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EverQuest II Alternate Advancement Information
AAs » Enchanter AAs » Enchanter's Strength line
Quickening Rank (*/8)
Strength 1 point
Requires Spellblade's Reflexes (Rank 4)
Increases the Spellblade's chance at auto-attacks striking twice, increases auto-attack speed and damage, and increases the chance of critical melee damage, as long as the attacks are not made with a two-handed weapon.
Passive Spell

see below


Alternate Advancement Ability Effects by Ability Rank
Effect Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5 Rank 6 Rank 7 Rank 8
DPS/Haste/Double Attack/Melee Crit 6% 12% 18% 24% 30% 36% 42% 48%

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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

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Vaan's Level 3 Quickening, Pyroclasm

Quickenings (ミストナック, Misutonakku, Mist Knack) are the name of Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy XII and its spinoff, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. In Final Fantasy XII, Quickenings use an innovative new system over previous Limit Break systems, involving the real-time input of button commands, requiring fast reflexes to chain together attacks before a timer depletes. In Revenant Wings, Quickenings use a more familiar system involving charging up a "Mist Gauge" to unleash a powerful attack.




Final Fantasy XII

An example of a Quickening chain

Quickenings are divided into three levels, with each level being more powerful than the previous and needing more Mist Charges. Quickenings are found on the License Board and each requires 50 LP to take. Quickening squares on the License board automatically teach the recipient their next level technique. Each Quickening square can only be taken by a single character, but fortunately there are enough for all six party members to learn all their techniques. Quickenings also boost the recipient's max MP - Level 2 Quickenings double recipient's MP, and Level 3's triple it.

When a character uses a Quickening, the player has a specific amount of time to press a button which will allow another character or the same character to perform another Quickening. This is known as a Quickening chain (see below). Depending on which types of Quickening are performed and how many, a finishing move known as a Concurrence will be performed at the end of the chain.


Character Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Vaan Red Spiral White Whorl Pyroclasm
Fran Feral Strike Whip Kick Shatterheart
Basch Fulminating Darkness Ruin Impendent Flame Purge
Balthier Fires of War Tides of Fate Element of Treachery
Ashe Northswain's Glow Heaven's Wrath Maelstrom's Bolt
Penelo Intercession Evanescence Resplendence

Quickening Chains

Basch performing Flame Purge.

After selecting a quickening the player can chain other Quickenings by paying attention to the on screen menu and pressing the correct button. Each member of the player's current party is assigned to one of the three face buttons. The player can use the R2 button to shuffle the options. The sooner the player inputs the next command, the more time the player has to input the command afterward and the easier it is to extend the chain. Once the timer runs out, a concurrence might activate.

Using a Quickening depletes the user's Mist Charges by an amount equal to the number needed for the Quickening. Thus, after performing one or two Quickenings a character may not be able to perform any more. However, a command called "Mist Charge" randomly appears, which restores the user's Mist Charges and lets them perform more Quickenings. However, Mist Charge does not extend the chain, and once the command for Mist Charge is issue the player must still select another Quickening. Furthermore, once the chain ends, characters who used the Mist Charge command do not gain any MP from it - if a character loses all their Mist Charges and then uses Mist Charge, when the chain ends they will still have zero MP.

Fran using Shatterheart

Assuming the player can react quickly enough, and they get very lucky in having the Mist Charge command appear, there is virtually no limit to how long a Quickening chain can get. However, naturally due to the randomness of the Mist Charge command appearing, and the timer inevitably growing shorter, longer chains are exponentially more difficult to perform.

In the Japanese version, Quickening chains were accompanied by a message, like "Cool" and "Very Cool!", beside the chain number. The higher the chain, the better the message. These were removed in the American version.

Every Quickening rank has an set power with 90 for rank 1, 140 for rank 2, and 230 for rank 3.

The way which Quickening damage is calculated is:

Damage: (number between 1 and power of the quickening) X (Number between 1 and character's Strength stat) If a character has a Strength stat of 50 and uses a rank 2 quickening (power=140) the damage caused will be a number between 1 (1x1) and 7000 (50x140). Note that because this is a product of two random numbers, the damage will most probably be one fourth of the maximum, rather than one half; in the previous example, the most probable damage would be 1750 (25x70). (Actually the expected damage is closer to 7000 / (2.718)^2 instead of 7000 / 4 but that requires calculus to demonstrate).


Concurrences are the finishers you get at the end of a quickening chain, if you fulfilled certain conditions. While many look elemental-based, they are all in fact non-elemental attacks. They do, however, hold the same animations (minus the esper) that the Esper-Exclusive -ja spells have. Inferno has the same animation as Belias' Firaja, Torrent to Famfrit's Waterja, Ark Blast to Adremmalech's Thundaja, etc.

Note: Pulling off every concurrence unlocks Judge Gabranth in the Sky Pirate's Den.

  • Inferno - 3x level 1 quickenings
  • Cataclysm - 7x level 1 quickenings
  • Torrent - 2x level 1 quickenings and 3x level 2 quickenings
  • Windburst - 5x level 2 quickenings
  • White Out - 5x level 3 quickenings
  • Ark Blast - Two or more hits on each of the three quickening levels
  • Luminescence - Three or more hits on each of the three quickening levels
  • Black Hole - Four or more hits on each of the three quickening levels

Priority goes to the concurrence that deals most damage. So even if you fulfill the conditions for Inferno, if you also fulfilled the conditions for Ark Blast, Ark Blast will activate instead.

The damage a concurrence deals is based on its power and the target's level (Concurrence Power x Level of target).

The Bradygames official strategy guide for Final Fantasy XII lists Whiteout and Luminescence in reverse. This is a mistake, as Luminescence is the stronger of the two.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Quickenings are simplified heavily in this game, with only one Quickening available to each character, and no potential for Chains. Quickenings are learned upon the defeat of a certain Rank III Esper, and are charged by the Mist Gauge, which fills up as a character deals and recieves damage in battle, much like the Limit Break system of Final Fantasy VII.


Character Quickening Obtained From Effect
Vaan Pyroclasm Belias Deals heavy damage in a designated area.
Penelo Dance of Rapture Ultima Restores all allies to full health and cures them of debuffs.
Kytes Nature's Wrath Chaos Deals heavy multi-elemental damage to all foes in a designated area.
Filo Wind Soul Mateus Refreshes all allies' ability gauges.
Llyud Fanfare Hashmal Raises all friendly Yarhis' levels by one.
Balthier Element of Treachery Shemhazai Deals massive ranged damage to a single foe.
Fran Gaze of the Void Exodus Remove all positive buffs from foes.
Ashe Empyrean's Edict Famfrit Prevents all enemies from summoning Espers.
Basch Apocalypse Shield Zalera Nullifies all damage done to allies for a short time.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Gabranth's EX Burst, with the Black Hole Concurrence.

Gabranth's EX Burst is a sequence of three Quickenings based on Basch's - Fulminating Oblivion, Ruin Unflinching, and Frost Purge. As Gabranth performs the attack, a timer will count down as the player cycles through the other Quickenings Gabranth can perform. If they select the next-level Quickening before the timer depletes, Gabranth will chain the previous Quickening with the next. If the player misses the timing or inputs the wrong command, the sequence ends. Depending on how many Quickenings Gabranth chains together, the sequence ends with the Inferno (0 chains), Ark Blast (1 chain), or Black Hole (both chains) Concurrence.

This article uses material from the "Quickening" article on the Final Fantasy wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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