvern. Now, you're probably thinking "But Radio Free Opportunity, this doesen't matter to me, because I'm not a loser"

Well, we know you are not a loser, you're cool like Character because you're listening to us right now, aren't you? So here's the deal: These Wyvern types are meeting this very day with one of their secret financiers. That's a chance to hurt them and line your pockets at the same time. A real two for one. But we gotta give everyone a chance, so if you want to know where they're going to be meeting, be caller 13! It could be you!

The phone picks up immediately, and you hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity on the other end.

"Congratulations, Character! You're our 13th caller! Who ever would have guessed? You'll be after the financier and whoever he's meeting with. They should have what you're looking for on them. Now take down this address and remember to tune in to Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity!"

You get the address just as the announcer hangs up.

According to the tip from Radio Free Opportunity, this should be the place.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take out Wyvern Financier
    • Defeat Financier



Notable NPCs

  • Financier (Boss) (Longbow Officer)
  • Wyvern Representative (Boss) (Sting agent)


As you're counting the money you stole and thinking of all the influence it will get you, you hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity break in to whatever the radio was tuned to before.

It's Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity! Where evil always wins, even when good plays it smart. The big news today is Character's daring theft from Wyvern. With their operating budget stolen, no one knows what they're going to do. Now I wonder where Character found out about that little job? Oh, yeah! I remember! It was right here on Radio Free Opportunity!

Bust up Legacy initiation


You tune into the station, and sure enough, the voice of Radio Free Opportunity cuts into the music:

Blasting through the airwaves like a hammer to the skull, it's Radio!


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity! Coming to you live from who knows where! We have the low down on the down low, all just for you, our listeners! Speaking of secrets, we've heard here at the station that the cabal of mystics with an over-active sense of justice you know as the Legacy Chain are going to be holding induction ceremonies for their newest members in some offices here in Port Oakes. Well, I'm sure everyone in the Rogue Isles wishes them the best, and hopes that their little induction of new would-be champions of righteousness isn't crashed by any of the bad guys out there. Isn't that right, all you bad guys listening? Oh, and I should probably mention that we've heard those ceremonies involve some pretty valuable stuff. I just hope nothing bad happens. And that's what we call a hint, ladies and gentlemen.

The voice of Radio Free Opportunity fades.

If the tip from Radio Free Opportunity is right and the Legacy Chain is initiating new recruits, then it would jibe with things you'd heard from other contacts. In fact, you think you know what business offices they're probably going to be holding the ceremony in. If you can take out the one leading the initiation, you should be able to steal the valuables worry-free.

Mission Objective(s)

  • 3 items to steal
  • Defeat the initiation boss


Legacy Chain

Notable NPCs

  • The Initiator (Boss) (Inferno of Flame)


You try to tune into Radio Free Opportunity again, listening for the announcer's voice to break into the middle of a song. You're rewarded soon enough when you hear

"It's the love song for your heart of darkness. It's Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity! I've got a bit of news for all you black masks out in the Rogue Isles. If you were thinking of pouring some weed killer on the next crop of Legacy Chain initiates, you should have set your alarm clock for yesterday! It looks like Character beats you all to the punch, which is spiked, thank you very much. Character, if you are listening, keep it up. You're proof that good things happen to bad people who listen to Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity!"

Capture the Council Spymaster


It takes a bit of tuning, but finally you hear the voice of Radio Free Opportunity coming through loud and clear.

"It's time for the prime show of crime! That's right, villains, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity coming at you from our secret location. And we better stay secret if we want to keep our heads today, because we got something big. The ultimate big-bads of the Rogue Isles have themselves quite a problem, and we're the only ones who are going to be brave enough to tell you about it. Seems that they've been infiltrated! That's right. A spy from the Council has made his way into their ranks, and is feeding his pals information like it was a buffet line! What's worse, Arachnos can't weed the guy out. If only someone could find the Council Spymaster, they'd be sure to find the spy. Of course, that spy's no doubt going to make a run for Paragon to hide behind the capes there within the hour, and the Arachnos base he was in would still think he was on their side, so you'd have to fight through them to catch him, all in about 60 minutes. So if you want a shot just be our 13th caller. It could be you!"

You call the number and the phone picks up immediately.

"Congratulations, Character, you're our lucky winner. You get the location of the Council Spymaster! Now remember, this is a two parter, and the second part is gonna be on the clock. The good news is, sources say Arachnos won't be any more upset than normal if you take out the whole base the Council's spy is hiding in. Arachnos figures it would serve them right for being fooled. So good luck, good hunting, and tell everyone you heard all about it right here on Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity!"

Mission objective(s)

  • Defeat Spymaster



The Council Spy
This list of contacts and code-names reveals the identity of the Council's spy within Arachnos. All you'd need to do now is take him out.
The Spymaster's request
After you defeated him, the Council Spaymaster made you an offer:

"You may know who my man inside Arachnos is but I warned him that he was discovered. He'll be out of there in about an hour. Whatever they're paying you, I'll match it if you let him escape. You don't even have to do anything. All you have to do is just let my agent get away. Do we have a deal?"

Mission objective(s)

  • Catch the spy. Or not. (60 minutes to do it)
  • Prevent the spy from escaping (he will run to the exit or the elevator, so be prepared)



Notable NPCs

  • The Council Spy (Boss) (Wolf Spider Huntsman)

Debriefing (Mission successful)

You tune into the radio and search for the tell-tale sound of Radio Free Opportunity's announcer.

"We're the sound you need every day of your evil lives, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity. Seems that the Council Spymaster ran into a big problem that goes by the name of Character. Now their spy's all busted up, but there's nothing they can do about it. Too bad for those fellas, just goes to show that you should know to listen to the Radio! That's it, as along as it's Radio!


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity!"

Debriefing (Mission failed)

You tune into the radio and search for the tell-tale sound of Radio Free Opportunity's announcer.

"We're the sound you need every day of your evil lives, it's Radio


RADIOOOOOO Free Opportunity. Seems that the Council Spymaster ran into a big problem that goes by the name of Character. But it looks like their Spy got away before the leading contender for Villain of the Year could catch up to him. Those Council guys sure are tricky."

External Links

  • The Radio at Dread Tomax's Guide to City of Villains
  • The Radio Speaks - The missions from The Radio are brought to life by Prof J.

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