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Rabbits are animals, considered by many to be "cute and cuddly" because of their small faces, furry bodies and bushy tails. These characteristics are often used in Muppet portrayals of rabbits, also called bunnies in domestic settings

The Muppet Show

A group of white rabbits debuted in the fourth season of The Muppet Show.

In episode 421, Fozzie Bear performs a magic trick for Robin the Frog which results in ten rabbits springing from his magician's hat. The rabbits take to Fozzie as their "daddy" and go on to ruin the illusion of most of his tricks for the rest of the night.

In episode 420, they are terrorized by a "Mr. Hyde" version of Alan Arkin before they themselves drink the potion created by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew which makes them mean, vicious rabbits. The group performed under the moniker, The Bun-Bun Brothers, for "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" with slightly modified eyes.

After The Muppet Show, they appeared in several issues of Muppet Magazine. They could also be seen as background characters in various The Secret Life of Toys episodes, they appeared on Muppets Tonight in episode 110 for an "E-I-E-I-OR" sketch, and in episode 102 as audience members for Garth Brooks' Tom Jones number. Most recently, they were seen making two brief cameos on the side of the road in Kermit's Swamp Years.

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"Rabbit" redirects here. For the Season 1 episode, see: White Rabbit.
Young Ben pulls out a rabbit from his bag ("The Man Behind the Curtain")

Rabbits have appeared in Lost as research animals, food animals, in art, and as symbols.


Research rabbits

Rabbit #8 in the cage, appearing lifeless, after Ben shook it furiously ("Every Man for Himself")

White-furred, red-eyed, sometimes number-painted rabbits or bunnies have appeared on multiple occasions in the show. The bunny is a New Zealand white rabbit. The first rabbit appeared in "Every Man for Himself", in which it is was presented in a small steel cage, placed above Sawyer's chest by Ben. The rabbit had the number 8 painted onto his fur. Ben then shook the cage violently and the rabbit quivered, then fell still. Ben told Sawyer the bunny was dead and had a pacemaker in him, which due to the rabbit's anxiety, caused its heart to explode. Later, the rabbit was in Ben's bag when they made the trek to the Hydra Island lookout, and was alive and okay. Ben said that he only gave the bunny a sedative, and then placed it back in his bag.

A different rabbit appeared in "The Man Behind the Curtain" where Ben, as a child, owned a similar, white, red-eyed young rabbit which he kept in his room as a pet. He later brought the bunny to the sonar fence in a bag and pushed the bunny toward the pylons to see if the fence was truly deactivated. It worked, and Ben followed the white rabbit through the fence, then scooped up the bunny and placed him back in the bag. Damon Lindelof, in the Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD) commentary says,"Ben's penchant for numbering his rabbits probably has something to do with fertility experiments."

Rabbit's feet

A rabbit foot keychain, used for one of the DHARMA vans
"Dharma Lady" album artwork
The Geronimo Jackson concert poster
A white rabbit poster on Aaron's bedroom door
Alex preparing white rabbit ("Greatest Hits")
A white rabbit in a drinking glass

A rabbit's foot is considered in American folklore to be a good luck amulet. Numerous rabbit's feet have been shown or mentioned in Lost:

Other occurrences


  • Sawyer read Of Mice and Men while in prison, and made several references to the book, as did Ben. In the book, the mentally challenged character Lenny's obsession with rabbits is a key plot element. ("Every Man for Himself")
  • In "Confidence Man", Sawyer is reading Watership Down, a novel featuring rabbits as the protagonists.
  • The Blue Danube is the second part of a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
  • The nonfiction Stephen King book entitled On Writing asks the reader to conduct an writing exercises. One writing exercise involves analyzing an albino rabbit in a cage with the number 8 written on its back. King uses this exercise to make a point about "telepathy."
  • The idea of the white rabbit is a running theme of the show, even referenced in one episode title, Season 1 episode 5, "White Rabbit". Ironically, most characters are led out into the jungle after their white rabbits (as when Jack follows Christian in the episode that introduced the idea), but Sawyer is led to remain caged after he sees the real white rabbit.
  • Rabbits are a symbol for fertility, a theme which surrounds the Others. For example, rabbits were killed in an early and well-known pregnancy test. The urine of pregnant women contains human chorionic gonadotropin, which causes changes to a female rabbit's ovaries when it is injected. Early pregnancy tests involved injecting the urine and then killing the rabbit and inspecting its ovaries.[1]
  • Alex skins a white rabbit moments before betraying her father Ben, who had a pet bunny as a child, and is a bit of a "white rabbit" himself (leading those who follow him on strange journeys). (Symbolism)

Outside of Lost episodes

Orchid Orientation film

A shot of the Orchid Orientation film
A shot of the Orchid Orientation film

In the Orchid Orientation film, Edgar Halliwax (Pierre Chang) holds up a rabbit with the number 15 on it. After a moment, it is shown that behind him a second rabbit with the number 15 sitting on the top shelf of the metal shelving unit. Chang and his assistants are upset by the second rabbit and Chang moves away from it, saying the two cannot be close together. The film abruptly ends and restarts with only one rabbit. The film implies there is a significant population of white rabbits in the Orchid.

A shot of the Orchid Orientation film
A shot of the Orchid Orientation film

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse suggest that fans curious about Charlotte's discovery of a polar bear skeleton in Tunisia watch the Orchid video, and further draw a link between the polar bear with the bunny in the video. (Official Lost Podcast/February 19, 2008)


  • White rabbits appear in both Lost: The Mobile Game and Lost: iPod Game.

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A Rabbit is an animal that always drops a raw rabbit which may be cooked on a fire. They are useful as a source of food in the Regicide and other quests that take place in the elf kingdom of Tirannwn. They are also found on Miscellania near Lumberjack Leif.

Three rabbits can be seen on the ground from inside the air altar, but they are too far away to be attacked. There are also attackable (with magic or range) rabbits inside the nature altar.

Note: The ordinary rabbit cannot be hunted by the Hunter skill. The white rabbits that can be hunted reside in the Piscatoris Hunter area.


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Glires are characterised by two continuously-growing incisors in the upper and lower jaws which must be kept short by gnawing.


Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Cave Rat Image:Cave Rat.gif 10 30 250 250 0-2 gp, 0-3 Worms, Cheese, Cookie (very rare), Jacket (very rare).
Enraged Squirrel Image:Enraged Squirrel.gif 0 35 220 ? Walnuts.
Killer Rabbit Image:Killer Rabbit.gif 160 205 -- -- 0-90 gp.
Mutated Rat Image:Mutated Rat.gif 450 550 -- -- 0-130 gp, Skull, Moldy Cheese, Stone Herb, Green Mushroom, Plate Shield, Mutated Rat Tail, Halberd, Health Potion (semi rare), Stealth Ring (rare), Spellbook of Enlightenment (rare), Tower Shield (very rare).
Rabbit Image:Rabbit.gif 0 15 220 220 0-2 Carrot, 0-2 Meat, Blue Coloured Egg, Green Coloured Egg, Purple Coloured Egg, Red Coloured Egg, Yellow Coloured Egg (Coloured Eggs are semi-rares and only during the Easter holiday).
Rat Image:Rat.gif 5 20 200 200 0-4 gp, Cheese.
Silver Rabbit Image:Silver Rabbit.gif 0 15 220 220 0-2 Meat, 0-1 Carrot, 0-1? Silky Fur, Blue Coloured Egg, Green Coloured Egg, Purple Coloured Egg, Red Coloured Egg, Yellow Coloured Egg (Coloured Eggs are semi-rares and only during the Easter holiday).
Squirrel Image:Squirrel.gif 0 20 220 220 Acorn, Walnut (semi-rare), Peanut (semi-rare).
The Halloween Hare Image:The Halloween Hare.gif -- -- -- -- Won't give any loot because you can't kill them.
Thieving Squirrel Image:Thieving Squirrel.gif 0 55 220 ? Flask with Beaver Bait (always).

Glire Bosses

Creature Exp HP Summon Convince Loot
Esmeralda Image:Esmeralda.gif 600 800 -- -- 0-145 gp, 0-4 Platinum Coins, Mutated Rat Tail, Skull, Ring of Healing (Always), Halberd, Knight Armor, Epee, Tower Shield, Terra Mantle (rare).
Munster Image:Munster.gif 35 58 -- -- 0-24 gp, 0-4 Worm, 0-4 Cheese, Bag, Bone Club, Dice (very rare).


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