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Production information

Industrial Automaton

Product line



Astromech droid

Technical specifications

.96 meters


Masculine programming

Sensor color


  • Built in comlink
  • Satellite Sensor
  • Holo-Projector
Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

"Let's go home, Arsix."
Kit Fisto(audio)Listen (file info)

R6-H5, nicknamed Arsix, was the astromech droid of Jedi Master Kit Fisto. He accompanied his Master on many mission for the Jedi Council. He was known for being tentative, often worrying about his master, and for having a dislike of strange situations.



During the Clone Wars, Arsix and Kit Fisto followed a Republic tracking beacon to Vassek where they believed Nute Gunray was hiding. Master Fisto landed his starfighter in the fog and told Arsix to stay put before he went to meet Nahdar Vebb and his Clone troopers standing by a Nu-class attack shuttle. When the Jedi and the clones entered the large building, two clones, Bel and Niner, stayed behind with R6.

R6 displaying a hologram of Soulless One.

When the clones tracked Grievous' starfighter incoming, they reported to Commander Fil. Shortly afterward, Grievous' IG-100 Magnaguards used a rocket launcher and destroyed the shuttle with both clones inside it. When MagnaGuards surrounded the starfighter, Arsix received orders from Fisto to fly away, which he performed, shaking off a tenacious MagnaGuard who was clinging to the fighter's hull.

Arsix would then circle the area until, Fisto ordered Arsix to meet him at the south landing platform. Once Fisto got there, however, he was outnumbered by Grievous and MagnaGuards. At that point, Arsix arrived in the starfighter, allowing Kit to leap on it and escape the battle. The two then returned to Coruscant, where Fisto reported his former Padawan's fall to the Jedi Council.

Behind the scenes


Although his dome seems to be of an R2 unit and not the typical, slightly conical "flowerpot" shape of the R6, if R6-H5 is indeed an R6-series astromech droid, and not just an earlier model with an "R6" designation, his inclusion poses a continuity problem, as R6 units had not been created until after the Galactic Civil War. It might also be that R6-H5 is a prototype R6 unit being tested with the Jedi Order.

Coincidentally enough, R6-H5 shares the "H5" with Kit Fisto's other droid, R4-H5. This is also the case with Plo Koon's droids R7-F5 (who helped pilot Blade of Dorin, his Delta-7B) and R4-F5 (who helped pilot his later Delta-7).


  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Lair of Grievous" (First appearance)
  • The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct



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