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RAGE, short for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, is a game engine created by video game developer Rockstar Games. Rockstar intends to use it to power their upcoming video games on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

It has been used to create Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis [1] and Grand Theft Auto IV.[2][3]

Games Powered by RAGE

  • Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis
  • Grand Theft Auto IV
  • Midnight Club Los Angeles
  • Red Dead Redemption


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  3. Rockstar Games announces Grand Theft Auto IV May 9, 2006

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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

RAGE: Pro Wrestling Generation!
Name RAGE: Pro Wrestling Generation!
Established 2003
Industry Professional eWrestling
Sports Entertainment
Shows RAGE Unleashed
Headquarters Tampa Bay, Florida
Founders Daniel Dare, Shane Kelley
Owners Jerry Root, Matt Wintz
Website RAGE

RAGE is a dedicated fantasy wrestling community that has existed in some form since 1996. We use the phrase "Pro Wrestling Generation" because our roster consists of some of the most talented, creative, and passionate people you'll ever meet. We're all here for one reason - because we love it!



The RAGE community began in 1996 with the formation of the BWFE and the UWF.

Here is a timeline of our community's history:

  • 1996-2001: BWFE and UWF
  • 2001-2003: NPW, TCW, and USCW
  • 2003-Present: RAGE
  • 2005-2007: SSW
  • 2005-Present: TCW (Version 2)


Daniel Dare (2003-12/2008): The mad scientist of e-wrestling was a top star and Hall of Famer from the beginning of the BWFE until the end of the USCW. In 2003, he and former BWFE Co-Owner Shane Kelley formed RAGE: Pro Wrestling Generation! Now RAGE is the longest running and most successful federation in our community's rich history.

Jerry Root (2004-Present): The former Navy veteran knows how to steer a ship. His front office experience dates back to the BWFE, where he worked with the always unpredictable Joel Potter. He has been our community's show producer ever since then. He now serves in that capacity in both RAGE and TCW. We couldn't do it without Uncle Jerry.

Shane Kelley (2003-2004): Tirelessly ran the BWFE for almost five years before stepping back in the saddle with RAGE, where he served proudly for one year before handing over the reigns full-time to Daniel Dare and Jerry Root.

Matt Wintz (Co-Owner): Promoted to the role of EVP in the Summer of 2008, Matt has been one of RAGE's top match writers for several years. He also ran RAGE's developmental territory, Sunshine State Wrestling, from 2005-2007.


RAGE currently has five championships:

RAGE World Heavyweight Championship

The big belt. The most sought-after prize in our corner of the e-wrestling world.

RAGE Scientific Showcase Championship

The ultimate showcase of technical wrestling skills. A rule was recently added that all matches must be won by submission (though disqualifications and countouts still apply).

RAGE Bare Knuckles Championship

Anyone can pick up a bat. There's no skill in that. The RAGE Bare Knuckles division emphasizes mano y mano fistfighting. As the motto goes, "no weapons, no bullshit." A match can only end if you've knocked your opponent out for a full ten seconds.

RAGE Gauntlet Tag Team Championships

While RAGE does have established tag teams, the nature of this division allows any two wrestlers to be paired up for any reason - even if they hate each other! Competitors in this division often have to put their personal feelings aside to co-exist professionally.

NPW World Television Championship

This title must be defended on TV every week unless the champion is already signed to a tag team match or another title match. The title originated in New Power Wrestling and was defended in Japan for several years after NPW folded. Now it has come back to the United States with RAGE.

Current Champions

Championship Current
Date Won Event Location
RAGE World Heavyweight Champion Larry Lujack 4-3-09 Rage in the UbK '09 Stamford Bridge, London, England
RAGE Scientific Showcase Champion Ethan Blake 6/26/09 RAGE in Hollywood Hollywood, California
RAGE Bare Knuckles Champion Superstar Steve Hogar 3-6-09 RAGE Unleashed 3/6/09 Providence, RI
NPW World Television Champion "Little" Joe Mountain 6-5-09 Rage Unleashed Portland, Oregon
RAGE Gauntlet Tag Team Champions The Divide 6/26/09 RAGE in Hollywood '09 Hollywood California

Misc. Accomplishments

Accomplishment Latest Winner Date Won Event Location
Dare Cup Candles 5-22-08 Battle of the Best '08 Las Vegas, Nevada


Current RAGE Roster
Camel Joe Killborn • Cristian Moore • Daydream • Ethan Blake • Viper • Larry Lujack • The Hellraisers • Rich Mason • The Wolf • Harvey Adams • Kevin Sowers • The Red Army • Apache Assassin • TCE • CageThe SaintAsmodeus RizzonnoKip Kutler • "Little" Joe Mountain • The Happy Bastards • "The Kid Charisma" Dylan Daniels • Darkside • TCE. • Crimson Kryptonite • Christina Sands • Suraci • PC Patrol • Randy Grubba• Daniel Dare• The Divide

Hall of Fame

What is now known as the RAGE Community E-Wrestling Hall of Fame was established in 2003 by Michael Weaver of WU Online. It is now run by community founder Shane Kelley.


  • Daniel Dare
  • Cajun
  • Vernon
  • The Gorilla Chris Hoff
  • The Saint
  • Tiger Sagadon
  • Doug Baxter
  • Sinister
  • The Buff Guys - Jon Blazevic and Randy Grubba
  • Hip N Fuzion - Jay Berg and Kwallus Kulle
  • Sadistic Harmony - Jamal Brown and Dustin Edberg
  • Shane Kelley (BWFE Owner)
  • Robert Stock (BWFE Owner)


  • Joel Gutman
  • Viper
  • Larry Lujack
  • Adam Weiss
  • Total Destruction - Dana Czech and Joe Mills
  • The Hellraisers - Steve Hogar and Dan Williams
  • Rich Mason (Manager)
  • "Big Dunka" Derek Monk (UWF Owner)
  • Jerry Root (BWFE/NPW/TCW/USCW/RAGE Show Producer)


  • Apache Assassin/Wolverine
  • Nick Maverick
  • Michael Weaver
  • Bitchin' Billy Walker
  • Bad Luck 13
  • Rick Wagner
  • The Pain Factory - Torr Mentor and Mike Stanley
  • The Happy Bastards - Happy Harry and Bastard Bobby
  • Joel Potter (BWFE/TCW Owner)
  • Paul Manning (Commentator)
  • Judd Jennrich (Commentator)
  • Mike Davis (Locker Room Leader)


  • Cage
  • Kevin Sowers
  • Dread
  • Perfect Chaos - Kron and Zee
  • Bitch (Manager)
  • Plaintiff Mariner (Commentator)
  • Jerry Root (Locker Room Leader)


  • TCE
  • Chris Carter
  • Nightwalker
  • Xanthus Tonaka
  • Matt Wintz (RAGE/SSW Owner)


RAGE is a hybrid federation. Role playing and angling are essential to success in the company. We use the YahooGroups for both Shows and announcements, and our RP list. We ask for one RP a week at the least. You don't have to angle for anything, but don't get upset if you keep getting interference from whoever you are feuding with.

Jerry Root handles the shows with his dedicated match writers. That's right, RAGE shows are fully written. If you write a match it can count as an RP, and it shows dedication to the Bookers (Dare, Root, Matt), and helps earn brownie points...well not really, but...

The atmosphere is very open and all the bookers are free to talk to for discussing angle ideas.


RAGE: Pro Wrestling Generation!

This article uses material from the "RAGE" article on the eWrestling wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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