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Rad Regeneration
Fallout 3
requirements: none
ranks: 1
benefit: crippled limbs will regenerate under effect of Advanced Radiation Poisoning
quest: Wasteland Survival Guide
given by: Moira Brown
base id: 3066B

Rad Regeneration is a Fallout 3 Perk.

When under the effects of Advanced Radiation Poisoning (400+ Rads) any crippled limbs will automatically regenerate.

This perk is gained by exposing yourself to Critical Radiation Poisoning (600+ rads) for Moira's Wasteland Survival Guide. This mutation is a result of Moira's experimental radiation treatment.


  • After getting adv rad poisoning thats required for the perk you will get a few (-) skill scores, this can be countered by reading skill books (while poisoned) and even if your rad level is removed you will stay at the same value the next time you get poisoned. This is likely because you can have a skill score thats higher than 100 even though it doesnt show, some skills like (confirmed) unarmed can be increased to unlimited amount of damage by doing this with the helmet glitch (FYI this makes the game incredibly boring).
  • The net effect of this perk is that a character who is radiated enough will never suffer from crippled limbs for more than a second (literally) as when you have a crippled limb it will automatically regenerate which is very helpful when combined with perks like solar powered or life giver which will give you more base health.
  • This perk is most useful to characters which choose a close combat style of fighting (Unarmed or Melee Weapons) as your limbs will get crippled often at close range. You won't need to waste Stimpaks on fixing up your limbs if you have the sufficient radiation level. It should be noted that when you have advanced radiation, it will give you a negative 2 to endurance and a negative 1 to agility. This can be fixed by drugging yourself with Buffout and wearing very light armor, or by investing points into these categories at the start of the game or using the intense training perk. The endurance problem could also be solved by getting the life giver perk which will effectively negate the radiation issue. to solve the agility problem, you could use AP increasing items. Some great examples would be using Jet or Ultrajet, wearing Ledoux's hockey mask, wearing ranger armor, or eating some ant nectar or fire ant nectar.
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