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Affiliated with: Racnoss Empire
Place of origin: Mutter's Spiral
Appearances: DW: The Runaway Bride
Mentioned in: DW: The Infinite Quest
NSA: Peacemaker
Notable Individuals: Empress of the Racnoss
"The Racnoss are born starving, is that our fault?"
―-The Empress of the Racnoss

The Racnoss were an ancient race from the Dark Times of the Universe who re-emerged after billions of years to threaten Earth.





The Racnoss looked like large half-humanoid, half-arachnid beings, with blood-red skin and a crested skull. They had ten razor-tipped limbs, two of which they used for arms (presumably to also cut web). They could also produce webbing to wrap up their prey. (DW: The Runaway Bride)

Life Cycle

The Empress of the Racnoss was no different from other Racnoss physically, but she apparently was the only one who had the duty of laying eggs which hatched into other Racnoss, meaning that the entire Racnoss race were the children of the Empress. The young were born starving, and so invaded planets to feed off all life on them. (DW: The Runaway Bride)


Most of Racnoss technology was made of a fine, silk-like substance, strengthened and powered by Huon energy, including their spacecraft, amongst other things.

The Webstar had energy weaponry which was used to kill for meat. It also had scanning equipment which the Empress of the Racnoss used to watch a planet and a teleporter to allow her to travel to and from the planet. (DW: The Runaway Bride)


The Racnoss evolved in the Dark Times of the universe and were wiped out by the Fledgling Empires over 4.6 billion years ago, including the Time Lords. Nearly all of the survivors of the race escaped in their spacecraft, around which the planet Earth would later form. The Empress of the Racnoss stayed in her Webstar, but also went into hibernation at the "edge of the Universe" until she decided to search for her young.

Around 2007, the Torchwood Institute began a drilling attempt to the centre of the Earth. This awoke the Secret Heart, which in turn signalled the Empress of the Racnoss. She came to Earth and took over the work site after the destruction of Torchwood One during the Battle of Canary Wharf. She used the River Thames as a method of manufacturing Huon particles to awaken the Racnoss and took over the pilot fish to use as soldiers. (DW: The Runaway Bride)

Other References

  • It is believed that a splinter nest of Racnoss may have been the ones that attacked the makers of the Clades. (NSA: Peacemaker)
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