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Quincy (location)

map marker: Quincy
leaders: Hillary Eastwood
The following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.

Quincy is what remains of the pre-war Quincy, Illinois, known as the Gem City. The town is home to both humans and ghouls, which sometimes leads to racial tensions.

Around 2197, the township of Quincy petitioned the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel for protection from a large group of tribals called Beastlords. This threat was unique, because their raiding parties include various monsters from the Wasteland; most notably, the deadly Deathclaws.

These Beastlords, under the leadership of Duff the beast master and another unnamed beastlord commander, took over certain parts of Quincy and were using hostages to ensure they have control over the rest of the town. Among those captured was Hillary Eastwood, the mayor. A Brotherhood squad was sent to rescue the mayor and assist in dealing with the Beastlords.

Other prominent citizens of Quincy at that time included Felix Stiles, the town's "war hero", Evita Eastwood, the mayor's daughter, Arlene, a woman who is in close relationship with Eastwood family, Elliot Nesting, the self-appointed leader of the ghouls, and his brother Gorgi. There is also a Brothel where all the prostitutes are ghouls, except one, who turns out to be a super mutant.

Some time later, the Brotherhood was been betrayed by a group of criminals from Quincy. The group of rogues poisoned a group of Brotherhood paladins as they stood vigil over the town. In their weakened state, the guards could barely defend themselves, and the thieves looted (taking even their precious power armors) the unconscious Brothers and stole away in a Brotherhood vehicle, leaving to the town of Cold Water, where they easily took control.

After a Brotherhood squad defeated the bandits, their bodies were displayed in crucifixion outside the town of Quincy, along with the guards that were on watch. The Brotherhood Inquisitors also rounded up known friends and family of the criminals to an internment camp.

Mission walkthrough

Quincy (location)
chapter: 2
location: Quincy (location)
given by: General Simon Barnaky
main objectives: Save the mayor.
Save the mayor's daughter.
optional objectives: Save all the hostages and prevent the destruction of generators.
Save Felix Stiles.
Help the ghouls.
Save Elliot's brother.
previous: Peoria
next: Mardin

There are many objectives out there, but only two are crucial: to rescue the mayor and her daughter. Then the exit grid will appear, and you can leave this area. It is suggested you do not leave immediately.

For this mission you will need 3 sneakers for the perfect solution, and again you can use those JHP bullets. The enemies will be beastlords with their pet deathclaws and many bull-horn alarms.

First talk to the woman at the starting point. Then climb up on the ladders on the building marked 1 on the map. Use your stealthy characters to surprise the raiders. Talk with the mayor many times. She gives you a key, but you will need the other one on the ground, just in front of her. Go back to the roof, open the door of the siren, then use the switch. Having done this, if you are spotted and a raider uses a bull-horn the others won't kill the hostages. Do not destroy the siren! Go down inside. On the ground floor shoot the baby deathclaws, and at the same time you can use your other party members to eliminate the two raiders on the terrace.

Get back to the informant at the starting point, and talk to her for the last time.

In this mission it is strongly suggested trying to use the not-so obvious ways (use the ladders, back-doors, sniper nests), and handle one building at a time. Move East, up the large ramp into the Southern face of a large, grey building. This will be the hardest subquest. Go down the stairs in the North-East corner. Hide. Turn off the lights. Save. Try to kill the raiders, saving every civilian around and do NOT damage the generators. Once the commander spots you, you have only one minute before the Remote Det. Traps in front of the generators explode. After combat ends, use the Traps skill to disarm them, then pick them up. The commander has the Detonator radio.

Elliot's ghouls offer enticing incentives for aid.

Return to the Mayor's building. Between it and the railway tracks is a long building. Climb onto its roof. Stay on the West side. Kill the deathclaw below and his master too. Come down. Get ready your rifles AND your shotguns. Go inside the ghoul tent and talk with the leader, Elliot. He insists, "Ghouls are people to. We're just different." which provokes a chorus of corrections from his cohorts, "Ghouls are people too!"

With your whole group go out of the West side of the tent, where the sandbag barricade is. Stand in a row, and start shooting. First the dogs, then the humans, later on the deathclaw family (one parent only). Run inside the building they came from and shoot down the remaining beastlords. If you managed to save the captured ghoul (Gorgi, Elliot's brother) you will get karma, and new recruits. If you skipped this whole thing the BoS will like you more.

Go North then travel East toward the church mentioned on the map. At this point you will notice that the Pip-Boy map has a large building in the centre of the North edge of town, but it doesn't actually exist. Circle around behind the church to allow you to safely shoot the deathclaws inside through the back windows. There is Metal Armour Mark II in the chest.

Go cautiously South toward the big ominous rock. There hide two deathclaw and their beastlord. Sneak towards the brothel. Use every possibility for covering. Place one sneaker next to the Northern entrance (to kill the enemy in the doorway and one behind the Western bar), and another to the Western windows (where two beastlords stand near a prostitute). Do not use burst mode or shotguns here, as the prostitutes are very weak. If you manage to win here with minimal (or hopefully no) causalities you will get a karma boost. If you skip the whole thing the BoS will like you more.

Go to the townhall. Here they keep the mayor's daughter hostage. Use the front door to enter, as there is a deathclaw inside, and so you will need the room to handle it. Go to the girl and talk with her. You can steal a key from her and take another from the nearby cabinet. Sneak in the backroom. You can kill all three sleeping beastlords simultaneously, if you position your men well. As the mayor previously told you, there is a ladder in this room near the crates in the middle of the Western wall. Go down. Beware of the two guards behind the flanges near the civilian corpse.

Go up into the detention centre. Kill the beastlord inside. You can kill the beastlord standing still at the northern entrance with a pump-action shotgun. You can even shoot the patrol and his baby deathclaw, using the south windows. If you try shooting them through the door a bandit on the roof will turn on a siren, and this is still dangerous as he stands next to a hostage; the hero-of-the-town, Warden Felix. Use the switch beside the gaol cells to unlock the doors, then get the Neostead Combat SG from the chest.

When you go outside no matter your skills you will be spotted and the town-hero might be shot. Your worst sneaker should stand behind the sleeping beastlord. The best should crouch behind the two at the sandbags. The last sneaker should climb the closest tower. Then either turn to aggressive mode or enter turn-based combat (by pressing Enter). If you are lucky all the enemies die in the first round, without alerting the boss just a few step away. Kill the remaining beastlord in the other tower and the beastlords' leader too. If the hero is still alive talk to him. From the tower you climbed you will be able to kill most of the remaining enemies safely.

To finish this mission go back and talk repeatedly with the mayor (you can meet her again later in Bunker Gamma).

Things that are easy to miss:

  • There is a corpse in the first building you come to which is mostly full of dead small cockroaches.
  • The underground tunnel the mayor tells you about, leading from the town hall to the detention centre.
  • Just to the North of the stairs inside the brothel is a small passageway with no door. You can walk into it, around behind the stairs, and discover another flight of stairs leading down to a passageway under the brothel.
  • If you follow Barnaky's instructions to leave Quincy as soon as you complete the mission objectives, you'd miss out on the Neostead Combat SG (which you probably already have from random encounters) and Metal Armour Mark II (which you can't yet buy from the quartermaster).

Appearances in games

Quincy appears only in Fallout Tactics.

Fallout Tactics missions

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