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This article is about the game interface panel. For a list of Quests, see List of quests.
Quest List sorted by membership status required to do the quest and filtered.
Quest List sorted by progress of completion and filtered.
Quest List sorted by difficulty level of the quest.

The Quest List, also called the Quest Journal,[1] is a panel of the game interface. This journal shows the complete list of quests.



Sorting feature

On 25 February 2009, the Quest List was upgraded with the sorting feature. This feature enabled members to sort quests based on:

  • Free/Members
  • Progress
  • Difficulty


The list is coloured-coded based on the progress made in each quest:

  • Yellow (In progress)
  • Green (Complete)
  • Red (Not started)
  • Cyan (Showing on the worldmap)


The list is sorted based on the difficulty of each quest:

  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Experienced
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Special (Recipe for Disaster has multiple difficulties as the quest has 9 sub-quests)


At the top of the quest list are two checkboxes, "Filter" and "Reverse." By clicking on "Filter", quests are sorted out of the list that players do not have the requirements to complete. The "Reverse" checkbox displays the quest list categories in reverse order when clicked by the list of quests, but still sorted alphabetically.

When this feature was first introduced, players were unaware of the changes made to the Quest List, and noticed that some quests were missing from their list. This can be fixed by unchecking the "Filter" option, as the default setting was to filter quests that players were unable to start.

Quest points

At the bottom of the journal, the number of quest points obtained out of the total amount possible is displayed.


Clicking on a quest name shows a screen with:

  • How to start the quest (if the player has not started it)
  • How to progress further in the quest
  • What the player has already done in the quest

Clicking on a quest that has been completed (displayed in green) shows a screen with:

  • What the player did during the quest
  • The reward(s) obtained


  • If you log in and click on Quests, for a second, the Quest Points will display as 0.
The Quest Points glitch.

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