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Quina Quen
Quina's CG render
Portrait(s) Quina's menu portrait
Japanese Name クイナ・クゥエン
Romaji Kuina Kūen
Race Qu
Age 89
Birthdate 1710
Home Qu's Marsh
Job Class(es) Blue Mage
Skill Eat, Blue Magic
Trance Cook
Weapon(s) Forks
Final Fantasy IX Character
"Indulgence - I do what I want! You have problem!?"
—Quina's tagline

Quina Quen is a playable character in Final Fantasy IX. S/he is an apparently genderless Qu. Quina serves as comic relief throughout the game, often failing in his/her eternal quest to consume new cuisine. S/he speaks in broken English, as all Qu do. S/he will often eat anything s/he sees.





Quina first appears at the beginning of the game in Alexandria Castle, overseeing the chefs' every move and tasting most of their dishes. Quina also participates in the Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum under the name "Strange Gourmand." S/he is next seen in Qu's Marsh, and may be optionally recruited immediately after leaving Lindblum. S/he has a fondness for frogs, and is distressed that s/he cannot catch one. Zidane catches one for Quina, leading the head Qu, Quale, to scold Quina for being too lazy to feed him/herself. Quale asks the party to take Quina around the world so that s/he may taste many different types of cuisine and attain a higher rank of gourmand.


"This city have very yummy sand! This city delicious!"
—Quina, trying to cheer up Freya
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

Quina is able to make the journey through Gizamaluke's Grotto, Burmecia, and Cleyra with Zidane, Vivi, and Freya. In this early stage of the game, Quina is completely obsessed with hunting for new kinds of food, which s/he refers to as "yummy-yummies". At the party's stay in Cleyra, Quina is upset that the locale has no exotic food to be had, finally settling on a pair of pink mushrooms whose edibility is questionable. S/he later goes back on its dissatisfaction in order to brighten Freya's mood. When the other three members of the group teleport to the Red Rose via Black Mage teleportation devices, Quina declines to go with them and flees Cleyra on foot, saying that s/he "no like heights." When Cleyra is destroyed, Zidane, Vivi, and Freya are left believing that s/he died during the destruction since s/he did not teleport out of Cleyra with them.

Regardless if the player recruited Quina or not at an earlier time, the Qu next appears back in Qu's Marsh, and if s/he went with the party to Cleyra and was thought dead, it is much to Zidane's relief that s/he is still alive. S/he leads the party to the entrance to Fossil Roo in search for more frogs to consume.

Outer Continent

"Is very delicious shape. Inside might have fine cuisine!"
—Quina's appraisal of the village of Conde Petie
Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano

After navigating the tunnels of Fossil Roo, the party arrives on the Outer Continent, and soon reach the Dwarven village of Conde Petie. Quina immediately rushes in, certain that good food is to be had. S/he makes a beeline for the consumable shop, where the shopkeeper offers to sell Quina a Pumpkin Bomb for 1000 Gil. Quina cannot understand the need to use currency to obtain food, so the dwarf labels him/her is a thief and Quina runs frantically out of the shop.

Upon reaching the Black Mage Village, Quina quickly finds another source of food: a Chocobo egg being hatched by two Black Mages. Though Quina longs to taste the egg, the Mages shoo him/her out, but he/she stays and keeps referring to the egg as "delicious" and the mage keeps refusing to give the egg. Returning to Conde Petie, Quina undergoes the "marriage" ritual with Vivi in order to access the Sanctuary beyond the village. Quina seems quite pleased with this arrangement saying: " happy".

After being allowed to travel through the Mountain Path, the party encounters Eiko Carol, stuck on a tree limb. Quina is deterred from eating her when Eiko says that she tastes horrible. This backfires on her, as Quina runs off to attempt to consume Mog, Eiko's pet Moogle. Quina is later mistaken for Kuja by Eiko, having being reeled in from the river by a fishing pole. However, S/he then stays and helps Eiko cook dinner for the rest of Zidane's party in Madain Sari. This is the first indication that Quina is learning how to be a good gourmand during his/her journey.

Alexandria and Beyond

"Aiya! What big stone! Why you all watch stone? Is stone edible? Or is for barbeque? No answer... I think I lick it."
—Quina at Bran Bal
Quina 'drowning' in Memoria

After the party leaves the Outer Continent without Quina, s/he washes up on the shores of Lindblum, frightening several town guards. When Gilgamesh attempts to corner Eiko in Treno, using the guise of attending a banquet to kidnap her and hold her for ransom against Amarant Coral, Quina pops up, demands food, and scares Gilgamesh away. Despite this noble act, Quina is once again left behind in Treno, and is next recruited by Zidane at Lindblum, where the Qu is attempting to haggle for a Gyshal pickle. It is at this point that Quina permanently rejoins the party.

When the heroes reach Terra, Quina is the only person to candidly interact with the unresponsive Genomes at Bran Bal. S/he attempts to taste a large luminous stone seemingly worshipped by the Genomes, to no avail. When the airship Invincible is used to escape Terra, Quina warps in at the last minute from underneath the ship, a confusing feat which is, of course, not explained. At the end of the story, Quina is back in the Alexandrian kitchen, cooking up more munchies to satisfy his/her never-ending palate, as well as making sure the other chefs prepare a good meal for his/her friends.


Concept art of Quina by Toshiyuki Itahana.

Quina is a seemingly genderless Qu, a tribe known for their weird eating habits, long tongues and poor language skills. However, its eating habits is actually one of its greatest skills, as it is able to learn Blue Magic by consuming an enemy, when the enemy's HP reaches a low enough level. During gameplay, the player can take Quina to several swamp locations, so that s/he can chase (and eat) the frogs in the swamp. This may seem as a waste of time, but it is in fact quite useful: Quina will get new equipment and add strength to the powerful Frog Drop ability.

Equipment and Stats

Quina's battle sprite

Quina is a Blue Mage variant, since s/he has the ability to cast Blue Magic, which is obtained from enemies. S/he only differs from regular Blue Mages in that instead of having to be attacked by the attack in order to learn it, s/he has to consume an enemy who possesses the attack.

Quina uses Forks as a weapon in the game. Despite their odd appearance, they can actually be quite powerful in battle. Forks deal random damage to an enemy, and the odds of dealing higher damage are not affected by Quina's row placement. As such, it is a good idea to leave Quina in the back row. Quina's Needle Fork is a useful weapon acquired early in the game that can inflict Petrification with the Add Status ability equipped. The ultimate fork is the Gastro Fork that is acquired after catching 99 frogs in the various swamps around the world and defeating Quale with Quina alone.

Quina in Trance.


Main article: Blue Magic (Final Fantasy IX)

A command called "Eat" is required for obtaining new skills in the form of Blue Magic. When an enemy drops below 12.5% of its maximum HP, Quina is able to eat it. If successful, the enemy disappears from battle and Quina will learn a new skill. It should be noted that each skill can only be learned once and that eating more of the same type of enemy does not increase the attack power or accuracy of the attack.

When in Trance, the "Eat" command is replaced by "Cook". As opposed to the "Eat" command, "Cook" will work on an enemy whose HP has fallen below 25% of its maximum. If you are trying to learn a Blue Magic ability from a fairly weak enemy and are worried about killing it before Quina can eat it, you may want to try using a Demi based ability.

Musical Themes

"Quina's Theme" from Final Fantasy IX.
Image:FFIX Quina's Theme.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

"Quina's Theme" is named for himself/herself, and plays during the Frog Catching minigame. It has parts of the the Qu's Marsh theme inter-spliced with a new techno melody.


  • In the Spanish version of the game, Quina is referred to as "she", and the same for Quale (renamed Quera), while Quan is "he". In the German version however, Quina is always referred to as "he". In the French version Quina is "she" whereas both Quale and Quan are "he". In the Italian version, Quina is said to be female, like Quale (renamed "Quera"), and has rearranged with Roman dialect.
  • Quina can equip female-only equipment like Lamia's Tiara, while s/he cannot equip the Pearl Rouge add-on.
  • Quina is affected by the Lamia's "Entice" ability, like all male characters.
  • If Quina is weakened, Zidane will not take damage in place of him/her with his "Protect Girls" ability like he does Garnet, Freya, and Eiko.
  • Quina only appears in the end-game FMV.
  • Being 89 years old, Quina is probably the oldest party member in a Final Fantasy game so far, while Vivi is the youngest.


The name "Quina Quen" is actually a Japanese play on words. The word 'Quina' {kuina} translates as 'Eat!', while the word Quen {kuen} is 'Cannot Eat...' This point may be true for the character, as throughout the game, Quina is on a personal quest to find new, exotic foodstuff, but most of the time manages to fail at this task both in the storyline and in gameplay.

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